Israel’s African asylum seekers

T. Belman.  Like most of you, I want Israel to succeed in expelling the infiltrators from Eritrea and Sudan. I never gave it a moment’s thought, at least not until my daughter raked me over the coals for being so heartless. She got involved in the cause of helping them stay in part because her two daughters used to play with two Eritrean girls, Murit 12 and Yerus 5 every day for years.  Murit’s mother carried her on her back 8 years ago from Eritrea to get here and Yerus was born here.

Whenever I visited her apartment in South Tel Aviv these two girls were there. Often they would stay for supper or I would take the four girls out for ice cream. My daughter tells me that they are not in danger of being expelled. That treatment is reserved for males without dependants in Israel.

We like to think that they are economic migrants and no doubt some are. Recently I read that they ran away from Eritrea because they wanted to avoid the draft. I thought that’s no reason for granting asylum but in this case perhaps it is.  Being drafted commits you to a lifetime of forced service for men and women.

Read what Irwin Cotler has to say and let me know what you think.

By Irwin Cotler, TOI

Israel is home to nearly 40,000 African asylum seekers and migrants – of whom some 72 percent are Eritrean and 20 percent Sudanese – some of whom began to arrive as early as 2005. At the time, asylum seekers from these two countries – both of which are dictatorships that brutally repress their populations and violate their human rights – began to arrive in Canada.

As a Canadian member of Parliament, I chaired the All-Party Save Darfur Parliamentary Coalition, founded in 2003, where we documented the Darfurian genocide and the subsequent ethnic cleansing and mass atrocities perpetrated by the Khartoum regime, and where most Darfurians from this killing field received asylum in Canada.

 Equally, the Eritreans fled a country which has been characterized as the “North Korea of Africa,” and where National Service can be tantamount to indefinite slave labour. The Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on International Human Rights – where I served as vice chair – held hearings into the human rights situation in Eritrea, with witness testimony and evidence documenting the major human rights violations perpetrated by this dictatorial regime. Some 97 percent of Eritrean asylum seekers received refugee status in Canada.

I write as the Israeli authorities have begun handing out deportation notices pursuant to the government’s “Infiltration Law” adopted by the Israeli Knesset in December, and where deportations are due to begin in March 2018. As of this writing, women, children under 18, and families — as well as Darfurians who have received protected status (some 600) — will not be deported.

When the Darfurians and Eritreans first started to arrive in 2006-8, Israel initially did the right thing in granting them temporary protected status, understanding that deportation would amount to a violation of its obligations under the International Refugee Convention, which Israel had ratified and the adoption of which it had championed in 1951.

However, as the arrivals continued to increase, with the numbers rising to a high of 2,000 per month in 2011, the apprehension grew of African asylum seekers as a security and demographic threat. The political and public discourse dramatically changed with them now characterized as “infiltrators” — “mistanenim” in Hebrew — which was as prejudicial as it was pre-judgmental in effectively predetermining a status which had yet to be determined. That rhetoric began to worsen as the numbers grew, with the “infiltrators” now being increasingly referred to as “criminals” and “predators” – and by government officials, even as a “cancer” – all designed to “make their lives miserable so that they will want to leave,” as one government minister put it at the time.

Indeed, as I testified before a Knesset committee in 2011, Israeli political leaders — who should have known better — were then engaging in ongoing incitement against asylum seekers that was designed to stigmatize, criminalize and expel, rather than evaluate and properly determine their status according to law. Moreover, the situation of asylum seekers/migrants was further mishandled from the beginning by the dispatch of them to south Tel Aviv where the infrastructure was already crumbling before their arrival – rather than any equitable dispersal around the country – and where the increasing “criminalization” of these asylum seekers only served to incite the otherwise neglected Israelis in South Tel Aviv against them. I myself have made many visits to south Tel Aviv over the years, and I acknowledge and appreciate the pain and fear that besets many of these residents. But this could — and should — have been avoided by not sending the asylum seekers to South Tel Aviv to begin with, by not inciting against them, by instituting a proper refugee determination process, and by respecting — rather than restricting — their right to access employment and social services until such time as their asylum request could be properly processed — which has still yet to be done.

