Is Nikki Haley a Candidate in the America First Mold?

T. Belman. When Trump had his great rally in the Bronx, he was asked if there was room in his administration for Nikki Haley. He replied in the affirmative.

By Janet Levy, AM THINKER Jan 27/24

Nikki Haley, who is opposing Donald Trump in the primaries for the Republican presidential candidate, has been described as a shape-shifter.

This is not without good reason.

Driven by ambition, she seems to have abandoned what the Republican Party stands for.  Her views on climate change, communist China, free speech, and illegal immigration are out of sync with GOP voters and conservative thinkers.  Besides, her wishy-washiness on the Great Reset, DEI/CRT, and gender fluidity raises doubts about her America First bona fides.

Voters must cut through the contradictions Haley personifies.  She certainly isn’t the ideal Republican presidential candidate.  Consider the political legerdemain she has adroitly deployed.  Also, consider the web that links her to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and influence of the political fiefdoms of the Koch empire and master manipulator George Soros.

In a play for young voters indoctrinated with dubious climate hysteria, she proclaimed that climate change is real and that the U.S. needs to tell China and India to cut emissions.  As governor of South Carolina, she signed legislation supporting the solar industry.  In Iowa, the nation’s top fuel ethanol producer, she endorsed carbon capture and storage from ethanol plants as “good for the environment.”

But during Trump’s presidency, she hailed the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement and attacked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for being too liberal on environmental issues.  Perhaps the latter was to score points for the Republican nomination over an issue that is unpopular with conservatives.  Given her equivocations, voters will find it impossible to know where she stands and how quickly she will change her position when it suits her.

Candidate Haley is hawkish on China and criticizes recent American policy on the communist state.  But her record as governor of South Carolina tells a different story.  She granted the China Jushi Group, a fiberglass manufacturer with ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), close to 200 acres at no cost contingent on their investment in her state.  During her tenure (2011-2017), she oversaw $1.43 billion in Chinese investments; in 2015 alone, she brought in $565 million, the highest of any Republican governor.

Taking a near-fascist stand, Haley had declared anonymous social media posts a “national security threat” and demanded mandatory verification of all user identities.  She later denied, then walked back on, these statements.  Now, she again says that on becoming president, she will force social media companies to “show America their algorithms.  Let us see why they’re pushing what they’re pushing.”  She continues to insist that all users must have verified identities to bring “civility to the cyberspace.”

Haley’s views on illegal immigration are both dubious and anti-democratic.  Illegals, she has said, shouldn’t be referred to as criminals though they are breaking the law (albeit unenforced under the current administration) because they are “families that want a better life.”  She also endorses a policy of allowing corporations, not the American people, decide how many workers they want.  “[She is] saying that she believes foreigners and corporations should be the only people making decisions about how much immigration the U.S. should have. I can’t think of a less democratic way of looking at migration,” says Jon Feere, director of investigations for the Center for Immigration Studies.

Neither is Haley’s position on woke ideology and gender ideology clear.  Hastily buying into a leftist narrative, she had sprung to the defense of stock car racer Bubba Wallace, when he released an image of a “noose” in his garage.  The story was a hoax, the offending item a simple garage door-pull.  Criticizing the GOP when it suits her, she has said, “The problem for our party is that our approach often appears cold and unwelcoming to minorities. That’s shameful and it has to change.”Most opportunistic, however, is how she has played with her own identity.  Born to Indian immigrants, she registered as “white” on her voter card in 2001.  Even so, she has given accounts of being bullied at school “every day for being brown.”  Sharon Carter, the county Republican Party chairwoman, who lived in the same town as Haley around the same time, says Haley’s family was well-regarded and race was never much of an issue for her.

On transgenderism, too, Haley has been protean.  When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis censured Disney for creating transgender characters and placing cross-dressing greeters at its entrance, Haley welcomed the company to South Carolina.  DeSantis had taken a principled stand against inappropriate messaging to minors, in line with the Republican/conservative view.  But Haley, had to one-up him, ignoring the GOP’s position.

It is difficult to tell if she is well-informed on gender and identity issues, for at an Iowa tele-town hall, she failed to answer definitively if a man could become a woman.  When South Carolina state Sen. Lee Bright (R-SC), a staunch conservative, introduced a bill to prohibit trans people from using public bathrooms that align with their claimed gender identity, Haley, then governor, vetoed the legislation as unnecessary.  On the campaign trail, she has said the government should stay out of the issue of “gender-affirming” surgeries for minors, leaving the decision to parents.

