Has the Left declared war against the Jewish religion?

Howard Rothman. Understanding the leftists who wish to give power to unelected justices and take it away from the elected Knesset.  Here is a most important discussion by Caroline Glick and Avi Abelow.   You will not regret spending 57 minutes to gain very important knowledge about the crisis in Israel.

Has the Left declared war against the Jewish religion?


October 2, 2023 | 6 Comments »

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  1. I would like to add a point not mentioned by anyone else. The idea that the knesset can pardon a criminal if it so wishes has not been discussed. It seems to be a given that the law exists to make certain there is equality before the law and the High Court is the enforcer of this idea. But is it so?


    According to this article, the US constitution legitimates Presidential Pardons in all cases except impeachment cases. Such pardons didn’t begin with the US constitution but continued a tradition in which the Monarch could issue pardons as he saw fit.
    Now the issue discussed by Caroline is regarding the Knesset attempt to define “incapacity”.as set out in a law allowing for the removal of a Prime Minister for his alleged incapacity.

    It appears the High Court wants to stop this amendment.

    Now a presidential pardon is not the same thing but it embodies a principle that could have wide application. That principle is that a monarch or a President or even the Knesset should have the power to waive the law. if it so chose. So the Knesset has every right to redefine incapacity if it so choses.
    Of course this violates the principle of equality before the law but it is seen as an exception to it.

  2. I agree that there are important differences between the situation in Israel and in the United States. In Israel you have a legitimately elected government that is trying to legislate according to the needs of the Israeli electorate. In Israel you have NGOs from Europe, the USA, and the US CIA and State Department funding coup d’etat efforts against the legitimately elected government of Israel. In addition, in Israel there are people behaving treasonously against the state the of Israel, by using violent means to overthrow the government. A small group of these are also behaving in anti-semitic ways against the Jewish population of Israel.

    In the US, the government that exists is the result of a Communist coup d’etat to install a brain damaged puppet. The purpose of the coup d’etat was to keep covered up the treason committed by members of the Obama administration, such as Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Sztrok, Paige, and Clinton. In addition, the CIA has become a rogue actor, over the course of many years, and has actively worked to destroy legitimately elected governments around the world. Now it is working on keeping the treasonous criminals in the US hidden, and also trying to overthrow the government of Israel and Hungary.

    The Communist government in the US, like all totalitarian governments, relies on fraud and terror. If their fraud is exposed they will rely completely on terror.

    There are many examples of the terror state they are bringing about. One occurred on January 6th, which was planned in order to stop the certification of the election, because they knew it would be contested, and so that when the certification resumed everyone would go along with it or be considered insurrectionists. It was also done to turn patriots and innocent people into seeming to be insurrectionists, and have show trials making them out to be domestic terrorists even though their crimes were primarily trespassing.

    The FBI had so many informants on January 6th, they couldn’t keep track of them all.

    The terror state in the US has enlisted doctors in becoming murderers through the use of death protocols for inpatients, and through the use of a biochemical weapon fraudulently called a vaccine. If a doctor in NY State doesn’t give this COVID “vaccine” to his or her patients, they will be reported and can lose their license. This is how you create a terror state.

    You force people to do things they otherwise would not do, and threaten them if they don’t do it. After they commit the act you have made them co-conspirators in a crime. They are then more than willing to help in the cover up of the crime.

    This was done in Nazi Germany, In Stalin’s Russia, and is happening in China.

    The video done with Caroline Glick was extremely helpful in discussing the ways in which the Marxists in Israel, who disguise their Marxism by saying they are “for democracy,” are trying to bring down the democratically elected government by means of a judicial coup d’etat. The Israeli Supreme Court has arrogated power that they do not have the right to, and actually are committing treason against the State of Israel by attempting to remove a sitting Prime Minister because they want to keep their power intact and are not willing to share power with the legislature.

    Because Israel does not have a constitution that requires power sharing between the branches of government, the Supreme Court feels it has the right to have more power than the legislature and they believe there is nothing in the law of Israel to prevent them.

