Hamas resumes rocket attacks on Israel, after ultimatum demanding open seaport for Gaza or war


Hours before the 72-hour ceasefire was due to expire Friday morning, Aug. 8, the Palestinian Hamas’ military wing slapped down an ultimatum before Israel: Either allow the Gaza Strip to have an open seaport – which would be tantamount to lifting the Gaza blockade – or prepare for a long and brutal war of attrition with thousands of fatalities.

Hamas’ decision about extending the ceasefire was tensely awaited Thursday night after Israel’s acceptance. Instead, the Palestinian Islamists declared that the war would go on unless Israel bowed to their dictates.
Israel’s envoys had previously rejected their demand for a deep sea Gaza port in the talks taking place in Cairo under Egyptian auspices.

Abu Obeida, spokesman of Hamas’ military wing, Ezz e-Din Al-Qassam, also announced that his movement had acquired new rockets with larger warheads than the more than 3,000 fired against the Israeli population in the month-long conflict, and they would be aimed at Israel’s Ben Gurion international airport. Israel would be severed from its air transport ties with the outside world, he said.
“We demand our fundamental rights,” said the Hamas spokesman, in a statement that was broadcast live Thursday night. “We call on our envoys to the Cairo talks not to continue negotiations until Israel surrenders to our demand for a seaport. The war is not over until the siege of Gaza ends.”

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. @ AbbaGuutuu:

    Like I said… a dysfunctional relationship. Hamas knows what it wants. Does Israel?

    Since Hamas is a political/religious-jihadi organization with clear stated and written goals, one can make a case that denying them their success of reaching their goals is Victory. (Sort of a denial of service)

    Iron dome has made for the time being the Missile and rocket threat of Hamas at worst an almost tolerable nuisance. Short range mortars a more deadly dangerous problem that should be overcome with new laser weapons now coming on line. The answer to their tunnels will be found through concerted and heavily funded technology now being developed.

    Ideologically we don’t feed the tiger but never should we accede to their demands. Let them expend all their efforts to no avail.

    All AID to Gazans should be distributed by non Hamas affiliated organizations as they now take credit for all aid given by third parties to help the people of Gaza.

    When Isral attacks Gaza all Mosques and religious organizations should be targeted and destroyed. Homes of all Imans and religious leaders destroyed. All symbols of Islam destroyed. Leaflet should be dropped disparaging Islam and their radical beliefs as the cause of their poverty and destitution. Message: ‘It’s Islam Stupid’

  2. The US and the EU do not want Gaza demilitarized. Therefore they do not want to find a solution to the conflict.

  3. The war with Hamas and Islamic Jihad won’t end until Israel wins decisively once for all!!! There is no or won’t be a diplomatic solutions, absent a miracle, but a military one is the best and only solution!!!! Regrettably, all other options for now are unthinkable!!!