October 6th: Unit 8200’s error that could have prevented the massacre

A senior IDF intelligence official confirms that the elite SIGINT unit experienced a system malfunction that was fixed early in the morning – but not before Hamas had begun their invasion.

INN | June 16, 2024

Unit 8200 soldier  IDF

On the night of October 6, a fault occurred in a technological system used by the elite SIGINT force Unit 8200, which is supposed to provide significantly better information than was intercepted before the October 7th massacre.

Channel 12 News reported that upon identifying the fault, soldiers specializing in handling it were urgently called from home. A senior military intelligence official claims they were called immediately, while another intelligence source claimed they arrived only after 3:00.

They managed to restore the system to operation at 5:00, an hour and a half before the attack began. By the time it resumed extracting real-time information and reconstructing previous data, the attack had already started.

The commander of Unit 8200 said the information about the fault was conveyed to the Head of Military Intelligence, the Chief of Staff, and the director of the ISA. On the other hand, a senior intelligence official claimed to his colleagues that he did not receive a report that the system had ever been offline.

The IDF Spokesperson commented on the report: “The IDF is in the midst of investigating the events of October 7 and the preceding circumstances. The claims presented in the report are being checked as part of the investigations. Upon completion, the findings will be presented to the public transparently.”

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  1. We will probably never hear what really happened and for sanity, that’s likely best.
    Nonetheless, the responsible heads should roll. I am a little at loss to decide whether to start at the bottom and work up or the other way round.

  2. Te, please retrieve and post here the comment I have just posted about the incompetent and probable disloyalty of Israeli intelligence.

  3. Obviously, Israeli intelligence f_____d up. I wonder if they were monitoring Netanyahu , other cabinet members and those members of the Knesset that supported the elected government headed by Netanyahu t as their enemy, rather than Hamas and other foreign enemies of Israel, such as Hezbollah, Iran, Syria etc. The Israeli political and military elites are loyal to the international socialist movement and the Democratic Party in the United States, not to Israel. Why should Israel’s intelligence departments be any different?

  4. This could spell the end of that tiny blip in the Middle East which for thousands of years we Jews considered ‘NESS GADOL HIYA PO” ” A GREAT MIRACLE WAS HERE”

    Instead of disappearing in history we remained alive and contributed to the world and suffered horribly and saved the world time after time.

    Today.its either destroy our enemies entirely or be destroyed entirely.