The completion of the construction of a wall in 2013 effectively brought an end to the “infiltration.” Indeed, not one African asylum seeker arrived in 2017, and none since May 2016. But the notion that they are a security and demographic threat had been seriously embedded and still remains. Indeed, the political and public discourse characterizing them as infiltrators still remains as well, and with all its attending prejudice and predetermination. And most importantly, no fair, effective, and efficient refugee status determination process (RSD) has yet been established (I have some familiarity with such a process, as it was set up in Canada during the period where I served as Minister of Justice and attorney general, and where I then recommended it to Israel at the same time that the initial arrivals of Sudanese and Eritreans were taking place in Israel as they were in Canada.)

Regrettably, the refugee status determination system established in Israel made it unduly difficult to even make an application, took an inordinate amount of time to get an answer, and when the answer came it was invariably negative, as evidenced by the fact that only some 10 asylum seekers — nine Eritreans and one Darfurian – have received refugee status. Accordingly, of the some 40,000 African asylum seekers, fewer than 15,000 have been able to submit claims since the RSD process began (since 2011-2012). Of the 15,000 claims presented, fewer than a third have actually been reviewed, and the 10 asylum seekers who have been recognized as refugees were so recognized only after a long and protracted battle in Israel’s courts. In a word, this statistic represents the lowest number of asylum seekers recognized as refugees in the Western world. Again, to compare Israel with the same Western demographic: 97 percent of Eritrean asylum seekers who applied for a refugee status in Canada received it, and the European Union has recognized asylum claims from 90 percent of Eritreans who applied for refugee status. The Israeli acceptance rate is 0.056%.

In addition to the unjust and unfair refugee determination process, the Israeli government has taken a series of ever-increasing measures to make the lives of African Asylum seekers/migrants in Israel harsh and difficult. It is particularly alarming that in this context:

  • No rights (social, labour, health) accompany African visa holders in Israel;
  • Though African migrants are not officially forbidden from working, the mention on their visa that “this is not a work permit” makes their employment situation unstable and often precarious, even as many are working in restaurants, construction, and cleaning positions that are helpful for Israelis and the Israeli economy;
  • A deposit law that came into effect in May 19, 2017 makes the situation of the African Asylum seeker/migrant all the more challenging, because 20% of their already meager salaries are seized by the government — returnable to them only when they leave — while also obliging their Israeli employers to pay an extra 16% of taxes, even if they employ 2 A5 (humanitarian) visa holders;
  • As of 2012-2013, Israel had declared it had negotiated removal agreements with two African countries. Those who agreed to leave Israel voluntary for these countries (commonly known to be Uganda and Rwanda) were given $3,500, and Israel will reportedly pay $5,000 to the receiving government;
  • While Israeli authorities report that receiving governments have committed to providing African migrants arriving from Israel with protective status while facilitating their integration, researchers and witness testimony as well as my own examination have shown that the receiving countries have provided neither status nor protection for the African migrants arriving from Israel. Indeed, most of the Africans have had to leave, and many have suffered abuse and worse in their attempts to seek safety and security elsewhere.

This is what should — and can — be done:

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  1. Yeah, this kind of idiot strategy worked out so well for the Roman emperor Valens. Note that the Visigoths were fellow Christians:

    …who sacked Rome 34 years later.

    ““money now used to finance prisons, detention centers, and deportation logistics and payoffs can be reallocated to fight crime, improve housing, infrastructure, and public services in south Tel Aviv. This policy would provide some compensation to south Tel Aviv residents for the burden caused by placing large numbers of African asylum-seekers in their neighborhoods without a plan and against their will.”

    Better idea: Deport the infiltrators so the burden vanishes, take the money now used on prisons, etc. in compensation, and spend it on the needy in your own population.

  2. @ yamit82:

    Every time our Arab enemies are engaged in a blood bath against each other is a cause for celebration in Jerusalem… Every dead Arab is one less to be a threat to the Jews in Israel.

  3. Felix Quigley Said:

    You ARE responsible for ISIS, as is Ross, as is Ted for his silence then, and others. Yamit and Ross joined together in a kind of fake play act. They were acting together in a kind of fake comic sketch. They were saying about the Arab Spring which I saw as the incipient Fascism (not then called ISIS) but it was ISIS in the making. The main line of Ross and Yamit then was that this is GOOD for Israel. It is chaos they said. The enemies of Israel are gutting each other.

