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  1. Tried the link again today – what a great response! I’d like to see her run as PM, even though I can’t even vote.

  2. Thanks for the video – She nailed it – truth to power and I love her passion and her anger – she is absolutely right She is becoming the Voice of Israel. Frankly, she is one of two people I would like to see at the head of Israeli government.

  3. The Danish Ambassador obviously underestimated who he was dealing with here. They’re really not very bright, are they.
    The easy life in scandialand is coming to an end. We know now for a certainty that there is something VERY rotten in Denmark. Let them come crawling.
    So nice to Mrs. Caroline Glick well focused, controlled and prepared. Her delivery was the best I’ve seen. Impeccable. It was perfect in every way. I liked her initial body language while the Danish makes his idiotic yet fortuitous comments.