Leaked: Israeli plan to ethnically cleanse Gaza

T. Belman. This is what I have been advocating for. It is the responsibility of the UN to resettle the refugees, not pen them in.  It should have been done in ’48. The only reason it wasn’t was because the UN and its enablers, the UK and the US, wanted Israel to choke on them.

The plan advocates the forced transfer of the population of the Gaza Strip to Sinai permanently, and calls for the international community to be leveraged to assist the move

News Desk, THE CRADLE OCT 29, 2023

Israeli culture magazine Mekovit published on 28 October a leaked document issued by Israel’s Ministry of Intelligence recommending the occupation of Gaza and total transfer of its 2.3 million inhabitants to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

The document, issued on 13 October, identifies a plan to transfer all residents of the Gaza Strip to North Sinai as the preferred option among three alternatives regarding the future of the Palestinians in Gaza at the end of the current war between Israel and the Hamas-led Palestinian resistance.

The document recommends that Israel evacuate the Gazan population to Sinai during the war, establish tent cities and new cities in northern Sinai to accommodate the deported population, and then create a closed security zone stretching several kilometers inside Egypt. The deported Palestinians would not be allowed to return to any areas near the Israeli border.


The existence of the document does not necessarily indicate that its recommendations are being implemented by Israel’s security establishment.

The Ministry of Intelligence, headed by Gila Gamliel of the Likud party, does not control any of Israel’s intelligence agencies, but independently prepares studies and policy papers, which are distributed for consideration by the government and its security bodies.

However, recent statements by Israeli government officials and actions by the Israeli army in Gaza suggest the plan is indeed being implemented. Since 7 October, Israeli officials have repeatedly issued warnings to Palestinians to move to southern Gaza in advance of a looming ground invasion.

Israel has imposed a total siege on Gaza, cutting off food, water, fuel, and electricity. The siege, combined with intense Israeli bombing that has killed over 8,000 Palestinians, the majority women and children, threatens to make Gaza uninhabitable.

An official at the Ministry of Intelligence confirmed that the ten-page document is authentic but “was not supposed to reach the media,” Mekovit noted.

According to a right-wing activist, the document from the Ministry of Intelligence was leaked by a member of Likud. Leaking the document was an attempt to find out whether “the public in Israel is ready to accept ideas of a transfer from Gaza.”

The document unequivocally and explicitly recommends carrying out a transfer of civilians from Gaza as the desired outcome of the war.

The transfer plan is divided into several phases: in the first phase, the population in Gaza must be forced to move to southern Gaza, while Israeli air strikes will focus on targets in northern Gaza.

In the second phase, the Israeli army’s ground entry into Gaza will begin, which will lead to the occupation of the entire strip, from north to south, and the “cleansing of the underground bunkers from Hamas fighters.”

At the same time as the Gaza Strip is occupied, the citizens of Gaza will move to Egyptian territory and will be prevented from returning permanently.

“It is important to leave the traffic lanes towards the south usable, to allow the evacuation of the civilian population towards Rafah,” the document states.

The document recommends beginning a dedicated campaign that will “motivate” Gazans “to agree to the plan,” and make them give up their land.

Gazan should be convinced that “Allah made sure that you lost this land because of the leadership of Hamas – there is no choice but to move to another place with the help of Your Muslim brothers,” the document reads.

Further, the plan states the government must launch a public relations campaign that will promote the transfer program to western states in a way that does not promote hostility to Israel or damage its reputation. The deportation of the population from Gaza must be presented as a necessary humanitarian measure to receive international support. Such a deportation could be justified if it will lead to “fewer casualties among the civilian population compared to the expected number of casualties if they remain,” the document says.

The document also states that the US should be leveraged to pressure Egypt to take in the residents of Gaza, and to encourage other European countries, and in particular Greece, Spain and Canada, to help take in and settle the refugees who will be evacuated from Gaza.

Finally, the document claims that if the population of Gaza remains, there will be “many Arab deaths” during the expected occupation of Gaza by the Israeli army, and this will damage Israel’s international image even more than the deportation of the population. For all these reasons, the recommendation of the Ministry of Intelligence is to promote the transfer of all Palestinians in Gaza to Sinai permanently.

