Hillary Clinton’s Anti-Israel History

By Jeff Dunetz, THE LID

hillary ara2An article appearing in the Jewish Daily Forward announced the formation of “Jewish Americans Ready For Hillary!” A truth those progressive Jews for Hillary ignore, with the possible exception of the time from her first campaign New York’s Senate seat in 2000 to her resignation from the Senate to become Secretary of State in January 2009, except for the time she needed New York’s Jewish voting bloc, Hillary Clinton has never been pro-Israel.

On their website, “Jewish Americans Ready For Hillary!” claim, “Throughout her career, Hillary Clinton has fought for the issues that matter most to Jewish Americans.”

Hillary ArafatOf one issue that “matters most to Jewish Americans,” Hillary Clinton is most certainly not a supporter that is the health and security of the Jewish State of Israel.

Even before her marriage to Bill, Hillary Clinton was opposing Israel and promoting the forces of terrorism.  In his book American Evita on page 49, Christopher Anderson writes.


At a time when elements of the American Left embraced the Palestinian cause and condemned Israel, Hillary was telling friends that she was “sympathetic” to the terrorist organization and admired its flamboyant leader, Yasser Arafat. When Arafat made his famous appearance before the UN General Assembly in November 1974 wearing his revolutionary uniform and his holster on his hip, Bill “was outraged like everybody else,” said a Yale Law School classmate. But not Hillary, who tried to convince Bill that Arafat was a “freedom fighter” trying to free his people from their Israeli “oppressors.”

On page 50 the author relates an experience that Hillary and and her future husband had during a trip to Arkansas in 1973.


It was during this trip to his home state that Bill took Hillary to meet a politically well-connected friend. When they drove up to the house, Bill and Hillary noticed that a menorah-the seven branched Hebrew candelabrum (not to be confused with the more common and subtler mezuzah)-has been affixed to the front door.

“My daddy was half Jewish,” explained Bill’s friend. “One day when he came to visit , my daddy placed the menorah on my door because he wanted me to be proud that we were part Jewish. And I wasn’t about to say no to my daddy.”

To his astonishment, as soon as Hillary saw the menorah, she refused to get out of the car. “Bill walked up to me and said that she was hot and tired, but later he explained the real reason.” According to the friend and another eyewitness, Bill said, “I’m sorry, but Hillary’s really tight with the people in the PLO in New York. They’re friends of hers, and she just doesn’t feel right about the menorah.”

Hillary’s attitude did not change when she became first lady. In May 1998 Ms Clinton became the first member of any presidential administration ever to call for a Palestinian State. She told a youth conference on Middle East peace in Switzerland, that she supports the eventual creation of an independent Palestinian state. Her spokesperson, Marsha Berry told reporters: “These remarks are her own personal view.”

In November 1999, while on a purported State visit to the Middle East, she publicly appeared with Yasser Arafat’s wife Suha. Mrs. Arafat made a slanderous fa allegation:

“Our [Palestinian] people have been submitted to the daily and intensive use of poisonous gas by the Israeli forces, which has led to an increase in cancer cases among women and children.” Suha also accused Israel of contaminating much of the water sources used by Palestinians with “chemical materials” and poisoning Palestinian women and children with toxic gases.”

Mrs. Clinton sat by silently listening to a real-time translation, and the terrorist’s wife hug and a kiss when she finished speaking.

Later, many hours after the event, and only after a media furor put her on the spot for what many view as a bit more than a mere political “boo boo Mrs. Clinton called on all sides to refrain from “inflammatory rhetoric and baseless accusations,” including Israel, whose leaders made no such accusations.

Glossing over this repugnant affair, Hillary Clinton has yet to specifically contradict and denounce the monstrous lies uttered by Yasser Arafat’s wife in her presence. Only years later did she make feeble attempt at an excuse, the translator screwed up.

Before her tenure in the State Departing, Bill and Hillary Clinton made mega dollars from their extensive involvement with Dubai. Besides being a leader in the movement to boycott Israel, Dubai is the “Hong Kong” of the Arab world. And a major commerce and shipping point for the “business-side” of terrorism. Bill and Hilary are major friends of Dubai, to the point where the Clinton Foundation have established Dubai Study departments in universities in the US and London. They worked hard at granting legitimacy to this Jew-hating, terrorist supporting nation.