Her positions on vital issues apart, voters must ask themselves if Haley’s mendacity makes her a good candidate.  “If you’ve got to lie to win, you don’t deserve to win,” she has emphatically stated.  Ironically, an ad from the DeSantis campaign has caught her in four big ones: denying that Hillary Clinton was an inspiration; backpedaling on a statement to raise the retirement age for Social Security benefits; countering the perception that she didn’t take a stand against transgender bathrooms; gainsaying her call for the verification of social media users.

Among other disturbing facts about Haley are her being honored as a 2011 Young Global Leader by the WEF, which champions the nefarious, anti-freedom Great Reset.  Americans for Prosperity, a libertarian anti-Trump group backed by billionaire brothers Charles and the late David Koch (died 2019), has endorsed her presidential candidature.  David Koch, it might be added, was a trustee at the Aspen Institute, which receives funds from George Soros and presumes the U.S. is fraught with deep-seated cultural racism.

The Koch brothers have favored amnesty for illegal immigrants and seek Republican support for illegals in former president Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program at a time the surge of border-crossers is at its highest level in American history.  Certainly not in concert with the position held by most Republicans.

Trump has rightly characterized Haley as out of step with today’s Republican Party, and former South Carolina state representative Doug Brannon has described her as a chameleon.  Not surprising, given that she has said she’s inspired by Hillary Clinton and has praised Obama for being a barrier breaker and a good communicator.  She had even called upon Republicans to share – with Obama – the responsibility for the nation’s problems.  Haley brooks no hesitation in criticizing Trump, at the risk of alienating MAGA voters she needs to enlist to win.

Despite her machinations in the New Hampshire primaries – where 70% of her voters were non-Republicans, indicating Democrat support – she lost by 11%.  Also afoot is the gaming of open primaries, accumulating support from Democrats and unaffiliated voters to ensure a victory for Biden.  DeSantis, meanwhile, has dropped out, backing Trump.

As author Victor Davis Hanson sees it, Haley has four options: drop out like DeSantis; fight on but moderate her attack on Trump, then wrangle for the post of vice president; fizzle out after a few more primaries; and fourth, put up a full-blooded fight, which she would lose, contributing no more than nuisance value.

While it’s difficult to predict what she will do, the one lesson voters can take home is that the opportunistic Haley does not stand for the American ideals that the Republican party believes in.  They must keep that in mind when they vote – and choose Trump.

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25 Comments / 25 Comments

  1. No, I was just responding to a post, I didn’t initiate a discussion about Russia.

    Again, this has nothing to do with Russia, about which you are demonstrating a seemingly irrelevant obsession. The only mention of Russia on this entire page comes from you, yourself, and now Laura, who may well be suffering from the same obsessive tendency because no one else is talking about Russia, but only describing Haley’s lack of veracity and less than artful attempt to hold various positions on various topics.

  2. @Bear
    I am still waiting for an example of what you describe as being inaccurately reported in this article…Your lack of a response will of course result in demonstrating what weight should be ascribed to your statement as you make your way back to the Bear cave.

    I hope your back recovery is proceeding well in any event.

  3. @Laura you are correct.

    Haley is scary to these people because if she was in the Trump Administration again she would be able to be pro Israel and talk about the enemies of the USA and free world in Putin’s Russia.

    In other words being pro American and pro Israel without accepting Russian Nationalist Imperialistic Ambitions and rationalizing them.

    Anyway tired of this and the supporters of Nationalistic Russia and their double talk and lies needed for rationalization of their viewpoints and attacks on good people like Haley. I think I will good back to my bear cave as our friend in Texas, Honeybee, likes to say.

  4. @Bear

    backing lies about her does not change her actual views

    Name one lie mentioned in this article. Just one.


    she not conflicted with being pro Russian Nationalist

    Again, this has nothing to do with Russia, about which you are demonstrating a seemingly irrelevant obsession. The only mention of Russia on this entire page comes from you, yourself, and now Laura, who may well be suffering from the same obsessive tendency because no one else is talking about Russia, but only describing Haley’s lack of veracity and less than artful attempt to hold various positions on various topics.

  5. Yes. I don’t know at what point being pro-Russia became tied to having America-first Bona fides. It’s really bizarre that supporting Russian imperialism has become a litmus test for being considered America-first. It’s seems rather contradictory.

