Israel’s #MeToo Stalinists celebrate their victory


After denying the Kohelet Policy Forum its chief donor, far-left activists have trained their sights on the Tikvah Fund.

By Caroline Glick, JNS

Campaigners against Israel’s Netanyahu government scored a notable victory on Aug. 4. After a six-month demonization, defamation and harassment campaign against the Kohelet Policy Forum and its chief donor, Arthur Dantchik, Dantchik, a Philadelphia businessman, announced that he was ending his support for the conservative Jerusalem think tank.

Moshe Koppel, a Bar-Ilan University professor, founded Kohelet a decade ago as a full-spectrum policy think tank. Like its opposites on the left, Kohelet has developed policies on legal reform, economics, education and welfare. Its scholars work closely with like-minded policymakers to advance their policies in government ministries and the Knesset.

In March, Kohelet became the target of a demonization campaign the likes of which Israel has never seen. Its offices were barricaded and vandalized. Its leaders were assaulted on the streets and in restaurants, and were subjected to noisy demonstrations at their homes in pre-dawn riots. Israel Defense Forces Brig. Gen. (res.) Nehemia Dagan called for the military “neutralization” of Kohelet, describing its funders as “Jews of the kind upon which the antisemitic ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ was based.”

Dantchik, whose funding enabled Koppel to establish Kohelet, was subjected to a prolonged, no-holds-barred campaign in Philadelphia.

Yaya Fink is a professional far-left political activist and failed two-time Knesset candidate. Until this year, he served as the CEO of Darkenu, a dark-money leftist pressure group that is associated with continuous efforts to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Darkenu’s billionaire funder Kobi Richter proclaimed Saturday in a radio interview that the left will succeed in its anti-government campaign because it controls the military and the economy. It will destroy the economy to force Netanyahu to comply with its demands, he added.

Fink is a central figure in the anti-government campaign. He hosted an Aug. 8 Zoom conference with more than 1,000 participants to celebrate the victory over Dantchik and Kohelet. Conference speakers were key actors behind the operation.

“We cut off their oxygen”

The event opener was Eran Nissan, who leads a digital leftist outfit called “Strengthening.” Nissan initiated a campaign to demonize Kohelet three years ago and his operation was the basis for the left’s successful operation this year.

“If you want to understand in one word what the Kohelet Forum is, Kohelet Forum is the right’s brain,” proclaimed Nissan, sporting a black T-shirt with “FCKBNGVR” (“f*** Ben-Gvir,” referring to Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir) emblazoned in red and white.

Basking in the success of the campaign he spearheaded, Nissan bragged, “We shut off their funding, or to put it more bluntly, the brain of the right had a stroke because we cut off their oxygen.”

The left’s demonization campaign had done its job. “Kohelet has turned into a poisonous brand, in large part because of the protests, and very much owing to the media,” said Nissan.

By demonizing Kohelet, Fink and his comrades made Dantchik embarrassed to be associated with it.

But while Kohelet has been turned into a pariah, it remains a danger because “their ideas haven’t disappeared,” Nissan warned. “We have to keep sharp eyes focused on Kohelet and see what happens to this whole ecosystem.” He fingered the conservative Tikvah Fund, “Kohelet’s big sister,” as the next target.

Creating a monster

Shany Granot Lubaton, a fresh-faced, veteran far-left political operative in Israel who now works for J Street in New York, spoke next.

Granot Lubaton organized the anti-government demonstrations in New York in May that saw expatriate Israelis ambushing, harassing and at times assaulting government ministers and senior Knesset members, who were in New York to participate in the Celebrate Israel Parade on Fifth Avenue.

Those demonstrations brought Granot Lubaton to center stage, but she has led the left’s anti-government operations in the United States since February. She also organized the slander and harassment campaign against Dantchik.

In the Zoom conference, she gushed with pride. “How great is it to see so many people here who want to celebrate and hear about our victory,” she said. “It’s something we need to mark and revel in.”

Granot Lubaton said she had identified Kohelet as “the enemy” in 2016, when she worked as a parliamentary assistant to then-opposition leader Shelly Yachimovich. “I saw how the lobbyists from Kohelet were present in every discussion against us,” she said.