While she was running for President in 2007, San Francisco Examiner columnist P.J. Corkery, wrote that Clinton made $10 million a year from Yucaipa a Dubai firm. Ron Berkle, the owner of Yucaipa companies was a major fund-raiser for Bill and Hillary.

The Clintons also had a connection to the worlds biggest exporter of terrorism, Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Royal Family donated $10,000,000 to the Clinton Library.

According to a 1993 New York Times article, Prince Turki bin Feisal was a college classmate of Bill’s at Georgetown University and (at the time of the article’s writing) was the head of the Saudi Arabian intelligence service. While he was still governor of Arkansas, it looks like Bill Clinton cashed in on that relationship, “work[ing] hard to secure a multimillion-dollar Saudi donation to a Middle Eastern studies program at the University of Arkansas.” Due to the intervention of the Gulf War, the first installment of $3.5 million didn’t arrive until 1992, with another $20 million arriving after Bill Clinton’s first inauguration.

During her Senate years Ms. Clinton became a vocal supporter of Israel because she needed the Jewish vote.

One of her first actions after leaving the Senate to become Secretary of State was to ignore a previous deal with Israel and call for the end of the construction of new homes in existing settlement neighborhoods. Five years later her call for the end of building is till is haunting Israeli/Palestinian peace talks.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton first demanded the “settlement” freeze in 2009 and was quickly backed up by Obama. What she perceived as a minor concession (a “settlement” freeze including no new housing units in existing communities) was for Israel a grave sacrifice. For all intents and purposes Clinton was telling Israeli parents their married children could no longer live in their neighborhoods

This was a major error by the Clinton State Department and it was compounded by their inclusion of Jerusalem in the mix and the constant public berating of the Jewish State by Clinton and Obama.

Clinton’s demand for a building freeze in existing settlement communities broke a US/Israel agreement made during the Bush administration. Ms Clinton said there was never an agreement between Israel and the US about natural expansion of existing settlements. But Elliot Abrams who negotiated the agreement for the United States said Clinton’s contention is simply not true.

Immediately the Palestinians seized upon the Hillary-created settlement issue. Seeing an opportunity to avoid talking, they used the administration’s demands, to make a “settlement” freeze a precondition to further talks even though there were negotiations and construction going on simultaneously before Hilary Clinton became Secretary of State.

In August 2009 Prime Minister Netanyahu announced a ten-month “settlement” freeze. It was approved by the cabinet and implemented on November 25, 2009 and was to run till September 25, 2010. Despite pressure from the United States, the Palestinians refused to join any talks the first 9+ months of the freeze; they did not come to the negotiation table till September 2010, three weeks before the freeze ended.

As the end of the construction halt approached, the US began to negotiate with the Israel to extend the freeze. Based on their experience with Clinton denying the deal negotiated by Elliot Abrams during the Bush Administration, Israel demanded that any proposal be presented in writing, as any oral deal with Clinton and the Obama administration was worth the paper on which is was printed on.

The written offer never came; the Secretary of State wasn’t negotiating in good faith. Instead Ms Clinton was playing “Bait and Switch.” As Israel waited for a letter clarifying America’s guarantees in exchange for a proposed building ban for Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, a diplomatic source finally came forward saying that no such letter is on its way.  The United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton misled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.The source, a senior diplomat with inside knowledge of Netanyahu’s recent meetings in Washington, said Clinton made commitments when talking to Netanyahu, but later slipped out of them by claiming that she had not been speaking on behalf of U.S. President Obama – who, she said in the end, did not give his approval.

In 2011 speaking at the at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the liberal Brookings Institute, Clinton expressed concern for Israel’s social climate in the wake of limitations the regarding female singing in the IDF and gender segregation on public transportation. Both were accommodations made to the Orthodox communities in Israel

She referred to the decision of some IDF soldiers to leave an event where female soldiers were singing; she said it reminded her of the situation in Iran. It did? Wow! In Iran the women would have been lashed or executed. In Israel they sang, but the people who felt it was against their religious beliefs walked out. Most senior officers in the IDF supported the women’s right to sing. 