    Still Out take on Egypt holds….The alternative was a Government of the Muslim Brotherhood and they had plans to Invade Syria against Assad. the Coup the Army nixed that idea and dumped the idiot supported by Obama. You AH was in favor of keeping the MB in power and that almost certainly meant a war sooner or later with Egypt…..under MB rule…. They were also blood brothers with Hamas a MB offshoot. Top that off they were beginning to draw closer to Iran and all that entailed. I hate to keep reminding you that you are really stupid.

    Ross and Yamit82 had no consideration WHATSOEVER for the plight of important minorities in Syria, especially the Yazedis, the Alawites, the Christians and of course the Kurds were bound to be destroyed in Syria if ISIS and US Govts had prevailed.

    What stood in their way? Was it Israel? NO!

    It was Assad aided by Russia.

    I think the Yazedis are in Iraq not Syria… Alawites very small minority aligned with the Assad tribe and are a sect of Shia Muslims/Iran. The christians and Kurds? Not that many christians left in Syria and under Assad treated like 3rd class citizens…. The Kurds were always supported by Israel, sometimes by America and they are deserving of autonomy… They are not Arabs and have legitimate nationalist and territorial claims unlike Assad.

    Assad has butchered bombed and gassed over 500K civilians with Russian Help… That makes both under International law war criminals…. Nobody will take them to court but destroying both are legitimate and moral acts if anyone had the guts which they don’t. ISIS was brutal but never a serious military threat to any reasonable standing army….. Keeping them alive and confined to Syria meant they would oppose Iran, Assad and their Russian invaders and no real threat to israel or anyone else….. They were a block on Iranian expansion and hegemony in the region and the yjr elimination of ISIS has led to a vacuum allowing russian to extend her presence and influence along with Iran and hezbollah…. They are the real existential threats to Israel that isis never was….. Now because of the idiot Trump’s sole focus on defeating ISIS the Russians and Iran have presented Israel it’s most dangerous existential threat since the creation of Israel in 1948….. I don;t give a shit about minorities in syria or Iraq they except the kurds are no less our enemy than ISIS more so because they have between them over 300K deadly missiles aimed at every square inch of israel and we have no real answer of defense against being hit by 10k-30k missiles every day and with some armered with poison gas and bio warheads…. So Feix your choices and heroes are the worst of the worst scum and mass murderers…. In the next coming war Israel will have no choice but to employ nukes against syria and Lebanon maybe even Iran and Russia…. your true anti israel and anti semitic face and positions are duly exposed….. A true Commie to the end.

    Coptics in Egypt hate jews more than the Muslims and led all of the Pogroms and blood libels against the Jews of Egypt… I shed no tears over their plight nor do I accept any responsibility for them,… they have 2 billion Catholics and the Pope for that…. none of my business I refuse to indulge in the “Mercy Of Fools”

  4. @ Sebastien Zorn:

    I didn’t think that Israelis were actually IN Syria, but allowed them to be brought into Israel, across the border for treatment. More than 5,000 until now, according to the reports.

  5. @ Felix Quigley:
    The IDF is providing real humanitarian aid in Syria, and doing it in such a way as to bolster Israel’s security at the same time. How’s that for genius. Genius with heart. This article is from last year, in fact.

    That’s the real question that the world must be continually forced to face: How can these Israelis be so wonderful? How is it possible for such a people to be so admirable? What’s the secret? How can we be more like them? What can we do to help them?

    Answer: Genesis 12:3 New King James Version (NKJV)
    3 I will bless those who bless you,
    And I will curse him who curses you;
    And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

  6. You ARE responsible for ISIS, as is Ross, as is Ted for his silence then, and others. Yamit and Ross joined together in a kind of fake play act. They were acting together in a kind of fake comic sketch. They were saying about the Arab Spring which I saw as the incipient Fascism (not then called ISIS) but it was ISIS in the making. The main line of Ross and Yamit then was that this is GOOD for Israel. It is chaos they said. The enemies of Israel are gutting each other.

