Judea and Samaria population growth kills two-state solution

“The facts on the ground in this region are irreversible and render the concept of a two-state solution obsolete.”


Judea and Samaria

The complete Judea and Samaria (West Bank) Jewish Population Stats report was released on Sunday with data updated to January 1, 2017. The report is available to the public in English via the mailing list at the http://WestBankJewishPopulationStats.com website. The Associated Press picked up the newly-released report as well.

The West Bank Jewish Population Stats report is compiled each year by former Member of Knesset Yaakov “Ketzaleh” Katz based on precise data from the population registry in Israel’s Ministry of the Interior. As of January 1, 2017, according to the report, 420,899 Jews live in West Bank towns, not including the some 300,000 Jewish residents of the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem, which are technically part of the West Bank as well.

With the report’s release, Former Knesset Member Katz said, “The number of Jews living today in Judea and Samaria speaks volumes. The facts on the ground in this region are irreversible and render the concept of a two-state solution obsolete.
Any person with a sound mind who faces the reality of the numbers in this report will conclude: the two-state solution is dead.

And such was the case with renowned Israeli author A. B. Yehoshua who led the struggle for a two-state solution for decades. In a December 2016 meeting, President of the State of Israel Ruby Rivlin presented the 2016 West Bank Jewish Population Stats Report, compiled by Former Knesset Member Yaakov “Ketzaleh” Katz, to Mr. Yehoshua. After studying the report, A. B. Yehoshua told Kol Yisrael radio on Dec. 7th, 2016 [ https://youtu.be/An9Fu2iB514 ]:

“This solution [two-state] is no longer possible. I believed in this solution for 50 years, I fought for it, and was an activist for it. When I, as an intellectual, must face reality and not delude myself, I must ask if this solution is truly possible… After we internalize that it is impossible to deport 450,000 settlers from Area C, it won’t happen [under any circumstances]. Can we divide Jerusalem? …It’s time to start thinking of alternative solutions.”

The report tracks the Jewish population growth over the last year and over the last 5 years and includes a future projection based on the current growth rates.

Baruch Gordon, a researcher on the report and founder of IsraelNationalNews.com, said on Sunday:

“For years, policy makers both in Israel and the West had no clue to the size of the West Bank Jewish population. The numbers were suppressed; the media silent. This report introduced the real figures into the discourse. Its impact cannot be overestimated.”

The report is now available to the public via the mailing list at http://WestBankJewishPopulationStats.com

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13 Comments / 13 Comments

  1. The more interesting report will be an accurate determination of the moslem population.

  2. xx

    I’v mentioned this a few times before, but nobody has ever felt it merited a second thought. There are MORE JEWS living in YESHA now than when Israel declared a State. And they are not amateurs like the originals were, they hare highly skilled, with many IDF combat soldiers, and people of all expertises, more than enough to run a modern State, tied tightly to Israel as it’s closest ally, both in defence and economics etc. Basically 2 interchangeable states living side by side.

    So if the Women in Green get cracking, and contact their very efficient organisers, they can gather the nucleus of a defensible state in short time. This was all proposed about 7-8 years ago, but after the first of what was to have been many meetings with the definite goal of Sovereignty, it just shrivelled away to nothing. I commented to them at the time that it would be the usual “Yiddishe Gesheft” meaning all loud talk but no action when the chip were down.

    But really now, they could begin to hold meetings to elect a shadow govt with all the needed governing apparatus, including Ministries, a potential defence force called (maybe) The YSDF, or the YESHA Defence Forces. (YESHA of course meaning Yehuda and Shomron).

    Maybe fantasizing, but it could be done in the time it take the Knesset loudmouths to blow off steam. At least it might encourage them to buck up and proceed towards REAL Sovereignty.

    Annexation is not neccessary, as the Land is already apportioned by San Remo, Sevres, Lausanne, British Mandate, Anglo-American Treaty, and Art 80, of the UN Founding Charter; although this is a legal matter I leave to others.

  3. That’s great news that finally the true demographics of the area are available. Jews are populating faster than arabs in that area as well.

    But much more relevant is that Judea and Samaria belong to Israel. Regardless of the demographics, Israelis need to acknowledge that and scream that fact to the world. If they want to give it away to a bunch of terrorists who want Israel destroyed, that’s Israel’s business alone. I know that Israelis are far too smart to commit national suicide so hopefully they will never do it.