When anti-government protests began in Israel, Granot Lubaton saw an opportunity to go after donors who enable groups like Kohelet and the Tikvah Fund to think their “wrong” thoughts and discuss them in public.

She organized a group of leftist Israeli expatriates in Philadelphia, who demonstrated three times a week outside Dantchik’s home, synagogue and offices, and at an intersection near his house.

“I had to fire them up, to bring them the light. But what can I say? I created a monster,” she bragged, rolling with laughter.

Granot Lubaton’s campaign against Dantchik included a full-page, derogatory ad against him in the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent. She shied away from taking credit for the ad, but proclaimed that with the ad, “We moved tectonic plates in the Jewish community of Philadelphia.”

The ad also helped “infiltrate” Dantchik’s circles and persuade him that supporting Kohelet “isn’t worth the trouble. He’s better off walking away,” she said.

Her group’s success in “breaking a billionaire’s soul” whet her appetite, and the next targets, she insisted, must be everyone associated with Kohelet—intellectuals and donors.

“We have a lot more work to defame them, to shame their people,” she said. She added that intellectuals affiliated with Kohelet “are in all the government ministries, in negotiations rooms. And the goal remains transforming Kohelet into a brand that people are embarrassed to have on their resumes.”

“I know someone who resigned from Kohelet with a top salary, because he understood it harms him professionally and he’s better off not to be mixed up in this thing,” she added, smiling broadly. “This is a great achievement of the protest. … And I think that this is a very important thing to do.”

Donors need to see Dantchik’s fate as a cautionary tale, according to Granot Lubaton. “If you give money to someone that undertakes the regime coup in Israel, we will destroy your lives,” she said. “Don’t mess with us.”

Like Nissan, Granot Lubaton said the Tikvah Fund is next on her target list. Among its many activities, the fund translates and publishes conservative books and publishes the Hebrew-language, intellectual journal Hashiloach.

In Granot Lubaton’s telling, Tikvah “funds book publishing,” and it “prints the most extreme policy papers in Israel.” So it must be destroyed. “We’ll do everything possible to push them back and prevent them from taking Israel apart,” she said.

“Like a military operation”

The next speaker was Eyal Naveh, whose Brothers in Arms group operates as the shock troops of the left’s political warfare campaign. Brothers in Arms is behind most of the violent attacks on government ministers, members of Knesset, ultra-Orthodox Jews and conservative intellectuals.

The group used barbed wire and garbage to barricade Kohelet’s offices in March—a criminal act that received so much support in the media that it catapulted the campaign against the think tank onto the national stage. Naveh said the assault was geared towards foreign audiences, to help demonize Dantchik.

“We planned it like a military operation. It went over great from a media coverage perspective,” he said. “We knew what we wanted to accomplish.” He added that the group wrote its banners in English and had English speakers on hand “because we had a clear goal of helping the people in the United States.”

Naveh joined the others in proclaiming the war against Kohelet ongoing. They have already prepared a harassment campaign against Aviad Bakshi, who heads Kohelet’s legal department. Justice Minister Yariv Levin credited Bakshi with helping him prepare the government’s judicial reform program.

#MeToo tactics

The final speaker, Gayil Talshir, devoted her remarks to Bakshi, whom she views as a mortal danger to Israeli progressives.

Bakshi is an effective intellectual operative and the government’s leading candidate to serve as the next president of the Supreme Court, she warned. Blocking his advancement is the next goal of the left’s political warfare campaign, she said.


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  1. Shas says it supports drafting all haredim who are not engaged Torah study, as well as those who claim to be engaged in Torah study but are not “serious” about their studies, but just claiming to be Torah students to evade the draft. The Shas spokesman says it does support Torah scholars who are genuinely devoted to their studies for their entire lives, because the preservation of ancient Jewish learning is necessary to preserving Jewish identity and peoplehood, which in turn are necessary to the survival of the Jewish state.

  2. I just read a brilliant discussion about the parasitic cooperation between the Left and the globalists by Brandon Smith here:

    …..”They claim to stand against “capitalism” and corporate power, yet their movement is primarily funded by the very money elites they say they despise.