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  1. @Felix

    So el Sisi wanted this to blow up. Why?

    There are a few reasons why he might want this to blow up. His close association with Iran, the instability of his govt, the redirection of the ire of his people who hate Israel only lightly more than they hate him, and these are others possible conjectures which would explain what you find to be inexplicable. In any event, we need not deal in such conjecture but the realities which we do know. For instance, Sisi is allowing the weapons into Gaza. Unless you believe that Avivi is providing disinformation on this point – which I do not – this point is beyond contest.

    Whereas you think it likely that these arms are coming from a maritime route, how would you explain Sisi being in a position to positively report the warning he made in the days leading up to October 7? In fact, it is possible that Avivi is misleading us, that Sisi has no control, knowledge or role in the weapons smuggling and that he simply happened upon an advanced knowledge of what was to come, but I would suggest that this would require a far more serendipitous series of events to take place than if Avivi was correct and that the arms are actually coming thru Egypt so that Sisi was able to hedge his bets and make the report to Israel.

    Regarding this blowing up, this tragedy has had nothing but positive results for Sisi. He is no longer the unimportant player in the Middle East. He will likely have the hold on the arms sales from the US lifted – recall that this was the result of the fallout of Sisi being caught bribing Sen. Menendez. Also, Sisi has unified his public in their hatred of Israel. Also his close association with Iran will keep Hamas in their Israel targeting box. Additionally, he made his disclosure to the Israeli’s and Americans, so he has covered himself with plausible deniability of any complicity by doing so. Furthermore, the potential of Egypt becoming a key player in any solution which might be worked out will only mean that Sisi will likely get his greedy spendthrift palms on more ready US dollars or Israeli Sheckels. Hence, Sisi is in a very secure position from which he has no fear, absolutely none, of Morsi rising from the dead, as you suggest.

  2. Ted this “plan” is bullshit and maybe CIA psyops (plan at the top)

    This is what I have been advocating for. It is the responsibility of the UN to resettle the refugees, not pen them in. It should have been done in ’48. The only reason it wasn’t was because the UN and its enablers, the UK and the US, wanted Israel to choke on them.

    In this dire situation that Israel is in and young Jews being murdered by the creation of the United Nations, it most certainly is nothing as you suggest. Imagining the UN will do other than knife you is what I call magical thinking


    It is the responsibility of the Israeli state

    The first thing see above…

    Understand the great role of the Jewish State

    I, no genius, know what has to happen


    Your paragraph is TOTALLY contradictory so can lead to losing young Jewish lives

  3. @Felix
    The weapons are being smuggled into Gaza thru Egypt. This is how Egypt knew that a large attack was imminent. Also, Gen. Avivi has stated that this is known and that they have raised the issue with the Egyptions repeatedly with little response due to the threat of destabilizing the treaty with Egypt, which is of course suppose to be keeping the arms out of Gaza to begin with. Just FYI.

  4. The huge amount of weapons to Hamas. Hard to pass by Israeli inspection with infra red etc. Tunnels in south again no I think. The fishermen…that fits. Low technique, simple, locals knowing those coasts, messaging…and Israelis we know switched off and all their focus on young patriotic Jewish settlers. But surely the Israeli intelligence had to know. How to know for sure.

    The reason this alone fits is because of the massive quantity.

    Strikes me they have run reels around Israel. They have a mass Fascist movement that gives them certainty. The fishermen cooperate or they die plus prize money.

    Perhaps Israel just have not thought it through how primitives will think and act

    You have to go back to 2005. That was the horror situation

    Huge traitorous force in Israel the settler leaders… it was in videos in great detail

    Was Sharon unwell maybe being poisoned or something?

    But now

    Occupation = freedom to use state power = appreciate the key power of the state

    You must be in control of the state

    That must be number one aim.. tell the youth in IDF


  5. TANNA-

    There was a detailed report the other day as to how the majority of weaponry gets to Gaza. They are shipped from Sudan and Yemen, close to the Israeli Coast they are floated on Rafts and the Gaza fishermen pick them up.

