JDL Canada Protest Against the Sea Hitler (Canada Boat To Gaza)

Alternatives International is the anti-semitic organization fundraising for the Sea Hitler. They’re also the trustee for the flotilla of Hamas lovers. The VP of the Canadian Arab Federation is Ali Mallah and he is also listed an an administrator for Alternatives International. It was the Canadian Arab Federation that started the initial planning of the ‘Canada Boat to Gaza’.

The Jewish Defence League of Canada is calling on our members and supporters to join our protest against the Sea Hitler. We believe it is of the utmost importance to hold accountable those who provide support, services, money and assistance to the unrepentant terror group Hamas. Such groups and individuals surely know the terrorist designs and tactics of Hamas – they cannot plead ignorance. The aim of the flotilla is not to bring humanitarian aid to the residents. It has been widely reported that there is no humanitarian crises in Gaza; the opening of the border with Egypt underscores that point.

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  1. Israel is surrounded by disgusting countries populated by disgusting and loathsome muslims with loathsome and disgusting muslim rulers.

    I wonder how long Canada and its insane self loathing liberals would last? about 45 seconds.

    Michael Coren, Lorne Greene and a few others are the only sources of intelligence on the airwaves in Canada who talk sensibly.

    A repulsive creature name Michael Harris from http://www.850cfra.com is obsessed with his precious palestinians and daily lies about Israel. In fact before 9/11 Michael harris was blaming Jews for the problems in the middle east. Fortunately,he is on between 1 – 3 in the afternoon, when only the chronically unemployable have time to listen to his lies.

    I believe that Michael Harris is being paid by muslims.

  2. It’s time that Israel clean up this mess, mass deportation after a seizure of the entire strip, the stagnation of the entire Middle East is due to these refugee Arabs disorder. They have been give over 65 years to build a stable peaceful state, but they have chosen not too. Iran and it’s seize of Gaza must end. Immigration Canada should deport every Canadian that steps foot on the ship, this voyage into militarized zones makes the voyage an act of war against Israel. Israel must be adamant in it’s approach and stop this ship of abducted suicide minds. It is unfortunate that this is all happening. With so many advancements in the past 100 years, in technology, agriculture and medicine, mankind is at battle with a source that is an essence of formed matter within itself. For it stems from the source, it is know as negative energy. However, there is an assumption that negative mass is conjectural, material objects have never been found to have negative mass. The mass equivalent of the energy in a gravitational field is negative, and may be instructive to speculate on the physics of negative mass. If there were some form of matter that was negative, how would it behave? The first insight is that it would move in a direction opposite to that in which it is pushed. So in the matter of the Middle East, formed matter as well, The State of Israel, being nearly pushed into the Mediterranean, has not moved into the opposite direction,she continues to seek peace with the opposite force. Physics also tells us that orbital mechanics of negative mass are also unstable. If an entire planet were made of negative mass, its gravitational acceleration would be upward from its surface rather than downward, so it is with Israel, we keep our head and hope up, so that the gravitational pull with help us reach Shammayim in the physical.

  3. JDL Protest all in good and timely order:
    but any reference to “liberal Christian fundamentalists” (Coren) as passengers on this next ship of tools is an ideological oxymoron, more than seeming; one rooted in the clearly anti-Israel statements of the Vatican-sponsored Synod of ME Bishops(October, 2010), whereby the solely Biblical-based (and solitary among the global Christian Churches )support of Christian fundamentalists for Israel was denounced as a “toxic”. Liberation theology ‘fundamentalist’ better expresses the World Council of Churches ideology of this next crew of incitement.
    Mr.Coren, while seemingly supportive of Israel, needs to stop warming his theological hands at the anti-Israel doctrine and practices of the Vatican:the same Holy Office that yet has not denounced the incendiary WCC. One need not wonder why.

  4. I’m glad Michael Coren did bring up Syria. I posted my above comment before I saw the video. Michael Coren did an excellent job.

  5. We need to call out Alternatives International and anyone else involved in the jihad flotilla to Gaza for what they are, aiders and abettors of a would-be genocide against the Jewish people. In fact we should simply call them neo-nazis. It is widely known that hamas has been firing rockets into Israel. It is also widely known that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, which has an olympic swimming pool, shopping malls, luxury restaurants and hotels. I will be waiting for flotillas to locations where there really are humanitarian crises such as Syria, where the assad regime massacres its own people including children. Or how about flotillas to Egypt, Nigeria and all the other islamic countries where Christians are being persecuted and slaughtered.

  6. yamit82 says:
    June 13, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    Israel the new petro state?

    “… but none in the West Bank, nor in Gaza either.”

    Please, Ribbono Shell Olam, make it come true, speedily, in our day.

  7. Shy Guy says:
    June 13, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    As Bland was saying…

    Another post from Shiloh Mssings

    When You’ve Heard The Used Car Salesman Bragging That He’s Selling You A Lemon, Do You Still Buy From Him?
    Hat tip: IMRA

    There’s something awfully ???? dafook (fokokt) in the Israeli psyche. Why else would our lame-brained “intrepid” leaders keep insist on going back to negotiate with Arabs who don’t want us to exist and don’t want peace at any price short of our death and destruction, G-d forbid?

    Honestly, I’m pretty tired of blogging this same message over and over. Am I only speaking/writing/blogging “to the converted?”

    Israel and “the Arabs” don’t have a “disagreement.” We don’t need mediation. It won’t help or “resolve the issues.” The situation is much more serious. Simply put:

    The Arabs want Israel destroyed, dead and gone.

    What’s there to negotiate? The method? Fire? Drowning? Explosions? Knives? Guns?

    I feel like a broken record…

  8. “the opening of the border with Egypt underscores that point.”

    The opening of the border with Egypt also makes the Israeli sea blockade of Gaza an exercise in futility. How can the IDF be expected to seriously try to stop the sham “aid flotilla”, when it lets the Gazans get all the military equipment they need from Sinai? Unless Israel re-takes Rafah, it is wasting everyone’s time and money.