Humanitarian’ Aid To Gaza A Ruse

By Dick Morris on October 16, 2023

U.S. President Joe Biden and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken are about to cave to Hamas. They now say that the U.S. expects Israel to allow “humanitarian” aid to cross into Gaza. To facilitate the aid, hundreds of trucks are lined up on the Gaza border with Egypt waiting to cross.

Deborah Glick, columnist for the Jerusalem Post and a leading expert on the region, said that “These trucks, if permitted to enter, will not be inspected in any significant way.

“There is no reason to believe they are carrying baby formula and foodstuffs that will be delivered to the needy. There is every reason to believe they are carrying war materiel and jihadist fighters who have arrived to augment Hamas.”

So we get two indications from Biden that he is backing off his support for Israel

1. He now is pressing Israel to let in “humanitarian” to sustain Hamas in Gaza; and

2. He refuses to cancel the $6 billion in ransom to Hamas that he released days before the attack.

And, of course, there is no discussion of the one step that could end Hamas’ brutal occupation of Gaza: The reimposition of Trump’s sanctions on Iranian oil sales.

Indeed, Biden has advised Israel that occupation of Gaza, even after it is supposedly cleansed of Hamas terrorists would be a “big mistake.”

So while Biden’s election year posturing is designed to perpetuate the illusion that he is a strong Israeli ally, his statements an behind-the-scenes pressure both belie that posture.


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  1. Everything Biden does ostensibly to “help” Israel is a complete ruse. He and Obama created this war by giving Iran billions of dollars and a nuclear weapon.

    Suddenly there is a “humanitarian” need in Gaza, after Gazans murdered innocent children, beheaded babies, raped women, etc. And Biden is worried about their “humanitarian” needs? What about the humanitarian needs of the Israeli people?

    This is a Trojan Horse. Biden is being hammered in the polls. He is desperate. The American people feel he is a demented clown and a dangerous one. This is a plan that will end in Israel losing the war, keeping Hamas and the West Bank Palestinian genocide going, and Iran becoming a nuclear power.

    If Israel has to submit to all of Biden’s demands, (for reasons of military supply) then the war was lost before it was begun. Then there is no PM of Israel who could have handled it any differently.

    If Israel does not need American weapons for the war, then Israel has a choice. It is then incumbent upon the PM to stand for Israel against all those who want to see Israel destroyed.

    Any “ally” that wants to see your country destroyed IS NOT AN ALLY.

    The difficult part of this is that the American PEOPLE want to be allied with Israel, but the President has betrayed Israel. The American people who love Israel know this about Obama and Biden. They want Israel to do whatever is needed to defeat and destroy Hamas. They know there is no coexistence with a genocidal state.