Clinton also poke of her shock that some Jerusalem buses had assigned separate seating areas for women. “It’s reminiscent of Rosa Parks,” she said, taking the typical progressive position that faith should not matter outside a place of worship. Clinton’s statement was part of the continued attempt by the Obama administration/Clinton State Department to de-legitimize the Israeli democracy and destroy one of the reasons for American support of Israel, the fact it is the only democracy in the Middle East.

Now Hillary Clinton is running for President. She will campaign on the basis that she is a friend of Israel, just as Barack Obama did in 2008. The truth is as Secretary of State; she was the architect of the policy of the most anti-Israel president since the rebirth of Israel in 1948. It was a policy which reflected views she has held her entire life, with the exception of the nine year period where she ran for and held the office of U.S. Senator from New York State.

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  1. @ yamit82:

    Actually, when I said “they” are clearing the decks for her and working overtime, I didn’t mean American Jews. I meant her staff, consultants and functionaries. Of course, some will be Jewish. (disgusting). I was in the supermarket the other night, and met a young man who is president of an Orthodox synagogue, but one which is diverse and accepting of people with different viewpoints on religion. I told him I was not particularly observant, although believed very strongly in the religion as the glue that has held us together over centuries. This liberal, “tikkun olam” outlook can never hold us together. We will never be a unified people by supporting gay rights, complaining about climate change, etc. I am a Jewish nationalist, so I can’t believe in this nonsense about being a “cultural Jew” only.

  2. Yes, Norton Mezvinsky is the uncle of Marc Mezvinsky, Hillary’s husband. From the little bit I read, Marjorie Margolies, Marc’s mother, and her former husband, convicted felon Ed (the former congressman) were generally pro-Israel politically, but not out front in a big way. There’s nothing in the family that suggests a very pro-Israel influence on Hillary, although it’s not likely she would be influenced by in-laws. She’s an opportunist, and will do whatever she can get away with. Like her husband, like obama, like so many poliicians, she’s not to be trusted. It’s no wonder Bill was always looking around…she must be a vicious ball-clipping bitch. I do remember she supposedly yelled she needed “it” more than once a year. Maybe if he had gone along she would have calmed down. Looking at her and listening to her, though, that would be asking a lot of most men.

    Does anybody remember that short-lived magazine that came out in the early ’90’s that had a picture on its cover with her dressed as a dominatrix?

  3. BethesdaDog Said:

    Jerrylaury is correct. Most American Jews are brain dead…I can’t believe they supported her for senator in NY. Yes, they are clearing the decks for 2016. They are working overtime to make sure that Benghazi and all her other disasters will be a faint memory by then, I’m sure.

    “The recent study of U.S. Jews by the Pew Research Center reports that 58 percent of American Jews marry non-Jews. Since few of those who intermarry are Orthodox, the percentage rises to 71 percent when Orthodox Jews are taken out of the equation.

    The fact is, American non-Orthodox Jews are intermarrying their way into post-Jewish oblivion, and they’re doing so as a direct result of having emptied their version of Judaism of all meaning.

    Having jettisoned traditional Judaism, non-Orthodox Jews by and large adopted political liberalism as their alternative pseudo-religion. The replacement of Judaism with political liberalism explains the creeping disappearance of the non-Orthodox Jewish community through intermarriage.”

    The Pew survey says large numbers of intermarried couples are raising their children “culturally” as Jews. All this means is they are raising them as liberals. True Judaism, according to such reductionists, is the pursuit of environmentalist goals, Obamacare, affirmative action, and homosexual marriage. The “essence” of Judaism is not ritual or traditional texts, the reductionists argue, but being nice. And niceness, they insist, means being liberal. Even if one agrees with the entire gamut of political liberalism at the ideological level, it has nothing at all to do with being Jewish.

    Zionists by definition rejected the attempt by assimilationists and “reformers” to jettison Jewish national identity.

    While Zionists ranged in terms of religiosity from the Orthodox to the radical-secularist anti-religious, they were united in their celebration of Jewish nationality, especially in its main manifestation – Jewish statehood in Israel. Thus, Zionism is necessarily and quintessentially a negation of the assimilationist “Liberalism as Judaism” orthodoxy that dominates American (and other Western) Jewry.

    “Zionism must necessarily play an Opposition role to liberal pseudo-Judaism within the Diaspora. Zionism is in essence the movement of Jewish national survivalism, and so must negate Jewish assimilationism and the pseudo-religion of “Liberalism as Judaism”.”