    Ross and Yamit82 had no consideration WHATSOEVER for the plight of important minorities in Syria, especially the Yazedis, the Alawites, the Christians and of course the Kurds were bound to be destroyed in Syria if ISIS and US Govts had prevailed.

    What stood in their way? Was it Israel? NO!

    It was Assad aided by Russia.

    I said then and still say that Israel get totally involved in defeating ISIS and the Arab Spring and all its evils. Strike a relationship with el Sisi of Egypt and Russia and Assad on the understanding that Iran and Hezbollah (both Nazis) be TOTALLY excluded.

    These two fakers who ran the comment section of Israpundit at that time rubbished that in the most despicable manner. Others on Israpundit backed them up of course.

    It did not have to develop like it did.

    There is no independent leadership whatsoever in Israel. Israel is the antithesis of leadership.

    When I saw Coptic Christian mainly YOUNG workers being marched along that beach in Libya to be butchered on the neck I thought of that discussion on Israpundit and my hatred for Yamit82 and Ross has grown immeasurably.

  7. @ Bear Klein:

    No citizenship, no political rights like voting, immediate deportation for Any violation of our laws, no welfare payments or any entitlements and limited work permits…. If they are Muslims or christians then deport them. after 12 years with clean records and deemed no threat to the state they may apply for citizenship till then only Temp resident status.

  8. I am very curious to know other people here think of the following. Let the kids who came here when young stay,( who are basically Hebrew speakers with Israeli culture)?

    Jewish Agency to Deri: halt deportation of migrants who arrived as minors
    Iatmar Eichner|Published: 02.27.18 , 18:15
    The Jewish Agency is calling on Interior Minister Aryeh Deri not to deport 500 Africans who arrived in Israel as minors and attended youth villages. “These youngsters were raised in an Israeli environment and have absorbed Israeli culture, speak Hebrew fluently and are faithful to the state,” the message said.?

  9. Felix Quigley Said:

    And I know little about Ethiopia and also know little about Eritrea,

    know that it was here that hominids got on their feet. Because it was sunny there they were likely dark skinned which your resident black colour racist on Israpundit will not like a lot. But when I see Israpundit attacking the country talking about the “plight”

    WOW because it was sunny there? Didn’t know till you just mentioned it that east Africa was the only sunny place on earth???? You are a wealth of unscientific BS Felix… But then you are a dumb Commie so we can’t expect much more from you.

    Modern man went on to replace and breed with indigenous populations, including Neanderthals, in the Middle East, Western Asia and Europe. As a result of the interbreeding, most human beings have between 1 percent to 4% Neanderthal DNA. I think Felix is 90% Neanderthal and 10% Commie LOL Haaaaa

    Absent positive evidence of their achievements, it is logical to presume Commies are stupid.

    Groups, including nations, are different from each other. Their competition fosters social evolution and progress. In the process, some groups along with failed ideologies die out.

  10. Felix Quigley Said:

    Is your daughter insisting that these girls and family have a patriotic position towards their Homeland which is the historic land called Eritrea, which I presume is also the place where hominids (such as Lucy) first emerged.

    Are they patriotic to their Homeland. If not there is a grave problem. If your daughter is not fighting for that concept with this family then that is the source of a grave problem.

    Says an Irishman self exiled and living for many years in Spain???? Felix look up the definition of Hypocrisy !!! Haaaaa

  11. Felix Quigley Said:

    Yamit82 along with this bastard Ross I insist caused the rise of ISIS,

    Yes, I must admit I am responsible for the rise of ISIS !!! LOL They all take orders from only me and I have given orders to all my guys to catch Quigley and off his head….. Geez U R a weird Commie dude!!!!

  12. And I know little about Ethiopia and also know little about Eritrea, but I do know the Brits were involved in Eritrea and anything they touch well we know the disaster that awaits. But I did always follow the work of Don Johannson and know that it was here that hominids got on their feet. Because it was sunny there they were likely dark skinned which your resident black colour racist on Israpundit will not like a lot. But when I see Israpundit attacking the country talking about the “plight” of these two girls and the Economist sticking the boot in then I start to ask questions. Is the US also involved? probably!

