It looks like Biden is calling the shots

T. Belman.  Biden is visiting Israel today. Israel will not be able to start the ground offensive so long as he is here .

State Department Press Release

President Biden has appointed former Ambassador David Satterfield as the Special Envoy for Middle East Humanitarian Issues. Special Envoy Satterfield will lead U.S. diplomacy to urgently address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, including work to facilitate the provision of life-saving assistance to the most vulnerable people and promote the safety of civilians, in coordination with the United Nations and U.S. partners. He will lead a whole-of-government campaign to mitigate the humanitarian fallout of Hamas’ terrorist attack against Israel, supporting critical efforts by the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration. His role builds on the long-standing U.S. commitment to supporting peace and stability in the region.

Abed Amaala tweeted

Former Ambassador David Satterfield. He will be the interim head of government for the new state of Gaza after the Hamas government, until a new Palestinian government is appointed in Gaza that recognizes Israel.

Eugene Kontorovich tweeted

It is quite clear now. Behind the nice words, Biden Administration is holding Israel back from taking out Hamas. His visit in person does nothing more than make him a willful human shield for Hamas, literally blocking a ground operation with his body.

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  1. @Bear

    no reporter or commentator has enough information to know

    Fair enough, but what should be easily discernable is that we must make our attack upon OUR timeline and not that being forced upon us by those who have funded and still continue to pay our butchers. There is much that is unknonwn right now, this is to be certain, but the Western enablers of our murdered citizens is manipulating our response against us. There should be no doubt about this and I doubly doubt it is due to the desire to whipe the Hezi’s from the board, but rather to preserve Hamas in Gaza irregardless of the lovely rhetoric which has been used to distract us from the reality of who is speaking. In fact, our ‘allies’ will be our undoing if we do not check their desires to do so.

  2. Ground Offensive start time is contingent on the following considerations which no reporter or commentator has enough information to know:

    1. Troops ready outfitted & trained
    2. Are searches on going for hostages as I type, which could not be done during massive ground attack.
    3. Is it believed that the Hezis and other Iranian affiliated militia will make massive attack when IDF goes in ground.
    4. Waiting for the correct time to actually attack Hezis first and later go into Gaza.
    5. Unknown factors only know to war cabinet

  3. T. Belman. Biden is visiting Israel today. Israel will not be able to start the ground offensive so long as he is here .

    Biden is like a huge glop of sea gull poop on the windscreen, smeared over most of the field of vision by the wiper blades. He’s a disgusting nuissance.

  4. This acorrection to my earlier report. I misidentified the individual who is a former advisor to former Prime Minister Bennet, And I described him as an advisor to Bennet pn security matters, when he was actually an advisor concerning diplomacy with the Arab world, andArab affairs generally. However, I accurately reported that he predicted that there would be no Israeli ground operation in Gaza ans that Hamas would remain in control of Gaza.

    Analyst predicts: No massive ground operation in Gaza, no collapsing Hamas
    Shimrit Meir, who served as adviser to former PM Naftali Bennett, outlines three possible scenarios for the next stage of Israel’s war with Hamas.
    Israel National News
    Israel National News
    Oct 17, 2023, 5:36 PM (GMT+

  5. oh my gosh, what does Biden know about honest peace? Isn’t he still adhering to Obama policies? He sent much money to Abbas, and has been since Obama admin. That spider has a web

  6. What started out as a Biden campaign to destroy Israel (by empowering Iran with billions and thus empowering Hamas with weapons) has now been converted into the final solution: giving the Palestinians the international permission to destroy Israel once and for all.

  7. What started out as a campaign to destroy Hamas has now been converted by the US to a campaign to avoid a humanitarian crises.

    In a statement following the call, the Pentagon said that the purpose of the call was “to continue discussions on Israel’s operations to restore security following Hamas brutal October 7 attack.”

    “The Secretary reiterated the US commitment to continue expediting security assistance and preventing conflict escalation. Secretary Austin emphasized civilian safety and thanked the Minister for efforts to restore safe drinking water access in Gaza,” the statement added.