  4. @ monostor:

    I had no idea they were related. I remember this guy Norton Mezvinski or Mezvinsky. Or maybe I did, but forgot. I remember the mother, Marjory Margolis, when she was a local anchorwoman. Didn’t the husband, father of the kid who married Chelsea, get in trouble for some reason?

    Jerrylaury is correct. Most American Jews are brain dead…I can’t believe they supported her for senator in NY. Yes, they are clearing the decks for 2016. They are working overtime to make sure that Benghazi and all her other disasters will be a faint memory by then, I’m sure.

    Notice how polite I am, after some thought, I decided to call her a witch, not a bitch. I didn’t want to be a foul writer myself, although I think both words are appropriate.

  5. For most brain dead American Jews facts will never get in the way of their love for dreck like Obama and Hillary. We can thank them for Obama and now they’re clearing the decks for Hillary in 2016.

  6. @ yamit82:

    I talked to a retired Military at the Flea Market. He was assigned to Hillary , in a manner he did not explain. He said s , ” she is a foul mouth bitch”,

  7. I used to work for a guy who was very close to Hillary Clinton. They were very much alike, thought the same way. He was Jewish, but he would throw Israel under the bus in a minute. Never trust the Clintons on Israel.

    None of what’s in this article will amount to a hill of beans to most American Jews, who are sick. They love Obama, and will continue to love this vicious, foul-mouthed witch.

  8. bernard ross Said:

    She has been known to utter anti semitic slurs.

    Are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama anti-Semites?

    The Foulmouthed & Lying Clintons

    The Clintons’ habitual lies, gutter language, anti-Semitic outbursts, and anti-black slurs have been documented by reliable writers but have been — and still are — routinely suppressed by the so-called liberal media.

    Patterson stated that Bill and Hillary Clinton would frequently argue with each other using the worst expletives known to mankind, sometimes in the presence of their daughter Chelsea. Some of the anti-Semitic slurs with which she commonly laced her tirades against Bill were “Jew motherfucker,” “Jew Boy” and “Jew Bastard.” [NewsMax, 15 and 17 July 2000]

    “If she disagreed with Bill Clinton or she disagreed with some of the Jewish community in Little Rock — or some of the ethnic community — she would often make these statements.” “She would say ‘Jew Bastard’ or call her husband a ‘Jew boy’ or a ‘motherfucking Jew’,” Patterson told the WABC New York radio audience. [Carl Limbacher and NewsMax Staff, 17 July 2000]

    Patterson said he heard Hillary “utter anti-Jewish epithets between 10 and 20 times over the course of his six years at the Arkansas governor’s mansion.” [NewsMax, 17 July 2000]

    “The slur was uttered at a heated, finger-pointing session at Bill Clinton’s Fayetteville, Ark., campaign headquarters on election night in 1974, following his defeat. “You fucking Jew bastard!” Hillary yelled at Paul, Mary Lee confirmed — even though Paul Fray is not Jewish.”

    Paul Fray is a Baptist but his heritage is Jewish; his paternal grandmother was Jewish, and Bill and Hillary knew of his heritage.
    [NewsMax, 15 July 2000]

    Defended By Sycophantic Double-Standard Jews

    Various big-name Jews, such as the shameless Clinton-ass-kissing Senator Charles Schumer (N.Y.), former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, and Abe Foxman, head of the Anti-Defamation League, immediately came to Hillary’s defense by claiming that she is not anti-Semitic — despite her frequent anti-Semitic utterances, the Rodham family’s well-known dislike of Jews, the Clintons’ anti-Semitic jokes, and her repeated use of “Jew bastard” and “Jew motherfucker.”

  9. It was obvious that hillary was an opportunistic chameleon when she so enthusiastically parroted the Obama canards to BB. She has been known to utter anti semitic slurs.
    However, in politics and the real world, the crud floats to the top of the cesspool, so we should not be surprised that jewish leadership endorses this fraud.
    she is likely advised by those Israelis and Jews who want the US to give Israel some “tough love”.

  10. True to herself she will have grandchildren related to a famous/infamous anti-zionist jewish family, the Mezvinskis. See about prof. Norton Mezvinski, Chelsea’s hubby’s uncle.