    @Peloni Haley is 100% pro Israel and is she not conflicted with being pro Russian Nationalists (who are conflicted), and backing lies about her does not change her actual views or actions in support of Israel. In fact she is in Israel currently showing her support.

  6. @Peloni Haley is 100% pro Israel and is she not conflicted with being pro Russian Nationalists (who are conflicted), and backing lies about her does not change her actual views or actions in support of Israel. In fact she is in Israel currently showing her support.

    Former presidential candidate and UN envoy Nikki Haley landed in Israel on Sunday to visit affected communities in the north and south of the country and to meet with senior Israeli officials.

    Haley was welcomed by Israel’s former UN envoy Danny Danon, who will accompany her on the trip.

  7. @Sebastien
    Did Blinken not also tour the Gazan slaughter and speak of ridding the world of Hamas? While I have no interest in tying Haley’s lack of trustworthiness to the deep betrayal of the current administration, her previous comments even taken together with her current comments would seem to provide little comfort of her globalist tendencies which are in exact contradiction to her supposed support of Israel.

  8. @Bear

    Yes Haley is more of a tradition GOP conservative

    Such as those who promised to move the embassy while candidates and refused to do so while president. You may prefer words, but to trust anything from the double-speaking, Globalist allied Haley, you would have to elect her to find out where she truly stands.

    You can bad mouth her all you want but it does not change who she is and that is a 100% bonafide pro Israel supporter.

    Yet, I see you are unable to dispute any of what Levy has mentioned above, all of which is fairly described. So, you trust Haley in spite of her double dealing on nearly every topic, which is of course your right, but I am not so easily swayed by Neocon Nikki.

    Alienating the Haley voter by bad mouthing her is counter productive to helping Trump win at this point.

    Perhaps this is true, but I believe that ignoring Haley’s dishonesty while potentially providing her a counter endorsement should be given the greater context which is supplied by Levy’s masterful depiction of Haley’s faithless rhetoric, nonetheless.

  9. She has arrived in Israel and is touring border Gaza communities and speaking with freed hostages. In the past, she has said Hamas must be destroyed and Gazan refugees should go to pro-Hamas countries not the U.S.

  10. @Felix

    Why does Levy say the idea is near fascist?

    Perhaps totalitarian would have been a better descriptor than fascist, but this overstep by the Globalist puppet Haley is intolerable no matter how you pronounce it. Upon what basis might any of us be required to register with the state to have a voice in the public square. Indeed the American founders made good use of their anonymity in voicing their dissent to the British brigandry which oppressed the colonists, such as it was.

  11. Haley is right. The comment section of the web needs strict change and she thinks nobody should post if not identified and identifiable. Some sort of automatic process could handle that. At present it is the main weapon of Antisemitism.

    Why does Levy say the idea is near fascist?

  12. @Peloni I prefer the words and actions of Haley when she clearly says she is against a two state solution. Yes Haley is more of a tradition GOP conservative which means she is not pro Russian Nationalist. You can bad mouth her all you want but it does not change who she is and that is a 100% bonafide pro Israel supporter.

    I will accept you do not like her and that is your right. I think she is great. I voted for her in my state’s primary but I will now vote Trump as he is a million times better than the disaster that Joe Biden is!

    Trump knows Haley’s voters in swing states like Pennsylvania could make the difference between winning there and losing.

    The traditional GOP and conservative voter for Haley will likely vote for Trump and she has indicated that is the correct vote by stating she will be voting for Trump. This should help Trump some and is a good thing. Alienating the Haley voter by bad mouthing her is counter productive to helping Trump win at this point.

  13. @Bear

    Listen to Haley 100% pro Israel support of Israel

    She is tightly allied to the Globalist forces which require the pursuit of the TSS. Her chameleon tendencies towards saying what she thinks might be popular should lead us all to weigh her support of anything with care, no matter what she says.

  14. @Peloni to put in your type of language Haley is pro-Israel like Trump or maybe even more so. Haley is against a two state solution.

    Nikki Haley says Palestinians in Gaza should resettle in pro-Hamas countries

    “Why doesn’t Egypt want them? Because she doesn’t really know who is a terrorist and who isn’t,” Haley argued
    In an interview with the American media on Thursday, Republican Party candidate for President of the United States Nikki Haley said that the people of Gaza should leave the enclave.

