Netanyahu, Gallant, Gantz discuss “post Hamas era” in joint press conference

T. Belman. Israel is committed to destoying Hamas. That much is certain. Biden is on board for this, so far. But he is forcing Israel to take more casualties to reduce the Gazan casualties.

At the same time, Israel has pledged that she will not annex Gaza or any part of it. This is not good enough for many Israelis. They believe Israel has the right to reclaim Gaza, that the Palestinians must lose land to know they have lost. The Rules of War provide that in a defensive war, the country that has been attacked has the right to acquire land from the aggressor. Unfortuneately, Biden is opposed to any annexation.

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  1. Here Netanyahu says “this is why I will never give up control of Gaza or the West Bank”. I think that is what he said, although he might have said Judea and Samaria instead of West Bank. I take that to mean he will never turn Gaza over to the PA or leave the PA in charge of J&S.