    Yes, some come through the SInai tunnels but I strongly doubt it is through El Sisi’s contrivance.

  6. Edgar, If Israel knows armaments are flooding into Gaza and does nothing to stop it then they are allowing it to happen, and the leaders are guilty of all the deaths perpetrated on the Israeli citizen. When this little war is over, Gaza will rearm and then it all happens again.

  7. Once again some very good honest commenting

    As for myself I have a pretty unique position which emerged out of scientific Marxism actually being Trotskyism

    It is my thinking but that is undoubtedly influenced by many experiences in my tradition.

    It is worth pointing out that the writing of Marx, Lenin or Trotsky NEVER had any truck with Jihad and Islam itself…here beware of falsification liars.

    And only a bigot would try to block history

    Only a bigot would attempt to block knowledge of that history.

    Putin is a friend of the Jews and lucky that is so.

    I presume he is dampening down Hisbolah and Iran. He is also cautious about war. Ukraine proves that latter point.

    That is very important. The brave youth of IDF will have time to defang Hamas

    To continue

  8. Raphael, interesting point you bring up. I do recognize all the behind-the-scenes machinations that go on to keep the pot from boiling over. Peloni, thanks for the background information. My point is this. The Israeli government must stop sacrificing its citizens, they should try the hardline approach. What they have done for 60 years is not working.

  9. The following is a great new book very relevant to the war. I disagree with some positions but overall it is filled to the brim with vital information. It would be a great book for a new recruit so a very valuable weapon in the info war. You do not need a kindle device to download just Google how e.g. on phone or pc. Just 8 euros kindle edition and instantly you are immersed.

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  10. @Raphael
    It has been a long time since Sisi removed Morsi from power and much has changed in that time. You are correct, of course, in suggesting that Sisi walks a tight rope, but the rope he walks is of his own making.

    Sisi is a spendthrift without the financial means to support his massive building projects and extensive military expenditures. The consequence of this rich mans appetite with a poor man’s purse is that a majority of the nation lie just above the poverty line, even after having recently received a massive IMF loan to help subsidize the failing Egyptian economy.

    While Sisi has fought the MB, he uses this accusation wantonly aimed at all who would oppose him, earning him a great deal of scrutiny from the US and others for his human rights violations (Egypt has the 3rd highest death penalties in the world). Additionally, there has been no attempt to reduce the antisemitic teachings in Egypt, which helps maintain an ongoing tension between the Egyptian population and their Israeli neighbors.

    Furthermore, while he has a peace treaty with Israel, it is Egypt which is the source of weapon transfers to Hamas with which they routinely pummel Israel, and when the Israelis raise this issue with the Egyptians, rather than addressing the issue, the Egyptians simply warn Israel that they don’t want to threaten the stability of the existing treaty with Israel. More recently, shortly after October 7, as Israel was calling on Gazans to leave Gaza, Sisi authorized the first permit in his 10yr reign for a public protest, and in doing so he urged his public to go protest against Israel invading Gaza at the Egyptian-Gaza border.

    He has been making strides towards reestablishing good relations with Iran, and even as other Sunni nations have done so under the guise of moving closer to China, Egypt began doing so two years ago and they have made significant progress in that time with Iran recently expressing that there is nothing blocking the reestablishment of normal relations between the two countries.

    Regarding your comparison between Sisi and Erdogan, I would argue that it is not an equitable comparison. They are both unreliable scoundrels with dreadful economies (with Erdogan being far worse on both of these traits), but Egypt is significantly under US influence while Erdogan is only influenced by his own desire to successfully play everyone against everyone as he pursues his dream of recreating the Ottoman empire. Also, Erdogan controls the entrance to the Black Sea and remains a NATO member, providing him a level of geopolitical influence with which Sisi could not boast. Sisi is not a skilled politician, but rather manages his political campaigns as if he was actually conducting a coup, ironically enough. Hence, Sisi lacks both the means and the political aptitude to even attempt half the outrages which Erdogan has carried out over the years.

