Guns, Police & Fear: How Antifa is Changing the Face of America


Protesters affiliated with the Antifa movement demonstrate in NYC in November 2019 (Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)
Protesters affiliated with the Antifa movement demonstrate in NYC in November 2019 (Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

Reports on the ground indicate that intelligence given to President Trump – that Antifa has used the unrest over the killing of Geroge Floyd by a policeman to instigate a violent insurrection – is correct.

There are, of course, other elements involved, specifically the looters who have joined Antifa and delight in smashing and burning anything in their way (and taking free stuff).

In the following report, we break down

  • What Antifa wants for America
  • How Antifa Plans to Get What They Want
  • How Antifa has sparked the loss of confidence in the government to keep Americans safe and how everyday Americans are arming themselves
  • The future of the police and our country

What Antifa Wants

Antifa is an extremist movement that demands nothing less than the destruction of America and its democratic system of government.

Put succinctly by Clarion’s National Correspondent Shireen Qudosi:

Clarion Project@clarionproject<

· < 

Designate Antifa as a Terrorist Org? Not So Fast | Clarion Project

President Trump stated that he would designate Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization, but let’s have a clear look at the issues involved.

Clarion Project@clarionproject

“Nothing short of burning the country down and re-coding civilization will satisfy them. Same goes for radical politicians supporting Antifa. Every other supporter is being suckered into thinking it’s anything different.” – Shireen Qudosi, National Correspondent / PVE

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What would the country look like if their agenda was met? The details listed in the manifesto of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (part of the Antifa movement) below:

Lara Logan

Why aren’t you addressing this?

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This poster, available for say by an Antifa group, sums it up:

Lara Logan

View image on Twitter<

How Antifa Plans to Get What They Want

Antifa, like their “counterparts” on the Far Right, wants to stoke a race war to hasten the disintegration of America. They prey on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, which has peaceful and violent elements.

Antifa thrives on stoking violence and instigating within the BLM movement and inventing propaganda in the name of BLM to instill fear and hate.

THIS IS HOW ANTIFA ANARCHISTS ARE TRYING TO SPREAD FEAR AND CREATE A RACE WAR. That is what professional agitators do – provoke people into acting while they and their political backers stoke the fires of hate. These people seek to divide – not unite. Just ask them. I have

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Rebel News reporter Anna Slatz, who has been covering the unrest in Washington, D.C., watched firsthand and recorded how peaceful protests turned violent after Antifa showed up after dark (however, it should be noted that due to a 7 p.m. curfew in the city, any protester on the street at night was most likely looking to participate in violent activity).

The following is a taste of the typical modus operandi of Antifa:

Lara Logan

Do decent, grieving people take these items to a peaceful protest? America, turn the lights on. The people you say you care about are being used as shields for a violent, extreme political agenda. 

Columbus Ohio Police@ColumbusPolice

This bus was stopped yesterday at Broad St. & 3rd due for obstruction of traffic. There was a suspicion of supplying riot equipment to rioters.

Detectives followed up w/a vehicle search today & found: bats, rocks, meat cleavers, axes, clubs & other projectiles.

Charges pending.

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Antifa’s strategy also involves getting the police to do their “dirty work.” For example, Antifa tries to provoke the police to the point where the police end up being accused of using “excessive force” or killing a rioter (whether on purpose or accidentally, it doesn’t matter to Antifa, as long as the police officer is white and the victim is black).

Once this happens, they will let the mainstream media (who has largely given them a pass) as well as Democrat politicians and celebrities (who have been paying their bail) continue working for them as they have by condemning the police and calling for the dismantling of police forces.

How Antifa has sparked the loss of confidence in the government to keep Americans safe and how everyday Americans are arming themselves

It is ironic to note that, in all but one city where the riots are occurring, Democrats — who largely share the belief of many of the protesters that American society is racist to its core — are running the show.

