Michal Cotler-Wunsh’s powerful speech at the UN about the ever-mutating virus of antisemitism.

T. Belman. Michel Cotler -Wunsh is the daughter of Irwin Cotler who served for many years as Canada’s Justice Minister. She is an Israeli politician. She served as a member of the Knesset for the Blue and White alliance from 2020 to 2021. She currently is special envoy for combating antisemitism for Israel.

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  1. A very good speech. Clear, concise, passionate, and I think, utterly useless. “Never again” doesn’t mean anything to anyone, except to the Jews. The countries of the world have made up their minds. Enough with the empassioned pleas, already. Israel better get ready for a much bigger war.

  2. Is there any moral clarity or courage at the UN?
    I think the UN died a long time ago. In 1975 Idi Amin declared “Zionism is Racism.” Either the UN died then or was already dead by that time.

    The UN exists as a club for mass murderers and tin pot dictators, along with budding totalitarian states such as the US under Obama and Biden. Israel is therefore anathema to that club, because Israel of all the countries in the world, is a moral country, a democracy, and is committed to protecting herself and her people from harm.

    I thought the speech by Ms. Michal Cotler-Wunsch was very compelling. But I was not in the room at the time she gave the speech, so I do not know if it was well received or fell on deaf ears.

    Given the amount of hatred of Israel spewed out by the usual members of the UN general assembly, it seems this speech would stand out for honesty, goodness, and moral clarity.

    The UN appears to exist for the NGOs which are affiliated with it, that represent globalist foundations and are a means of massive money laundering from billionaires to their various family members and business contacts through these NGOs. The NGOs are also formed for advancing political change in the direction that is desired by the world’s billionaire class. For example, the WHO is directed by Bill Gates through his B&MGF, for the purpose of vaccinating the global population to benefit Bill Gates financially at the expense of global health and wellness.