    As to moving the Gazans to the Sinai, it would only require Sisi to carry out his treaty obligations to not accept the bribes being paid to allow the weapons transfers to the Gaza enclave to keep the relocated Gazans weapon-free. Also, with the Gazans being moved to Sinai, should they be rearmed, they would pose a threat to both Israel and Egypt, and thus provide Sisi with a greater motivation to actually not accept the bribes nor allow the rearming of the relocated Gazans.

    Sisi is a treaty partner to Israel, and has been well paid for his role in that endeavor. Yet he fails to manage his economy, restructure his education system or prevent arms transfers to Gaza. All of these facts have led to the tight rope he walks being as narrow as it is. So I wouldn’t agree that we should cut him some slack, and in fact, I would argue that doing so is actually why Sisi has conducted himself as he has over the years.

    For instance, rather than accepting Sisi’s veiled threats/concerns about the stability of the treaty, Israel should hold him to account on the weapons transfers at a minimum.

    One thing more to consider. Whereas it is no doubt an earnest desire to not have the Pals from Gaza in Egypt, I would argue that Sisi’s recent rapproachment with Iran likely plays no small role in the calculus to refuse to allow the Gazan evacuation. Indeed, if Gaza is cleared of its residents, and Egypt is responsible for keeping it arms free, Gaza would pose no threat to either Israel or Egypt, and only Iran would be at a loss as the Gazan cleft would not only be eliminated but it would also serve as a precedent by which Israel might and should resolve the cleft remaining in J&S as well.

    Notably, Israel has just offered to resolve all of Egypts $12.3 billion debt with the IMF if they will relocate Gaza’s residents, thus implementing the policy which was recently reported and posted here on Israpundit. This is a very exciting, audacious opportunity for both Israel and Egypt. If Egypt does not accept this deal, I would further argue that it would only be due to its relationship with Iran which would prevent it from accepting such a bargain.

  11. Raphael-

    I never looked at it that way, and on reading and absorbing your comment there is much to be said for it. You detail Sisi’s position very accurately I believe. He has been basically a fairly decent neighbour considering that the 110 million ignorant Egyptians are rabidly Jew-

    Yes, Morsi was of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  12. TANNA-

    I agree with much of what you say, but to think and write that Israel supplies armaments to Gaza is the sheerest nonsense. What would posses you to write such nonsense.

    The PM can only act on what his Intelligence people tell him. They were sleeping at the wheel.


    Have a little common sense. They are writing for Goyim, not to Jews. Goyim don’t understand what Tanach means, for example.

  14. This may not be well-received, and I am not adamant about it. It’s just a thought. I think that we should cut Egypt (Al Sisi in particular) a little bit of slack. Why?

    I think Sisi walks a tight rope. He is, after all, the leader of an Arab country, and he knows the nature of the beast that he must control. Sisi does not like the Muslim brotherhood (MB) and helped to overthrow then President Morsi, who was affiliated with the MB. Further, Sisi was trained in the UK and in the US, and has kept the lid on the Muslim extremists. Still, he knows that he cannot be seen to tilt totally toward the west or toward Israel. So he is therefore forced into certain actions and policies to placate his fundamentalist Muslim constituents. This may have included allowing a certain amount of smuggling into Gaza, etc.

    No, al-Sisi is not the perfect next door neighbor, but one must appreciate the problems that he has, and be thankful that he is not an extreme hard-liner vis-a-vis Israel. Given the choice between Erdogan (for example) and al-Sisi, Sisi is the clear choice to me.

    All that to say, that this is another reason not to force the Gazans into Egypt. al-Sisi has kept the lid on it, to some extent, for a long time, but if they all ended up in Sinai, the whole border with Egypt could erupt, and al-Sisi could do little about it.

    As I say, that is just my opinion. I would be glad to hear anyone’s comments.

  15. @Vivarto

    Majority of the Pals are criminal, terrorist parasites, they are going to be a burden on any country they are sent to.