    “The Palestinians should have gone to the Rafah crossing and Egypt would have taken care of them. But I have always said that what the Palestinians need is to move to pro-Hamas countries such as Qatar, Iran and Turkey, she said.

    Nikki Haley would make a great addition to the Trump team and that is why Trump has said there is a place for her in his administration. I strongly support that idea and would hope she would serve as the Secretary of State.

  15. When Nikki Haley was running her primary campaign, Trump said some very unflattering things about her. I know all’s fair in love and politics, but if Trump meant even half of what he said, then he shouldn’t take her into his administration. And if Trump actually did ask her to sign on, I can’t imagine why she would accept unless Trump first made a very public (and embarrassing) apology to her. So, I don’t see them making up.

  16. @Sebastien

    Haley is very pro-Israel.

    Yes, well I would question if she is pro-Israel like W and Clinton, or like Trump, and the distinction here is a particularly important one to consider. Given her Globalist alliances, and her chameleon like tendencies, it remains a real question in my mind how she would respond to her Globalist allies who are very much intent upon seeing Israel destroyed.

  17. Haley is very pro-Israel. Problem is that since she is the globalists’ choice, if she is VP, Trump will be a target for impeachment or assassination. In retrospect, with 20/20 hindsight, it seems obvious that the Dems would not have tried to impeach Trump if they hadn’t felt confident that Pence would play ball with them. Not realizing this turned out to be a fatal mistake when it came time to count the ballots in 2021 though in the short fun, she might help him on the ballot in November. Picking the 2nd runner up for VP is the traditional thing to do. But, I think the people who would have voted for her will probably vote for Biden, Kennedy or just stay home. I don’t think she will help him at the ballot box significantly. Moreover, if she is on the number 2 on the ballot and they are able to find a way to disqualify him, she would be the candidate by default. Very dangerous choice. He said she’s to have a role. I think she would play a positive role with regard to Israel but otherwise no. Either ambassador to the UN, again, or ambassador to Israel. I hope former ambassador Friedman is the next Secretary of State.

  18. @Bear

    This article lies about Haley’s positions for the vast majority.

    The article examines Haley’s record in finite detail, and I would be interested to see any inacuracies described in it. This is not to say that Haley tried as best as she could to run to the Right of her record as is suggested in the source you cited, but her record is HER RECORD and it is a record bespotted with a significantly distinct positions to those listed by her in a pitch to gain the nomination. In fact, Haley’s decision to now endorse Trump is simply further evendence of her chameleon self, willing to strike any pose to gain greater power.

    As Rand Paul demonstrated in a devastatingly effective Never Nikki videos and as Levy explores in this article, Haley is a chameleon, and if you want to find out what her real position is on a given topic, you will have to elect her first and find out later. Thankfully, the Republican electorate was literate enough to recognize this fact, and even the Democratic spoilers, which Haley appealed to help her stop Trump, found Haley’s positions too uncertain to carry her to victory, even in her home state.

    Curiously, Trump suggests there might be a role for Haley in his new administration. Hopefully it will not be a position in which she might seriously impact his govt, but if is, I guess, again, we might finally see where Never Nikki really stands on the issues.

  19. This article lies about Haley’s positions for the vast majority.

    She by the way has said she is voting for Trump. I would love to see her as Secretary of State! She did a great job as UN Ambassador in the previous Trump Administration. Her and Trump have many of the same positions.

    Haley is strong on wanting the border fixed, tough on crime, tough on China and super Pro Israel. She is also very pro USA, from a conservative standpoint. So the pro Russian crowd may not like her. The leftists hate her as she opposes their positions.

    Her actual positions can be found at

  20. What Haley donors, voters think about her saying she’ll vote for Trump in November
    Many told ABC News it was inevitable, but are split

    BySoo Rin Kim, Hannah Demissie, and Kelsey Walsh
    May 24, 2024, 3:33 PM

    Soon after Nikki Haley said she’d vote for Trump, Biden campaign met with her supporters
    By Nidia Cavazos

    Updated on: May 24, 2024 / 1:44 PM EDT / CBS New

  21. If we reduce Niki Haley’s behavior to the obvious, she has been following orders from various sources for a long time now and the conclusion is that she will continue to do so for the foreseeable future whether elected or not. Everyone should consider the consequences if she is elected president of the USA while still following orders.