    The suggestion of creating another court that will take on conflicts between parts of the government suggested by Avi Bell made a lot of sense to me. It would require legislation by the Knesset to create this court but this could be done.

    I think Israel is essentially in the midst of a civil war, and while it may be funded by donors outside the State of Israel, it is being waged by a rogue Supreme Court, Attorney General, and former government officials who otherwise would not be in power because they can no longer be elected.

    Given that it is a civil war of sorts, it behooves the sitting government to decide how it will respond to those political forces who are attempting to take over the government.

    In the US Civil War, the President came to opinion that the Southern aristocrats and the political and economic elites were fomenting rebellion, and thus they were committing insurrection against the United States.

    It does seem clear to me that the Israeli Supreme Court is playing to win, and whether delusional or not, firmly believes they should win and take control over the legitimately elected legislature.

    In addition, I consider Marxism or Communism to be the type of political organization that believes in doing whatever is necessary to obtain power, even if that means destroying a government. While those in the Supreme Court or those political elites working to destroy the government might not be overtly Marxist, they are following the Marxist playbook of demeaning those who are religious, and attempting to destroy the State of Israel as a Jewish state. First and foremost Communists believe that it is the mind of man that is supreme. There is no need for God in their view.

    Secondly it is a political movement that is the opposite of freedom.

    While perhaps I am incorrect in calling these individuals Communist, they are behaving exactly as the Communists have behaved since the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and they are behaving as the Communists behaved who infiltrated the US government from the 1920’s to the present day. They will accept nothing short of victory.

    May God help the people of Israel and the people of the United States.

  3. @Michael
    The Left have risen to power in many lands, and it is only the respective reactionary responses offered to the radicals who have taken control of the govt which opposes them which might hope to regain control over the respective nations in question. That being said, I would argue that what is taking place in Israel is particularly unique. The govt, as defined by the elected leadership, is far from being the loony Left in Israel. Instead, in Israel, the situation is a consequence of a baked in control by the left into the institutions of govt which are in fact, thru a series of insurrections and seizures of power, in a state of struggle with the elected govt and the public which elected it. This is very far from the situation of a non-responsive Leftist political elites which are in control in the US, Canada, Germany, etc, all of whom are acting without regard or interest to their political base and which have no apparent contest with their respective established govt bureaucracies.

    In addition to the contest which the Israeli govt is battling with the Leftists in its Deep State halls of power, the Israeli govt is also battling an ongoing influence campaign over those Deep State institutions by the Liberal World Order led by the US govt, which is also employing every geopolitical tool in its power to undermine the legitimately elected Israeli govt.

    So, whereas I do appreciate your perspective on the similarity which exists between Israel and her sister govts of the West, I would argue that Israel stands quite alone in her situation, such as it is, at least to a point.

    Recall that while in the US and elsewhere, the elected/selected leadership is at war against the public, rather than being at war in league with the public against the unelected power of the govt agencies. For instance, there is no foreign funding in the US, Canada, etc which mounts the protests which are mounted against the elected govt, just as in Israel there is no abuse leveraged upon the protesters who are employed in the protests.

  4. Hello, Peloni and Sebastien. I saw your “test” posts, so I know at least the three of us are on board. I thought to post in this particular thread, because it is the most recent, “post=hack/crash”, possibly most likely to stay up if things get unstable here again, and possibly where I might see a response.

    Besides, it is actually sort of on-topic:

    Has the Left declared war against the Jewish religion?

    How about, if I post that the “Left” (in the whole world, not just Israel) has actually declared war not just against the Jewish religion, but against any sort of order — in order to collapse all government and bring about a (“beneficial”, in the eyes of these madmen) revolution? A good background read is:

    WARNING: America is almost done – know their plan, it is public. Tell all and we stop them


    I hope to see some response here, so I can see how much the system has recovered.

    (PS Ted, do you know what the hell happened?)