    Precisely, that is why they should be directed to another Muslim shithole, like Iran or Turkey, or to Pakistan, etc.

  16. They would do better in Jordan, Iran, or Turkey, but Sinai is infinitely desirable compared to leaving them in Gaza

  17. Edgar, I have no fever, but my blood boils because of the Israeli government not minding the store. It makes one wonder who the government was in bed with when they were caught with their pants down around their ankles. Ask yourself…… who controls the water around Gaza? Who controls the land outside the fence around Gaza? My understanding is Israel.

    Egypt controls the southern end, Rafa gate, Egypt then must be the one who allows all the missiles, bullets and bombs into Gaza and all the concrete and steel used to build the tunnels. Israel allows this. So, if in America the US government is responsible for the open southern border and any terror attacks that come from that border being open, then would it not stand to reason that the Israeli government is responsible for all the arms flooding into Gaza. They have known about it since 2005 and they have not stopped it. Maybe, the myth of the IDF has really turned into the paper tiger of the middle east. There is always an acceptable number of deaths that governments allow during an operation. For the last 18 years if figures out to be less than 100 per. yr.. I guess it’s a number the IDF can live with.

    My fear is that Israel will capitulate to the commands of the nations and more Jews will die at the hands of Hamas.

  18. TANNA_

    Israel supplying military hardware to Gaza…….ISRAEL… Better make it “the less I think of it”, because “the more I think of it” the more feverish your imagination runs….

  19. I’ve never heard that Yidden refer to the TANACH as “SCRIPTURES”.
    Perhaps when speaking to Goyim who wouldn’t understand the Hebrew terms. But Israpundit is a Jewish site, IN Israel

    This is a Christian usage not Jewish. Jews mention Torah, Talmud, Gemarra, Ketubim, Nevi”im, etc

    NOT Scriptures.

  20. Hi, Tanna

    The last I heard, most rockets and other weapons get in

    1. by ship to Sudan, then by caravan via Egypt to the Gaza tunnels, then in, and
    2. by ship through Suez (Egypt), then offloaded into rafts and picked up by Gaza fishermen.

    The arms, cash, drug and people routes are paved by bribes and interconnected. For the right price, a Gazan can find his way to the US, Russia, China, anywhere the smuggler goes — border crossings and visas be blowed. Also,

    @Denys Davydov channel cover
    Denys Davydov
    pilotblog 3 hours ago
    Open in
    Egypt opens Rafah border crossing for foreigners from Gaza

    In addition, several ambulances went to Gaza from the Egyptian side to transport the seriously wounded from hospitals to Egypt.

    But what about the ordinary Palestinians? Does Egypt cares about their lives?

    P.S. Israel now works with Egypt to open the border for millions of Palestinian refugees.
    Also there are talks that peacekeepers from many of the countries will be deployed to Gaza after the Hamas regime fall. But it is to early to say about it.


  21. So it was said, there’s no other way out of Gaza except through Israel. First to Gaza and then elsewhere.
    Why don’t they used the same door all the bullets and missiles came in thru?

    The more I think on this the more it looks like one or two parties are suppling Hamas with all the military hardware. Egypt or Israel, which is it?

  22. @Vivarto- it’s obvious you haven’t read the Scriptures. Ushmael was playing/sporting = molesting little Yitzak. Same today perverts and pedoohiles. Sarah told Abraham, out! But, didn’t YHVH say no, Yitzak is the son of thePromise and to inherit. So, YHVH sent them away WITH GIFTS, the fabulously wealthy arab lands they have til this day. But that jealously and murderous covetousness is the original and present problem- and ignoramous bleeding hearts like you.
    All because of the screwball lives of Abraham and Sarah.

  23. @Raphael
    What Abraham did with Hagar and Ishmael was cruel and inhuman.
    And it was not Abraham’s idea, but he was henpecked husband and had to listen to Sara.

    Other than this biblical digression you are right.
    Putting these animals in Gaza, or Jordan, is a ticking time bomb.
    They should be returned to the countries of their ancestors.
    And they MUST BE assimilated there, rather than retain their fake Palestinian identity.

