Is America bribing Bibi or blackmailing him

The Economist

THE way the New York Times reports it, you might think that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are treating Israel’s prime minister with more solicitude than he deserves. If he will only agree to freeze Israeli settlement building in the West Bank for another 90 days, it seems, America will provide all sorts of goodies: advanced jet fighters, a commitment to maintain Israel’s qualitative military edge, diplomatic protection in the United Nations Security Council and much more. The pampering is almost unseemly, some (including the Palestinians) might say.[..]

But isn’t there another way of looking at this supposed “incentive”? Until this weekend, most people assumed that Israel enjoyed an unconditional American promise to maintain its military edge, and a nearly unconditional promise to support it in the United Nations. Now it seems that President Obama is making the continuation of some of these things conditional on Israel’s acceptance of a three-month settlement freeze, during which Israel will be pressed to agree final borders with a putative Palestinian state in the West Bank. [..]

I read the NYT piece by Bronner and was angered that he puts forth the notion that both the US and Israel feel they have to bribe the Palestinians to negotiate. For my money, let them rot in hell. Belman

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. There has not been an Israeli PM with backbone since Menachem Begin. He told Ronald Reagan essentially to “Go F–k yourself” after the actor had a fit over Israel bombing the Iraqi nuclear reactor. Bibi has to grow a pair. Obama is the most unpopular president in decades and probably will rightfully be considered the worse US president ever. He is so unpopular after less than 2 years ,he already can’t win reelection (According to expert Larry Sabato). Bibi is afraid of a paper tiger. The republicans have the House and by 2013 will have the Senate and the Presidency. The republicans are much more supportive of Israel.

  2. As a Jew I don’t think it’s incumbant on the people of Israel to submit to any shit from any quarter.
    Thats just an opinion and it is mine. The people of Israel should not be compelled to capitulate simply because Barack Obam-bam says that the government of Israel should make some acommodations and bend to the will of t…he Palestinians, and to give them a portion of the country,they already live in, to be called there own.
    Maybe America should start portioning out parts of the United States to everyone who asks them for … ” their own land, their own government and all the things that come with it…”
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  3. Surprised this showed up in the Economist, which is normally anti-Israel.

    I suspect Bibi is playing this sick game because if he doesn’t, the Palis are going to unilaterally declare a state with the backing of the U.S., and in the resulting war, Israel will face two-plus years as an out-and-out pariah state a la Rhodesia of the 1970s. He doesn’t want to preside over this state of affairs.

    My inclination, like most others posting here, is that Bibi should tell NCHO (Neville Carter Hussein Obama) to go to hell anyway. But, I’m not there during the meetings with his cabinet, I don’t know why they are backing this along with him, I don’t know what is being said or being threatened from the U.S. that makes them so ready to sell out their country.

    It is a terrible spectacle. January 2013 can’t come soon enough, but maybe even by November of 2008 it was too late.

    Amazing the difference one election can make.

  4. There are last minute developments on the agreements betweem Soetoro Obama and Mr. Netanyahu. I received a heads up about a contradicting and secret agreement between Clinton-Obama and Abbas denying the agreements said to be included in the purported agreement with Israel.
    We meed to get some notice to all ministers and MK’s to find out now.

  5. charles martel:

    If the Jews are not careful, they are going to be out a country.

    The country is already slipping away, with a heredi anti zionist population growing at a huge rate, an ever expanding palestinian pop, a quarter of a million russian christians, a growing non jewish illegal group with lots of children. Where is this going to end?

  6. Bibi has become a complete embarrassment. Not only does he have no personal pride as when he let Obama humiliate him at their White House meeting but even worse he shows no pride in his country. He might as well put a sign on his behind that reads kick me again. Here he is begging the Palestinians to take part of his country.And they keep turning him down because he’s not offering enough. Nauseating.

  7. I read the NYT piece by Bronner and was angered that he puts forth the notion that both the US and Israel feel they have to bribe the Palestinians to negotiate. For my money, let them rot in hell. Belman

    I couldn’t agree more. If the fakestinians truly wanted statehood, they wouldn’t need to be bribed to negotiate. As I have said numerous times, Israel needs to put an end to these sham “peace” processes and annex Judea and Samaria and somehow expel the arabs, even pay them to resettle in other countries.