McMaster adheres to Trump’s policies

Starting a 2:00 McMaster is impressive. No hint of his anti-Israel policies. There are rumors of his immanent removal. As good as he sounds, I wouldn’t shed a tear. Also after Trump’s Afgan speech in which no mention was made of “radical Islamic terrorism”. Afterwards Trump returned to using such terminology.

September 18, 2017 | 2 Comments » | 398 views

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  1. McMaster’s interview was ……. When I heard that the President viewed his speech at the UN to be “an opportunity to reach so many world leaders at the same time”… I knew that we wouldn’t learn much from the interview. All world leaders get to hear every single word that the President utters either in speech or script as soon as it’s on the air. They are “reached”.

    He dodged the pointed questions that Wallace asked about what the President could or would do about North Korea and Iran. Since we can’t expect the US to reveal it’s secret plans just for our “dose of satisfaction for the day”, we know little or nothing more now than we did before the interview.

    I notice as time goes on, the President is learning to frown and purse his lips for the camera in an increasingly Presidential manner.

  2. Making sure to say Islamic terrorism is the loyalty oath required to make sure a person is committed to fighting terrorism is superficial and infantile.

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