Israeli Victory Is the Only ‘Proportional’ Response

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by Nave Dromi, JNS    October 18, 2023

Published originally under the title “Victory Is the Only ‘Proportional’ Response.”
Once again, the international community and the media are becoming obsessively focused on the ridiculous notion of “proportionality” in regard to Israel’s response to the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre.

First, it should be clearly understood that there is no accepted or exact definition of the term “proportionality” or a formula for calculating it.

In general, the principle of proportionality involves a balance between the military advantage that will likely result from a proposed operation and the harm that is likely to be inflicted on civilians and noncombatants.
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  1. IDF and Israelis are fighting. Israelis are unified in this war. This war started horrifically and will be long and hard.

    Israel National NewsDefense/SecurityIDF eliminates leader of terror organization in Rafah

    IDF eliminates leader of terror organization in Rafah
    IDF strikes senior members of different terror organizations, along with intelligence infrastructure and command centers.
    Israel National News

    The IDF destroyed terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip and killed terror operatives, including senior members of different terror organizations, including the head of the military branch of the “Popular Resistance Committees” in Rafah, the IDF and ISA (Shin Bet) said in a statement.

    “The IDF continues to strike in the Gaza Strip,” the statement said. “During the last day, the IDF struck hundreds of Hamas terror structures, including dozens in Shuja’iyya. The structures include anti-tank missile launching posts, terror tunnel shafts, intelligence infrastructure, and additional command centers.”

    “Dozens of mortar launchers were also struck, the majority of which were destroyed immediately after launching shells at Israel.

    “During the fighting, numerous Hamas terror operatives belonging to the ‘Nukbha’ forces, who led the barbaric invasion of the communities surrounding the Gaza Strip, were targeted. More than ten terrorists were targeted in a precision aerial strike.”

    Full Article at:

  2. No country in the world, or even more precisely, represented in the UN, has ever taken proportionality seriously. Israel should take this just like all the rest. Just because some countries can’t carpet bomb doesn’t mean that others can’t either. Hamas has long overstayed its welcome and needs to be removed finally and permanently.