Latest Al Jazeera Data Shows Gaza Casualties Still Mostly Combat-Aged Males

By Joshua Levitt, ALGEMEINER July 27/14

gazacas1-300x163Data released by Qatar-based Al Jazeera continues to show that most of the dead in Gaza have been young, combatant-aged men, rather than women, children or seniors, and in contrast to Hamas’s own reports from the front to media, accusing the Israel Defense Forces of indiscriminate killing.

On Sunday, blogger Elder of Ziyon posted new charts, updating the data released by Al Jazeera last week and the week before, and confirming the same trend.

The first chart shows the male-female split and then graphed by age group, with most of the men being 20 to 24 or 25 to 29. The second chart compares the results to Gaza’s actual age distribution, casting further doubt on Hamas’s claims, as the majority of the dead fit the profiles of fighters, men in their 20s, rather than the broader population.

A distribution comparing the dead in Gaza to the actual population, refuting accusations of indiscriminate killing by the IDF; most of the dead have been combatant-age males. Photo: Elder of Ziyon

The blogger also published a link to a Google Document created by Guy Bechor based on the official list of  Gazan dead from the International Middle East Media Center, for others to examine the raw data.

Blogger Israellycool on Sunday also published a detailed breakdown and analysis of the figures.

Hamas’s early claims of “indiscriminate civilian deaths” have been refuted by the data presented over the past three weeks, but the accusations remain.

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  1. They have also been sending out little boys to fight with rifles and in tunnels. They have also been sending out some to fight with a rifle in one hand and baby in the other.