Islamic Jew Hatred

By Zvi November

One important facet of WWII was the comprehensive belief in racial ranking.  Nazi ideology held that Germans were the master race and the Japanese firmly believed in the superiority of the yellow race.

Today, the ongoing campaign to annihilate Israel is founded on blind, irrational and vicious hate based on outrages lies and libels that are accepted as facts by most of the Arab/Islamic world.  Arabs and Muslims rarely hear a positive word about Jews, Zionists or Israelis.  Hundreds of millions of people in the 57 Muslim majority countries have been brainwashed with a worldview and underlying Islamic theology that hold Jews in contempt.  Muslims who accept the unalterable tenants of their religion hate Jews and hope to destroy the Jewish state which in their bigoted view is illegitimate.

Jew-hating and Israel-hating is the subject of Professor Rafael Israeli’s book HATRED, LIES, and VIOLENCE in the WORLD of ISLAM (2014).  An expert on Islam and Muslim societies, Israeli teaches at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  His book reveals how Muslim and Arab academics, political leaders, media commentators and clergymen condemn Israel and Jews (Jews, Zionists and Israelis are terms used interchangeably) by making false and preposterous accusations that the Arab/Muslim masses are not prepared to examine critically.  Their message is that Jews/Israelis are deceitful thieves who commit crimes against humanity, especially the “innocent” Palestinians.  These “intellectuals” cite the Quran’s passage that categorizes Jews as “the descendants of pigs and monkeys”.  For Muslims, Jews are the “enemies of Allah”.  The war against Jews must never end until all are dead or converted to Islam.

Even today, in Jordan and Egypt (two countries that have signed peace treaties with Israel) Israel is still considered an enemy.

Throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds, Islamic Jew-hating also uses “information” imported from the Christian West.  For instance, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a best seller that is often quoted and accepted as true.  Jews, it is claimed, intend to control the entire world.  Indeed, for some ignorant Muslim fanatics, the corruption and chaos in the Arab and Muslim worlds is proof of a Jewish conspiracy.  Another Christian libel is the infamous blood libel that asserts that Jews kill Christian children for blood to be used in baking matzos at Passover.

Particularly galling is the way Muslims re-write history.  For instance, Jesus was not a Jew living in Judea but a Palestinian (over a hundred years BEFORE the word “Palestine” was applied to Judea by the Roman conquerors in the 2ndcentury).  Jewish biblical history from King David’s time to the Second Temple’s destruction (70 CE) to Talmudic times in the Byzantine era is erased and replaced with a totally imaginative Palestinian history.

The Arabs who conquered the Land of Israel, Egypt, North Africa and Syria from the Byzantines in the 7th century (as well as Persia from the Sassanid dynasty) think of themselves as natives of the Middle East when, in fact, they are invaders from Arabia who forced themselves and their religion on the entire region.  But when Jews unify and revitalize Jerusalem they decry Israel’s Judaization of the city.

Arabs blame Israel for their own shortcomings.  They also fabricate history to flatter themselves and degradate Jews.   This distortion of facts is, unfortunately, adopted by the UN and its bodies such as UNESCO and the Commission on Human Rights (both funded by the West, of course).

Arab education, most notably in the Palestinian autonomous territories, is an extensive system of indoctrination focused on generating intensive hatred of Israel and Jews.  Attacking and killing Israelis/Jews on buses, in restaurants, in synagogues or any public venue is praiseworthy and a cause for celebration.  Terrorists are heroes when they blow themselves up and murder as many innocent Jews as possible.  “Successful” bombers are MARTYRS whose families then receive financial support from Mahmud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) and his PA Palestinian Authority using funds provided by the US and EU taxpayers.

I strongly recommend Israeli’s book because it draws heavily on original Arabic language sources to fully document the overwhelming hatred of Jews (and Christians) extant in all spheres of Arab/Islamic culture: religion, literature, news media, films, songs, poetry and especially education.  If, however, you are pressed for time you can go to You Tube to see and hear Pat Condell’s concise and insightful videos in which he dissects the Islamic threat to European civilization in general and Jews in particular.  Click on or  The Palestinian Media Watch simply translates and relays Palestinian TV programs that promote hatred of Israel and Jews and thereby sabotage the chances of negotiating a peaceful solution to the Arab-Israel conflict.

David Bedein, director of the Israel Resource News Agency, has recently released another documentary video entitled UNRWA’s LEGACY that you can view at .  UNRWA, with a $1.2 billion annual budget, runs schools in Palestinian refugee camps where Hamas teachers freely inculcate hatred of Jews and Israel and even prepare school children to fight Israel and kill Jews.  One’s own life is of no importance because these youngsters have been taught that “Muslims (Arabs) love death as Jews love life”.

About a week ago Caroline Glick writing in the “Jerusalem Post” commented on the release of Ahmad Daqamseh, the Jordanian policeman who murdered seven school girls from Bet Shemesh in 1997 on the ‘peace’ Island.  This terrorist murderer is a Jordanian hero.  Click on to read the entire article.  And as Professor Israeli points out, sympathy for the victims of Arab terrorism is rarely expressed.  King Hussein’s condolence visit to the girls’ families was one such rare exception.

Arabs are pleasant enough when interacting with naïve westerners in Europe or the US in ENGLISH but if you want to know what is really going on in the Arab world you have to listen to Arabs in Arabic in their own countries (as well as in the rest of the Muslim world; Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, et. al.) to expose oneself to the fantasies, conspiracies, hypocrisies and bigotry that form the Arab/Muslim mindset which leaves no room for compromise with anyone who refuses to submit to Islam.

Islamic “intellectuals” have created imaginary histories that foster Muslim self-esteem.  Truth is subjective and convoluted.  Zionism is equated with Nazism.  Jews and Christians’, by definition, are aggressors whereas Arabs are always victims of aggression who merely respond to attacks as they did on 9/11.

No amount of western appeasement can modify this Arab/Muslim insanity.  Modern principles of science, tolerance and compromise cannot change the Islamic mentality because the Quran and barbaric Sharia laws have a monopoly on the truth and morality (actually immorality).

The Arab/Islamic distortion of reality is the real reason why there is no end to the Arab-Israel conflict.  It also explains al Qaida, ISIS (Daesh), and Moslem Brotherhood attacks as well as Iranian (including Hezbollah) warmongering in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and elsewhere.  Essentially, we are talking about RACISM which places Islam over and above all other open-minded modes of thought.

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