  13. This is the elephant in the room in this discussion so I address Ted Belman about his daughter and what is her attitude to these children, mother, and husband etcetera.

    Is your daughter insisting that these girls and family have a patriotic position towards their Homeland which is the historic land called Eritrea, which I presume is also the place where hominids (such as Lucy) first emerged.

    Are they patriotic to their Homeland. If not there is a grave problem. If your daughter is not fighting for that concept with this family then that is the source of a grave problem.

    It is strange that not one person on this website is stressing this aspect.

    It is essential that these girls return first of all and that they volunteer a love for their Homeland and that they work for their Homeland. How can they do that in Israel?

    What would be the attitude of the daughter of Ted to these things (since he brought her into the discussion)

    And that rather than encouraging their patriotism the opposite is happening on this site,. That is running down Eritrea.

  14. Yet in fairness there was good analysis of the inroads into Jewish nationalism made by our common enemy, which is the same thing happening in every country of Europe and America too. So one listens, learns, even from Israpundit. The broken clock being right etcetera.

  15. Yamit82 along with this bastard Ross I insist caused the rise of ISIS, because I know for a fact and is in the record fo Israpundit, that they stated “What is there not to like?” as they made fun of me who was insisting that the chaos that they were advocating would lead to great problems, that is the same kind of chaos that existed in the rise of Hitler. You people on Israpundit, every one of you including Ted Belman, have not the slightest idea of what Fascism is, and you have no idea following on from that of how to fight Fascism. What a narrow minded bunch! But I cannot go into it now because I am BUSY (there is a life outside of Israpundit) but the key points about nation that I introduced were not so much obscured as simply written out.

  16. The central point not taken up is that the enemies of Israel in that video of some two minutes long are pointing to the ground of Israel and saying that there are no states and thereby no borders. The fact that that is not taken up is due to the peculiar politics of Yamit82 and the inability of anybody to challenge him, except for me, which is why he has always hated me grievously. He also hates my Irishness because he likes to say that only Israel has nationalism. That is tghe key point covered over here.

  17. Yamit 82 you make a reference to BLACK and you put BLACK into capital letters. What are you getting at? Skin colour is only a matter of well nothing really and if I am not wrong you are a white racist.

  18. @ Bear Klein:

    I hadn’t thought it out that far. Of course you’re right, even going back 5 years there are bound to have been some deaths. And there are some who’ll never return, and could already be subtracted from the total, except they never tell the Ministry. Pew didn’t mention the criteria under which they made their calculations.

  19. @ Edgar G.:
    Numbers are hard to figure as they count back who knows how many years. Some naturally will have died. Some move back. Some move back and forth.

  20. @ yamit82:

    I am curious about this and just checked. I saw that in 2011 there was an “estimated” 1 million Israelis living abroad. a year later Pew did a detailed study of the situation and concluded that there were 330,000 Israelis living abroad of whom 230,000 were Jews. So it’s abit fuzzy, unless there are more recent official figures. I wonder what the Govt. dept says about it??

  21. @ yamit82:

    I think those mutants have not mutated yet, in this case upwards…(being an either up or down possibility) they are still the degraded half-wits with a heavy dose of of larceny, as they have always been.

  22. @ yamit82:

    I think it must have been the Jews who spread that…along with whatever else they were spreading when they were tilling the land……No I shouldn’t have said that because THOSE Jews were the REAL thing …proud, stalwart Jews working for the Jewish People.. . Not like today, all wanting to be potbellied “machers” lining up to get a handshake fun dem Prazidant., mit maybe to heng on the vall a picksher….efsher….

    Metaphorically speaking of course.

  23. Edgar G. Said:


    The fear of being considered as racist is used as blackmail against our political leaders …. One must consider they all love to travel and shop freely on 5th Ave and Rodeo Drive…. etc…… They all survive on political donations from rich American and some European supporters… Racism charges = the plague for these mutants.

  24. Edgar G. Said:

    About the Black Hebrews …their leader and “founder” died just recently aged 75. And the “several K you mention are exactly 5,600 to date..being polygamists

    nobody knows exactly how many… they come and go back and forth to chicago, they have their own compounds their own schools and their own public budgets…. They were given permanent residency ….. So why not real Africans and More Arab Muslims??/ We have already established precedent. 😛

    Who spread the lie that Jews are smart?