  24. The idea of pushing Pals on Greece and Spain, turn Greece and Spain against us.
    Majority of the Pals are criminal, terrorist parasites, they are going to be a burden on any country they are sent to.

  25. @Raphael

    Personally, I don’t see how transferring the Gazan population to Sinai would be a satisfactory long-term solution.

    It’s not. But, there’s no other way out of Gaza except through Israel. First to Gaza and then elsewhere.

  26. Personally, I don’t see how transferring the Gazan population to Sinai would be a satisfactory long-term solution. How long would it be before they were firing rockets and launching attacks at Israel from there?

    No, the solution has to be to transfer them to somewhere that they are not an imminent threat. Hmmm, let’s see where might that be? How about Quatar, or Turkey, or Iran? In any case, they cannot remain on Israel’s doorstep any longer, unless they are made to behave. Controlling these “wild asses of men”, however, would be nigh on to impossible. It would be better just to send them away as Abraham did with Hagar and Ishmael.

  27. https://twitter.com/EpshtainItay?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1718580314707018001%7Ctwgr%5E3c1570fec349efe395dcafb99f09a85ec9efebe9%7Ctwcon%5Es2_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fnew.thecradle.co%2Farticles%2Fleaked-israeli-plan-to-ethnically-cleanse-gaza. This reference identifies Epststain as a n expert on “humanitarian law” based in Norway and Geneva, and as an advisor to EU commission on Human Rights and the UN Human Rights Commission. Neewsd I say more?

  28. This report is complete bs. It originates with an anti-Zionist Jewish site. The site provides no evidence that the Israeli government has adopted or approved this plan. The site webmaster even admits that it was drawn up by a barely funded committee with little or no power, whose job it was to come up with ideas or plans that reflect “thinking out of the box.” The webmaster even admits that the minister in charge of this small unit is not obligated to pass along the committee’s proposals to decision-makers. And he admits that there is no evidence that she did. (I can’t remember what minister or ministry has jurisdiction over this committee).

  29. Kol ha kavod! This gives me hope. Anyone here remember the plan of Rabbi Meyer Kahani? Decades ago, he said that the Jewish and Arab cultures were incompatible and the Arabs should be paid to move elsewhere. It is simply amazing how long it takes a nation and many individuals to come out of an idealistic cloud and accept reality. I will spread this idea to help it become more acceptable.

  30. Ted: your opening comment was spot on. Israel should have choked on those Palestinians and she is very close. Think of the current situation in Jaffa, Haifa, Nazareth, Ramle and so on, not to speak of the upper Galilee, Negev or J&S.

  31. I mean the following

    I see Spain

    The whole South is totally dry and getting worse

    Jihad is ignorance total human ignorance

    And the sea contaminated and totally over exploited

    Remove that horrible horrible Gaza building and never repeat it anywhere and I mean anywhere

    Plus the sea
    When growing up in Ireland I never SAW a tin of tuna

    Did it matter? Not one bit!

  32. A great plan, but would Israel dare to implement it, given the world’s predictable hostility to the idea? But yes, if Israel can summon the nerve to go ahead and ignore the hypocritical bleating from its enemies and so-called friends, then moving the Gazans to the Sinai and then to Jordan would place the problem firmly where it belongs – with the Arabs. Israel made a huge mistake in withdrawing from Gaza.

  33. This solution is too good to be true. Conversely, this is the only solution to the Gaza riddle which remotely addresses the problem at all, and in doing so it completely addresses the problem. Of course, I would rather these savages be shipped further away than just a few kilometers across the border in the Sinai, but this is a solution with real opportunities to finally address the Cleft by drawing it out like a festering splinter beneath the skin. So yes, yes and yes. This is the path forward, a path towards peace, a path towards stability, and a path towards equitable solutions. Do recall that the Arabs across all of Arabia evicted their Jews literally just after the world swore Never Again, so yes, it is an equitable solution, one which has been too long left unaddressed, and next we should focus on moving the Pals in J&S back to Arab Palestine, better known as Jordan.