Israel to Grant Benefits to the PA in Area C under US Pressure

By JNi.Media

Israel on Monday will present to the delegates at the second donor conference in New York, with the participation of Israeli, PA, and international representatives, a new package of benefits to the Palestinian Authority, Globes reported.

The purpose of the Israeli plan, which was formulated under American pressure to offer economic benefits to the Palestinians, is to help the Trump administration put pressure on Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to moderate his speech at the UN General Assembly.

The donor conference will also discuss projects related to water and electricity infrastructure in Gaza. According to Globes, Israel—specifically Coordinator of Activities in the Territories Major General Yoav Mordechai—decided that strengthening the Gaza government would enable the rehabilitation of Gaza and the resolution of cross-border environmental issues.

In addition, Israel will allow the construction of the Tarqumiya industrial park in Area C—which belongs to Israel under the Oslo accords—over an area of no less than 300 acres, for a fuel terminal as well as warehouses to store equipment until it is released from customs.

In addition, the donor conference will raise the issue of sewage treatment in the Kidron Valley which envelopes the Old City of Jerusalem on three sides, and which runs through both Israel and the PA. The massive Jewish and Arab settlement in the Kidron basin over the years has been producing 35,000 cubic meters of raw sewage which is pumped into the Kidron every day. It has become a garbage and waste site and today constitutes a serious health and environmental nuisance, a source of damage to the aquifer’s water, to the fauna and flora, and to its immediate and distant surroundings.

The conference will discuss the establishment of purification facilities on the Israeli and PA sides under a Kidron River Agreement.

Israel is also expected to declare extensive easing of the conditions for the passage of PA Arabs through road checkpoints and crossing points into Israel.

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  1. The Israeli supreme court is so good at striking down knesset decisions they consider too far right of left (but still left of center). Why can’t they strike down this nonsense too? The famous or rather infamous rosh yehudi needs to be screwed back on again.

  2. Madness! Madness! This demonstrates why Israel’s present ruling elites must be overthrown (by legal means, through major changes and additions to the basic laws). The entire national camp should unite and and engage in a relentless education and agitation campaign to remove the present ruling elites from the courts, the public prosecutors’ office, the Foreign Affairs ministry, the police, army, universities, government appointment committees, “advisory” committees, and all the other instruments at their disposal to impose a pro-terrorist, anti-Zionist policy on Israel.

  3. To “moderate Abbas’ speech” at the United Nations Ass. I say…”moderate -shmoderate..”. What difference does this particular speech make ? The Arabs hate us viscerally and Abbas is a terrosrist, liar, thief, murderer, and all-round crook. He’s made many other strongly anti-Israel speeches at the UN so what difference does this particular speech make…? Everyone would know that it was just a collection of words.

    Israel, in bestowing all the mentioned benefits, and likely many more we’re not mature enough to know about, is working against her own long term interests, and it’s a huge strategic blunder. To think that we are encouraging the Arabs to stay in Israel and actually giving them our land they don’t deserve, all to our own detriment, for short term results…… A chollera af dem..

    Actually so as to get the Goyim to say what good boys we are, maybe a little pat on the back.

    The Arab interlopers will NOT be encouraged or “incentivized” to leave the country, but will stick like glue, because “the Jews are caving in” and Trump is on our side……

    There’s noting quite like a stupid “intelligent” Jew. What would Trump do if they just said NO…cancel all his support…? No he wouldn’t.