  25. @ yamit82:

    There is also about a million ex pat Israelis living permanently outside of israel still counted in our census as israelis because they have visited israel at least once in 5 years so that would decrease our majority to barely over 55%

  26. @ yamit82:

    About the Black Hebrews …their leader and “founder” died just recently aged 75. And the “several K you mention are exactly 5,600 to date..being polygamists….against Israeli (unenforced) law .all derived from a few tourists who refused to be deported was living in Israel at the time the govt was trying to make them leave….like limp handshakes they were, afraid to just grab them by the neck and shove them on a plane. ONE aeroplane would have had ample room to take them all.


    And let’s not forget the (nomadic) Bedouin, the immortal less than 8000 who were caught in the Negev when Israel declared the State 70 years ago… They now amount to over 420,000 all over Israel particularly in Negev and Galilee. By courtesy of being polygamists of course, and again, against Israeli (unenforced) laws.

  27. @ honeybee:

    Jews are becoming a minority in their own land….. We have about 500K non Jewish Slavs….and over 30% other non Jews like Muslims, Christians, Druze and other non Jewish ethnicities giving the Jews somewhere in the high 60’s% majority today.

  28. @ yamit82:
    I always believe that Israel was to be the one place in the World for Jews and Jews alone. With all the problems in Europe , Jews are soon to be refugees from persecution.

  29. @ Ted Belman:

    Pls save us from the stinking LIBERAL fools like Cotler….. If we had listened and followed his stupid advice we would have ceased to exist long ago, He is more an enemy than a friend……. Very dangerous jerk.

  30. @ Hugo Schmidt-Fischer:

    Well said Hugo!!

    In addition my thoughts are:

    A- Most are not legitimate asylum seekers but economic migrants….Most are males …with no skills beneficial to a modern Western society and economy.

    B- It’s impossible to traverse Egypt and all of Sinai without the aid and assistance of the Egyptian government.

    C- Bribes had to be paid all along their route to Israel…. Who paid them and why?

    D- It’s impossible to ascertain who the invaders are and what is their actual status. There is no reason to take their word on this matter.

    E- Illegal jobs they secure are mostly on the acct. of poor Israelis and Israeli Arabs. Also on the acct. of imported legal workers from the territories. Imported Arab workers with all the security problems do not get to stay in Israel but return to their homes daily or at weekends… Africans stay creating social economic and personal security to the Israeli citizenry.

    Instead of being an economic benefit to Israel they are a drain of scarce resources better used for the needs and benefit of israelis most in need. Refugees in all other countries like jordan and lebanon and turkey receive $billions in aid funds from UN and donations from NGO’s and nation donors. Israel receives nothing.

    Israel can receive and accomodate a few hundred real asylum seeks but not in the tens and hundreds of thousands…. That’s madness for such a small country with the security problems and needs like israel has.

    F– I don’t give a damn how the world treated Jews in desperation in late thirties and forties…. If i wasn’t a Jew I would certainly understand and even agree with most of their anti Jewish immigration positions as stated in the “Evian Conference”…. If there had been no enforced “White Paper” most of the Jews would have survived Hitler. Biggest Villain was not the combined anti Jewish immigrants policy but the stinking Jew hating Brits.

    G– Lastly Israel is meant to be a uniquely Jewish country and we have a right and duty to ensure that it remains so now and in the future and that means limiting those who come here are those who reside here are both jewish and not a threat to us demographically, economically beneficial to the whole country and are not a real or potential security risk.

    H- while we are on this subject we have here in Dimona and Arad several K Black Heeb cutists from America that should have been both deported and barred from entry now it’s too late due to the political cowardice of past Israeli governments more afraid of black backlash against American jews and the fear the goyim would label us as (Oy) RACISTS!!! In that context we should welcome such a label and distinction ….. ScreW them then and screw them now!!!!

  31. Email received.

    This is my response to Cotler:

    It is hard to avoid the suspicion that an agenda underlies the attribution by some of a racial bias underlying Israel’s efforts to end infiltration, and also to the insane conflation with Anne Frank and “Never Again”, which refers to a government policy created and carried expressly for genocidal extermination of a people?