  4. Joe Bill Scott–Those numbers would be interesting to examine. Are those numbers available too?

    Edgar G.–Just wondering: what is the difference between extending sovereignty and annexing?

    Leon Kushner–CORRECT. No appeal to population or even security can ever take the place of the morality.

  5. There will never be a second Arab-Palestinian State West of the Jordan River; they have Jordan which is Jewish territory.
    Anyone who thinks about putting another terrorist entity in Judea and Samaria aka West Bank, needs to have his head examined.

    If the U.S. was conquered by various nations over a thousand years plus and than some outside forces helped Americans defeat the occupiers and regain its sovereignty and set up the American U.S. government again, would you consider the Americans as occupiers.
    I will take it a step further. Many Americans who were displaced by the occupying forces in America were forced out of their homes and returned to the U.S., would you consider them occupiers or people returning to their homes.
    If Mexico which had numerous wars and battles with the U.S. decided to fire thousands of rockets against the U.S., would you tolerate it or you would demand your country respond with extreme force at all costs, no holds barred and stop this rockets and terror attacks against Americans and women and children.
    YJ Draiman

  6. :
    There are four kinds of lies: lies, darn lies, and statistics.

    Then there’s fifty feet of crap.

    Then there’s government statistics.

  7. Abolish_public_education Said:

    There are four kinds of lies: lies, darn lies, and statistics.
    Then there’s fifty feet of crap.
    Then there’s government statistics


    be interesting to know your education???

  8. Edgar G. Said:

    So if the Women in Green get cracking, and contact their very efficient organisers, they can gather the nucleus of a defensible state in short time.

    and the money comes from? much of prestate financing was done by Rothschild of Carmel wines. no record of u k, u s, e u. nords, frogs, etc. coming up with the moola. j n f. u j a, u I a, think all the shuls that raised funds toot sweet for terror immigrants would raise even an erection.

  9. @ Abolish_public_education:
    Typo and lack of attribution. It’s “damned” lies. Not “darn.” Gosh a’mighty!

    “The term was popularised in United States by Mark Twain (among others), who attributed it to the British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”
    Lies, damned lies, and statistics – Wikipedia

    and are you trying to undermine statistics that support Jewish sovereignty and self-determination in Yesha?

  10. :
    Government statistics are crafted by government bureaucrats hired by crooked politicians for political purposes.

    But if you like your current doctor of statistics, you can keep him.

  11. In 1948, Egypt and Jordan just took ‘Aza and Yesh, respectively. Nobody objected. They showed Israel how it’s done. If you need more examples, see how Red China annexed Tibet, how Turkey occupied northern Cyprus, how NATO annexed Kosovo and turned it into a puppet state, etc. They simply DID it, because they were MILITARILY ABLE TO.

    I get the impression, that Jews just like to argue and endlessly deliberate about things — like Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof”. The only discussions of any merit here, are:

    1. How to best keep the United Goyim from taking Jewish lands away, and

    2. How to deal with the Arab occupiers.

    I have advanced the idea that, while the land belongs to Israel (and therefore to God) by Divine Right, Egypt and Jordan have a legitimate historical interest in the area. Both those countries, significantly, have quit all claims to the “disputed” territories, save a limited claim by Jordan to sovereignty over the mosque on the south end of Temple Mount.

    Israel should deal with those two states, to try to work out a deal of managing the local Arabs. If that can’t be done, neither can any deal with the UN or individual goyim. The last people in the world who ought to be consulted, are the terrorist groups Fatah and HAMAS, both of which have sworn to wipe the Israeli Jews off the face of the earth.

    BTW, Israel’s situation in Yesh is somewhat like the ROC’s in Taiwan — hardly anyone recognizes their right to be there, and they are militarily threatened every day by powerful enemies; but they are there, and, as far as we can see, they plan to stay. Israel does not officially recognize Taiwan, but maintains unofficial relations with it. Both have the US as a big, bad buddy, who protects them from regional bullies. I mention this, so the Jews of Israel know they’re not the only ones with existential problems. As the saying goes,

    “Life’s tough, and then you die.”

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