    “No, this movement is something different – It’s a system of blind belief and the invasion of a cult that worships itself, that worships power and seeks to undermine the truth whenever possible as a means to an end. We are witnessing history in the making; the birth of a monstrous religion of moral relativism.

    “To understand the political left and their tactics you have to understand their relationship with the globalists. Woke groups are a creation of the corporate/globalist regime. For decades think-tanks like the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation have been grooming universities to produce a steady supply of cult members, all of them indoctrinated into a carefully crafted narrative that clings to socialism and uses victim status as a currency.

    “They abhor meritocracy and have delusions of equity. They demand an impossible Utopia that guarantees equal outcomes. They see self sufficiency as criminality; an attempt to escape from collective oversight. And they are more than willing to rationalize dishonesty, disinformation, deconstruction, chaos and murder as a means to get what they want.

    “As I’ve noted in the past, it’s difficult to combat a movement with no morals and no shame. If your purpose is to convince them to stop what they are doing using logic, data, common sense and appeals to conscience, you will fail. They don’t care about any of these things. The leftist obsession with power is absolute – It’s all they talk about. It’s the root of every one of their arguments.

    “That said, their concept of power is rather limited and childish.

    “For the woke, power is in cancel culture. Power is in the mob. Power is in displays of collective destruction and control. They ask themselves “What can we take from others, and how can we instill fear?” They believe the more they can take, the more power they have.

    “Globalists view power in a similar manner to leftists, but they expand on the manifesto with the question “How can we convince others to give us control willingly?”

    “Woke useful idiots see power as something that must be stolen through intimidation or force. Globalists see power as something that is handed to them by useful idiots. In order to get that power, globalists spend the vast majority of their energy and wealth on the manufacturing of consent. It’s not enough to control the population, you have to make them believe that your oligarchy is THEIR IDEA. That way, they never try to fight back.

    “While woke activists are running around like monkeys with matches trying to burn down the world, globalists are looking at the activists and saying “How can I make those monkeys burn down the things I want them to burn down?”

    “Manufacturing consent from half the population of a nation requires a massive disinfo apparatus. I doubt that most leftists even realize their entire philosophy was funded and fabricated by corporate interests. And if you educate them on the fact that they are now allied with the same ultra-rich corporate vampires they say they hate, you’ll soon discover they don’t mind. They’ll happily embrace the devil’s contract because they see it as a means of “winning.” In this way political leftists and the globalists are indelibly intertwined.

    “This is why I don’t take arguments over the “false left/right paradigm” very seriously anymore. Sure, there are still Neo-Cons in the Republican Party that claim to be conservative when they are actually globalists and leftists. That’s not the point. The point is, millions upon millions of regular people on the left have willfully chosen to side with the globalists and have specifically targeted conservative and patriot culture for destruction.

    “They are the enemy, just as much as the globalists are the enemy. Without the leftist mob the globalists have no power. It’s time to accept this reality instead of falling back on the same old lazy argument: “But both sides are the problem…” No, only one side is the problem. They have always been the problem regardless of the political masks they wear.

    “If you look at the pyramid from the bottom-up, there is no such thing as the “false left/right paradigm” anymore. There is a VERY REAL left/right paradigm. The division is a fact of life. The lines have been drawn by the establishment; either you’re with them or you’re against them. There is no in-between.

    “In the film ‘The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari’ an elite member of society turns a man into a monster through hypnosis, sending him to stalk the countryside to kill people the elite wants out of his way. The globalists have also used mesmerism to summon their own leftist monster whenever they need some dirty work done. There are two key pillars that they want leftists to tear down – People’s perceptions of freedom and people’s perceptions of objective fact.

    “For example, look at the recent covid “crisis” and the draconian response that the majority of leftists supported. Also look at the hysterical climate change narratives and the calls for carbon restrictions that would inevitably lead to mass depopulation; once again largely supported by the political left.

    “Both agendas rely on the notion of an existential threat that requires people to sacrifice their freedoms on a micro-level. Yet, covid mandates suggest that we need to save the population from death while climate change mandates suggest that we need to kill most of the population to protect the environment. It doesn’t make sense unless you understand that diminishing freedom is the ultimate point. Covid was never about saving lives and climate controls have nothing to do with saving the planet.