The Democrat mayors also largely ascribe to the “venting” philosophy. Most have made the decision to let violent protesters riot, loot and burn and told their police departments to stand down.

Antifa, which is highly organized at the local level in terms of calling the shots at the riots (and supplying rioters with bricks as well as incendiary devices), has noted the decisions of the mayors and taken advantage of them.

This has made the American public terrified as they see the violence getting closer and to home.

Indeed, one Clarion source reported a 50-person line up at a local gun store in an upscale neighborhood on Long Island:

Bobby P@Panzenbeck

Spent most of the first 30 years of my life on Long Island. The only people who really own guns are veterans and cops. Most other people believe guns are extreme. Totally out of line with most of the country. This is major. People are terrified. 

Clarion Project@clarionproject

Line up for a gun shop in Long Island right now. +50 people and over a 2 hour wait.

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As gun sales in May were reported to be 80 percent higher than they were in May of last year, people are noting how the police have failed them:

James Hasson@JamesHasson20

“You don’t need a gun to protect yourself, just call the police” is curiously no longer something people are arguing. 

Clarion Project@clarionproject

Line up for a gun shop in Long Island right now. +50 people and over a 2 hour wait.

View image on Twitter<

Another tweeted: “This is a sign that people are exercising their constitutional rights. It’s also a sign that New York’s leadership has utterly failed the people and deserves to be thrown out of office in unforgiving disgrace.” @BrianDeanWright

The future of the police force in America

While positive moments were recorded during the protests of police and peaceful demonstrators give support to each other, news came that at least five police officers had been shot in St. Louis alone.

One, a black father, grandfather and 38-year retired veteran of the force, David Dorn, was left to bleed out on the street until he died. Another is in critical condition after being shot in the head.

Journalist Tucker Carlson correctly wondered what would be the long-term effect on the police force:

“How many more nights like this can we take? How many more nights like this before no one in America will serve as a police officer?” Carlson asked. “It’s not worth it. The people in charge hate you. The job doesn’t pay enough. At that point, who will enforce the laws? Who will be in charge?”

Carlson also lambasted “politicians, celebrities, corporate leaders, clergy, news anchors, professional athletes, almost every person in this country that we were raised from childhood to look up to and respect … [for] siding with the people burning police stations,”

Carlson continued:

“So the question is, how did murdering David Dorn advance the cause of racial justice? … No one explains, Biden didn’t. Meanwhile, Biden’s staff continued to send money to the rioters. Other Democrats followed in perfect sync.”

Carlson also had sharp words for CNN host Don Lemon and Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., for dismissing law enforcement and, in Tlaib’s case, supporting a post calling for the defunding of the police.

Watch the full clip:

There is one thing we know with certainty about the current situation: Extremists have permanently changed the face of America. The riots of 2020 will be a watershed moment in our country’s history. There is no going back to the “old normal.” The question is, will we be able to go forward?


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  1. May God bless Lara Logan. Even being raped by a mob of over 200 “celebrating” Islamists, and subsequently being fired from her job, she has continued her efforts to tell the American people the facts that her former colleagues in the MSM have supressed. She is a true heroine.

    I don’t see how any country can survive for very long if its police forces are in danger of being subjected to murder charges, death, serious injury and massive hostile publicity if they try to enforce the law. The police in most u.S. cities will probably refuse to enter the mob-controlled no-go areas in the future. Why should they take these enormous risks, which almost no possibiity of being rewarded or receiving any gratitude, even from government officials and senior police commanders. A country ruled by a coalition of armed and ruthless thugs, hate-crazed politicians and an equally hate-crazed media is doomed.

    Unless there are dramatic changes of personnel and policies in both government and media institutions, the country will inevitably descend into chaos and economic collapse, and will disintegrate completely. In might happen in a year, it might happen in ten or twenty years, but unless there are massive reforms in our institutions and the people who run them, America is finished as a functioning nation-state and society. A failed state like Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Venezuela, etc.

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