Likud minister: The war hasn’t started yet

Minister May Golan tells TalkTV about the horrors perpetrated by Hamas, blasts feminists for silence when Jewish women are raped and murdered. ‘The Jewish people are now facing something that no person in his right mind can even realize.’

October 19, 2023 | 2 Comments »

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  1. The three classic Western religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) each pattern themselves on a founding figure who presumably had a connection with God (indirect, in the case of Muhammed, but nonetheless deemed infallible): Jews glorify Moses and Torah; Christians glorify Jesus and the gospel; Muslims glorify Muhammed and Qur’an.

    Moses killed one man, and suffered 40 years of exile because of it. Jesus did not murder anyone. Muhammed personally slaughtered hundreds.

    Extend this thinking to every aspect of life: sexual behavior (Muhammed was a pedophile), speaking the truth (Muslims are commanded to break treaties when they are able, as Muhammed did), etc.

    To sum it up,


    Can you get blood from a turnip? Then you can get virtue from a “good” Muslim. Islam IS glorified sin, glorified carnality, glorified inhumanity.

  2. I do not know how Israelis have lived next door to these monsters all these years, knowing that a day like this might come some day.

    Every time these terrorists attack, Israel’s attempts to defeat them are thwarted by the leaders of the Western world who start to vilify Israel and make the Palestinian murderers into poor innocent people who suffer due to Israel. Goebbels would be proud of these lies.

    Now as the government of the US is trying to isolate and checkmate Israel’s ability to fight for her people’s right to survive, the American people who love Israel are very angry at our government. Our government no longer represents the values, strivings, and needs of the American people. Our government is totally disconnected from the reality of the American people’s lives. It is totally disconnected from the reality of Israeli’s lives. It makes war when it wants, it funds terrorism when it wants, it has spent trillions of dollars in an attempt to bring about an economic collapse of mind boggling proportions, one in which all Americans will likely lose their life savings and the dollar will be a worthless piece of paper.

    This US government lectures Israel and micromanages the Israeli war effort as if Israel were their hated adversary not their ally.

    This US government is a sham, a criminal conspiracy to destroy both America and Israel, and to delegate that destruction to Iran.

    We in America see what our government is doing, we see it all. Their lies are obvious and blatant as they rush to cover their shameful betrayal of Israel and the American people.

    I believe Israel can and will win this war.

    I agree with Government Minister May Golan, Israel can never again live side by side with any genocidal terrorist entity poised to strike at any moment.