    Cotler conveniently avoids mentioning that the mostly Muslim Africans who entered Israel in violation of Israel’s immigration laws chose not to look for safety in nearby African and/or Muslim countries. What does this say about how Africans view their brethren and their co-religionists? Assuming the moral need to take a stand is imperative, why doesn’t Cotler insist that the United Nations take steps to improve the conditions under which so many Africans live?

    Jews have only one tiny country, which faces unique, existentially serious threats. Israel cannot afford and cannot ameliorate the problems of illegals who bring with them the political and cultural problems of their often tragically dysfunctional continent.

  32. You know this is largely the fault of the likes of Netanyahu. He spent years traipsing around African countries selling Israel. They must have been sniggering at him. You know how hard nosed these African rulers are. What would have impressed them would be every one of these illegals sent on their way inside of 48 hours. Hasbara is really a joke! Hasbara is action and that is the kind of Hasbara that you cannot buy, and is almost for nothing cheap.

  33. @ Hugo Schmidt-Fischer:

    In the first study into the impact of national service in Eritrea, Professor Gaim Kibreab, of London South Bank University, interviewed 215 former conscripts. They served an average of six and a half years, although some were in uniform for more than twice as long, before escaping abroad. “The government has held the youth hostage,” said one. “You cannot reconstruct a country on forced labour.” Others described “cruel and corrupt” camp commanders who “demand sexual favours” and threaten to kill conscripts who do not follow orders.

    Why believe Kibreab?

    Where did he meet with these ex conscripts? Proof they were?

    Perhaps this is a load of bull from the Economist!

    What is wrong with enforced conscription? Did Lenin and Trotsky not have it? Was the Brit war on the Irish full of goodness and light? The Black and Tans where were they recruited from…from the Brit prisons!!!

    All these in Israel who are illegal entry immigrants must be removed at once and that is especially the children who have more time to do terrible damage.

    Surely there is a gateway possible down in Sinai near Egypt…instruct the Govts to have pickups ready.

    I blame the Israeli Government totally for this.

    The children must go first. It is exactly the children who can contribute most to their former countries so tell them to have their pickups ready.

    (Note I do not blame the Israeli Government exclusively I also blame all others too especially Merkel)

  34. @ Hugo Schmidt-Fischer:
    Why do you say their “plight” is understood? So what learned sources have you consulted in making your claim that their “plight” is understood?

    Sounds like more manure from a Israpundit commenter…And what has their “plight” to do with Israelis? Anyway?

  35. @ yamit82:

    100% right on the money. Couldn’t agree more. I wonder what would have happened if the Israel govt. didn’t have such tight gun control, preventing citizens from acquiring weapons for defence. The number pf people owning guns both legal and illegal are 4.1 per 100 and the number of licenced gun owners is 2.13 per 100. So the people are practically defenceless.

    The Americans own 101 guns per 100 people, and the EU countries own from a low of 8.3 to over 30 guns per 100 people. The Arab countries own from about 14 to around 28 guns per 100 people Jordan with 18 guns per 100 sounds like a real threat if the IDF had to fight, say from house to house, tomorrow.

  36. @ Edgar G.:

    In a normal country the suffering natives would have inflicted serius bodily damage on the BLACK Scourge/Plague…..We are not normal and that’s our Achilles Heel … The governments primary obligation is to the legal citizens of the state not gate crashing barbarians looking for substantial handouts of a welfare state and by their standards a comfortable life… We owe them nothing and a normal people would have sent them back over the border where they invaded us from:….. the Egyptian border.


    Israelis Want Africans Out

  37. Eritrea required all religious groups to register but refused to register any except Sunni Islam and the Eritrean Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Evangelical (Lutheran) churches.

    Which religion or religions are the Eritreans in Israel?

    Since Israel is willing to pay to have these people go to a third country not Eritrea I think keeping more than a small select few should be made to go. They were not invited and are making life difficult for many Israelis. Israel is too small and if all were allowed to stay the future population explosion of these people could be an even worse issue. Israel needs NO more Muslims who are likely to take the enemies side at some point.

