Massacre in Nir Oz: Entire family, mother, father, children, butchered by terrorists

Tamar, Yonatan, 6-year-old Shachar and Arbel, and 4-year-old Omer were all murdered by Arab terrorists in Nir Oz in southern Israel.

The Siman Tov family OBMFamily

Tamar Kedem-Siman Tov, her husband Yonatan (Johnny), their two six-year-old daughters Shachar and Arbel, and their 4-year-old son Omer were all murdered by Arab terrorists in Nir Oz in southern Israel.

The mother, Tamar, 35, recently ran for the position of Eshkol Regional Council head. Her friend Tzofia Cohen lamented her death on Facebook: “Tamar Kedem-Siman Tov OBM, a trailblazing activist, did well with everything she touched, she was an excellent scout coordinator in Ashodod, that’s how I met him 14 years ago, industrious, smart, full of positive energy, practical, connected well to everyone.”

She further wrote that Tamar was “a student in the paths to generations program at Kaye Academic College on the education path where I taught, and she immediately continued to a master’s degree, so impressive.”

“Recently, we went back to being in close contact; we met, we spoke, I visited her home in Nir Oz, she consulted with me and enlisted me for an important process she was planning, not only me, but anyone who could give new points of view to her work for the residents of the Eshkol Regional Council, and then she decided to run for the head of the council, essential and innovative, encouraging and caring.<

My heart bleeds out. Tamar was murdered in Kibbutz Nir Oz with her husband Johnny (Yonatan) and her three children, Arbel, Shachar, and Omer. Their holy memories should be a blessing. I so much hoped that they would be found, and the bitter news hit me; Tamar, my love, I’m having trouble believing; how can this be? What type of lowly people kill babies with their parents? It is so hard to think that you are no longer. My heart is with your parents, your siblings, and Johnny’s family.”

A friend of the family, Gilad Mamon, lamented: “Dear Tamari. The tears don’t stop. I promise not to forget.

I won’t forget your wedding on the grass in the Kibbutz, you had so much joy in your eyes then. I won’t forget the modesty, your and Johnny’s tenderness and love. I won’t forget sweet Johnny, with the light in his eyes and endless innocence. I won’t forget the movies that we produced for Bikurim High School, with all of the talented children, this place was so important to you; children were so important to you.

This region was so important to you I have no doubt that you would have been elected council head, leadership runs through your veins. Thank you. Thank you for what you were in the world for me. You are an example of the type of people this country is missing, and my heart breaks for you, for Johnny, and for your three sweet children. Sorry that I wasn’t there for you in your last minutes to help. I promise I won’t forget you.”

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