Senior Officer: ‘We Have All of the Attack Tunnels’

A few more days are needed in order to blow up the remaining tunnels between Israel and Gaza.

By Kobi Finkler, Gil Ronen, INN
First Publish: 7/28/2014, 7:50 AM

Hamas terror tunnel

Hamas terror tunnel
IDF Spokesperson’s office

A senior IDF officer said Monday that Israel is in possession of all of the attack tunnels that Hamas dug from Gaza to Israel.

A few more days are needed in order to dispose of the remaining tunnels, he said.

The IDF blew up two more tunnels in the course of the last 24 hours. “The longer we stay on the ground [inside Gaza], the more we learn about the extent of the tunnels and the route they were built in.”


IDF forces attacked 40 terror targets in Gaza in the last day, and the tunnels remained their main focus. “This is our central goal and that is why we are concentrating more and more forces in Gaza to complete the assignement.”

“The IDF knew all about the tunnel threat and was ready for it,” he said. “I imagine the political establishment knew about it as well. We on theCommittee were not shocked by the news of the tunnels.”

Elkin also could not confirm rumors of a “mega terror attack” Hamas terrorists had been planning, possibly for Rosh Hashana, in which hundreds of terrorists would slip into Israel and begin slaughtering people.

MK Zev Elkin, Chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and DefenseCommittee, said that the IDF was not surprised at the extent and number of tunnels Hamas had built underneath Gaza.  “A large number of stories have cropped up surrounding the tunnels,” he said. “It’s natural for such stories to crop up, under the circumstances. The main this is the results. I am happy that we are now again operating at full capacity after talk of a cease-fire. We must bring Hamas to the breaking point, until it demands a cease-fire without conditions.”

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7 Comments / 7 Comments

  1. what about the tunnels they are not yet aware of as:

    The longer we stay on the ground [inside Gaza], the more we learn about the extent of the tunnels and the route they were built in.”

    unconvincing, perhaps they say this as they want a cease fire.

  2. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2:

    The IDF will eventually have ISIS and Hezbollah to contend with. Better to make a huge military statement now where Hamas is concerned than to leave Hamas in a viable state so that they can open a southern front.

  3. As several of us consistently reported.
    Not ever will Netanyahu and his sold out garbage pile destroy Islamic organizations, they are geared to destroy only Gush Katif, Amona, hundreds of Jewish homes, villages, farms and to harm Jews.
    Those that still risk their lives serving while that cesspool remains in control are suicidal.
    Netanyahu lied about dealing with Iran as well.

  4. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2:

    According JPost, army will respond only if fired on and concentrate on destroying tunnels. No plans to topple Hamas. Which leaves open the question of how Israel intends to force Hamas to disarm without taking it down. Good luck with demilitarizing Gaza.

  5. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2:

    Israel has made catastrophic errors at the highest levels in government. The Supreme Court are ridiculous.
    Yes the army is strong and it’s soldiers are brave. However, they are rarely ever permitted to win. If they won, which they are abundantly capable of, terrorism could be slowed to a tortoise’s crawl. For example like after The Six Day War. All the terrorists have to do is wait until their political bureau aka The United Nations calls for a ceasefire. If Israel were under attack, forget it, The Security Council had an emergency and can’t assemble until further notice. Okay let the terrorist supporting UN demand a ceasefire. Israel should not withdraw from Gaza one inch until it has a victory. Force hamas to disarm, whatever. The UN should be sued in The International Criminal Court for aiding and abetting terrorist organizations, insurgencies and states.

  6. Tunnels. Great to have found them and to destroy them. They can be dug again in short notice if the diggers remain alive, the designers remain and the tools remain.
    HAMAS must be terminated from top to bottom.
    Otherwise we wasted again our resources and squandered our great soldiers lives and limbs.
    No more political generals sabotaging, “justice department” handcuffing the fighters and Netanyahu bluffing.
    WIN the War once and for all.