  38. “Kids are cure”…yes they are… but they rarely, actually never grow up cute…. And if they are Muslim they are potential time bombs. I know this Cotler and one needs only to look at his PR photo at the top of this article to see that he’s a typical American-style, Super-Liberal bean-head. Yes I know he’s a Canadian but he’s the same type..Canada has them too, as today’s Canadian Govt. amply shows. .The kind who serves only in high offices, who arrived from academic surroundings, and knows damn-all about what really goes on down below on the ground.

    The facts remain facts. Has anyone figured out how and why, a flood of healthy Eritreans has descended on Canada, nearly 8,000 miles away from Eritrea……????? Think….. All this obviously had to have been organised, and it cost multi-millions, believe me. How else could they have been steered to Canada except through a planned descent on the country with the weakest and most Politically Correct policies ((AND STUPID- SUICIDAL AS A NATION.)) in the world (except now the EU) and the most liberal, flowing with riches they freely give away to strangers. They passed by dozens of countries where they would have been not welcome exactly, but which would accept them at least on a temporary basis until they had been settled or re-allocated elsewhere by the proper UN Agency..Still thousands of miles away from Canada. Think about it…..

    As for Israel the same situation has happened. Those so-called refugees by-passed or went through several countries where they could have stayed, on at least the same terms as I suggest above, until the World Refugee Organisations could get a handle on the situation. But they had to come to Israel, which again, since they were smuggled in, must have been done by an organisation, and cost many millions to achieve. That they are mostly Muslim, and have descended rapidly into very serious criminality makes it 10 times worse.

    Who puts up the money,……., where does it come from….?? It smells like George Soros, The NIF, and one or the other of those monsters who seriously and daily plan Israel’s downfall, and perhaps the rest of the Western World also.

  39. Ted, the plight of these people is clearly understood. Though, whatever the solution might be, one thing is certain. It is impossible to accept Mr. Kotler’s recommendations brought above. His article provides a disingenuous view of the situation. His assertions are not to be trusted.

    In particular, it is known that even in countries where Eritreans do succeed and obtain work permits, their labor participation rate is about 5%, and it does not improve over the years. Their crime rates are also frightening. Shockingly, once they receive residency permits in their host countries. Eritreans, periodically visit their home country for frequent holidays, putting to lie their claim of being persecuted.

    Western countries are a living proof of a failed immigration policy. Thus the fact that 90% or 99% of Eritreans receive asylum in the West is most certainly not proof that Israel’s acceptance rate of 1% must be wrong… Mr. Kotler, you are wrong.

    On the other hand, Eritrean’s are badgered by their Government. Eritrean foreign embassies keep track of their expats, and they are pressured to remit a percentage of their social security benefits and earnings back to their government. But with 28% of Israelis living under the poverty line, such transfer payments to a vile regime are a waste Israel cannot afford.

    Israelis did not acquire their good life as a free check. Their grandparents had to fight for it, as many young Israelis have to in the Army today. If Eritreans want a piece of that fortune, they must fight for freedom in their own country as well.

    That Eritreans are unwilling to commit to civil achievements can be seen in what they wrought in South Tel-Aviv. The central station may have been a blight when they arrived, but it was never the cesspool they made of it. So then it is only fair they are forced to leave.

    Which leaves us with the heartbreaking issue of the sweet toddlers. If they are Christian, or Buddhist, I guess it is manageable. These children may one day assimilate into Western culture. But if they belong to the third of Eritreans who are Muslim, or if they are Somalis, they will never integrate. So to belong to this great Western society, you must adhere to its culture. Sign up to a church or ashram or who knows become Jewish. Otherwise, the option is offered to take the $3’500 golden handshake and leave for Rwanda.

    Yes, those kids in the picture are cute. However, that is not in itself sufficient for them to stay. My heart also goes out to Israeli babies who one day will grow up. They should not be made to suffer as victims of homicide or rape or theft. They should not be made to support unemployed migrants.

    Israel’s citizens are already forced to carry so much burdens. Israelis have to deal with an inefficient bureaucracy, a socialist legacy, ensuing corruption, low incomes and above all cruel enemies. Enough.