    “As for perceptions of objective fact, one need only look at the transgender movement to see that the very foundations of truth are under siege. If biology is subjective, if identity is subjective, if the genetic details we use to define and categorize our species are “social constructs” instead of facts, then almost any truth could be targeted. I believe that this attempt to make biological truth a matter of prerogative is done with the intent of making moral truth mutable.

    “If civilization is convinced to accept the surgical/chemical mutilation and sterilization of our youth, if we can be convinced to accept the sexualization of children from an early age, then we can easily be convinced to accept just about anything else. Pedophilia? Slavery? Murder? All in the name of hedonism posing as freedom.

    “By extension, the abandonment of universal truths will invariably lead to the rebuke of freedom itself. What is freedom really? Is it a legitimate concern for the future? We “live in a society” after all, and according to leftists everything we do “affects everyone else.” Therefore, freedom can be dangerous; it might hurt or upset others. It might ruin the planet. Best to get rid of it entirely for the good of the collective…

    “It is an eternal dichotomy – Without truth there can be no freedom – Without freedom there can be no truth. On the dark side of that coin is the globalist/leftist dichotomy – Without the globalists there is no leftist mob, without the leftist mob the globalists will be erased.

    “Globalists are seeking to subjugate the world, and to do that they need to undermine the basic tenets of human interaction and understanding. They have allied with the political left in order to blitz the populace with chaos, keeping people distracted and off balance while the powers-that-be wrap their tentacles around every last vestige of private liberty.

    “Our greatest hope is for the citizenry to adopt a hostile posture and refuse to compromise another inch. We have to start calling the political left out for what they really are – The striking hand of the globalist cabal. There can be no give-and-take when it comes to our core principles. No more tolerance of deconstruction, no more slack given to saboteurs. If a subversive group is trying to tear down the moral fabric that makes the west functional and free, if they desire to eradicate the heritage that our founders fought to establish, then we must do as the founders did and remove the threat.”

    I think this clarifies a lot about the enemy of the people, the Left-Globalist alliance. People on the Left have made their choice to side with the fascists, the totalitarians who want to control every aspect of our lives, who want to destroy our freedom. They truly are the enemy of freedom. I know they say they are doing what they do to “save democracy.” We know now that is simply delusional thinking on their part, something we do not have to share.

  3. The Stalinist Left are enjoying their moment in the sun. The problem with narcissistic sociopaths is that they feel no guilt, no shame, no anxiety and for them everything is fine no matter what they do to others, until….it’s not fine. And then they usually don’t know what hit them.

    Whether it was the CRT taught in schools that the left thought they could keep getting away with, sexualizing children in schools, the Bud Light fiasco, electronic voting machines connected to the internet, crooked demented Joe Biden’s crimes that he was sure he could get away with but are now posted in the public for everyone to see, and the gene therapy shots they pretended were vaccines, every one of their venal schemes is out in the open. The only people who think they are going to get away with it all are the narcissistic sociopaths in power.

    They are sure they are going to be able to set enough fires in cities to force new clean energy cities, and create new 15 minute cities which will be open air prisons for the people left alive after all the deaths from gene therapy injections have taken millions of people off the earth.

    They are certain they can take away cash and we will all just willingly go along with it, just like so many of us lined up willingly for the clot shots.

    They are certain they will reach their goal of owning every human, animal, plant and all the natural resources on earth, and they will never have to share any of it with anyone.

    What they cannot imagine is just how angry the earth’s people ALREADY are, and how eventually the earth’s people will be ready en masse to make sure they are unable to pull all this off.

    They cannot envision that their secretive work over the centuries and certainly over the past 5 decades is going to come to naught, because the world’s people are so fed up with their domination.

    This is not just going to be a revolution in any one country. I am talking about a worldwide movement for people to get their power back from these evil spawns of Satan.

    Here’s Neil Oliver’s take on it:

    Anyone ever heard of The Battle of Athens?

    This was a rebellion that was completely successful against a local government in Tennessee in 1946.

    We have not yet begun to fight.