More Stuff We Can’t Blame On Trump

By Dave Merrick, CFP

Despite what lamestream media might be trying to hammer into our heads right now, the latest installment of America’s ongoing racial nightmare is simply more of number 44’s malignant ‘legacy’ rearing its ugly head. As I have documented in several past articles, he and his wife went out of their way to keep the racial pot stirred. And the froth of boiling hatred we are now experiencing, as common sense should be screaming to us all, has little to do with a paltry seven months of Donald Trump.

But if you are insisting that our nation’s current unrest is attributable to Trump I will agree with you, insofar as liberal media’s/entertainment’s using him in lathering up the mindless liberal numbskulls who get their values, history and ‘political science’ from SNL and Comedy Central.

Eight years of reawakening a racial wound that was aching to heal was what we got from Barack and Michelle

Nevertheless, whether it was blatantly inflammatory oratory at one of several black college convocations, or their never ending, determinedly racially agitating commentary following some white guy (cop or commoner) defending himself against any formidable black combatant – the Obamas never missed a trick in pointing out our differences of skin color. And their arguments for never letting that difference rest were never any deeper than that.

Eight years of reawakening a racial wound that was aching to heal was what we got from Barack and Michelle. And, worse than that, that whole senseless conflict was freshly opened and promoted to the few generations who had not been introduced to Dr. Martin Luther King while he was alive, or what had necessitated his vital ministry of arbitration and reconciliation to America.

Barely two years into Mr. Obama’s administration, I will never forget “Beat Whitey Night” that happened at the formerly, annually completely peaceful Iowa State Fair (in IOWA, for crying out loud!). ‘BWN’ was a bunch of teenage black kids running around the fairgrounds in Des Moines randomly, physically thumping white fairgoers. That night they downed two white police officers who tried to merely settle that mob after it had attacked and severely busted up one white guy’s (‘whitey’) face.

Shortly after that, and not too long after Obama’s melodrama of publicly ‘adopting’ Trayvon Martin, the ‘New Black Panthers’ (NBP) felt secure in offering a ‘dead or alive’ bounty on the white man they had declared ‘guilty’ in Martin’s death. Trayvon Martin’s death became a circus for Obama’s racist platform.

Indeed Mr. and Mrs. Obama, if honest historians have the courage to tell the truth, were the antithesis of everything Dr. King worked and died for

A former NBP official at that time confidently declared: “Obama, he on my side, now!” (sic) And the group’s ultra-racist leader, Hashim Nzinga, said as much and included former Attorney General Eric Holder as an ally in their effort. Panthers had encouraged the wholesale slaughter of whites and their babies.

The White House response to all that was – silence. I am forced to recall a statement every lawyer knows and leans on: “By your silence we understand you to agree.”

Indeed Mr. and Mrs. Obama, if honest historians have the courage to tell the truth, were the antithesis of everything Dr. King worked and died for. In fact, in even the most brief looks back over our shoulders, the Obamas proved to be unbelievably perfect plants, vehicles, by which America was horribly infected with all sorts of problems that our pure hearted forefathers had scarcely anticipated.

In the years prior to America’s first and worst black president, the buds of healing had pushed forth new growth in our nation. Racism, when GW left office, simply wasn’t that big of an issue. It was as though an oppressive drape was slowly lifting. FINALLY we were beginning to claim a really STRONG commonality: WE WERE SIMPLY MEN AND WOMEN, AMERICANS OF ALL COLORS, GETTING ON WITH LIFE. And AMERICA proved that by electing a black man as our president – twice.

Obama’s entire presidency kept lifeblood flowing to the demons of race hate and class warfare

And if anything good happened from 9-11, it was at least a tragedy that caused all Americans – regardless of color – to stand for the preservation of the goodness in our land. Of course, at either end of the bell curve, you have exceptions to any rule. But we were then experiencing a breather from the tensions of racial division that had so kept us from walking together as ‘AMERICANS ALL.’

Obama’s entire presidency kept lifeblood flowing to the demons of race hate and class warfare. At one college graduation he actually told black college students to “have confidence” in their “blackness”. Would a white president have survived telling white graduates to have confidence in their whiteness?!

“Beyonce’ runs the world!” Barack once proudly declared. How stupid. Beyonce’, the often nearly naked singer who did the 2015 Superbowl halftime show (before MILLIONS of little kids and impressionable teens), was one way Barack and Michelle, by powerful association, expressed their brand of ‘blackness.’ I have mentioned this before because it truly amazes me…

In that halftime program Beyonce and thirty scantily clad, booty-shaking babes were ostensibly all about legitimizing and promoting militant ‘blackness’. The star herself wore faux bandoliers, and her troupe of dancers sported the black berets made famous by the black panthers. The Obamas were absolutely fawning in support of the show in a pre-game interview.

It appears that a “black power” show was their idea of a great time. Shortly after that, the bloody and destructive Charlotte riots happened – during which Obama’s head lawyer, Lynch, effectively underwrote the ‘protesters’ in applauding their right of ‘peaceful assembly’. More rhetorical sleight of hand.

Since liberal media went and ‘lost control’ in allowing Donald Trump to become president, ‘privileged’ white America is expected to sit by and shut up and take all the abuse that the antifa, snowflakes, BLM and their sympathizers can dish out. And that rabble which constitutes the muscle of Obama’s shadow government is busy punishing America for having elected President Trump.

And when white Americans point out that the racist venom, the indisputable produce of eight years of racist Obama, is being used as a crowbar to help pry us all apart, we are declared to be ‘haters’ using ‘hate speech’.

Suddenly David Duke alleges that his klansmen were largely responsible for Trump’s election. The Libs are fast to jump on that: “See! Duke and his followers constitute most of white, privileged America! Trump loves the klan! And that being the case, we need to tear down anything that reminds us of the Civil War or the Rebel Flag!”

Obama’s presidency was saturated with anti-white, anti-American, anti-Christian rhetoric

And that noise makes about as much sense as destroying all Volkswagens because Hitler loved that car. And we need to tear down all the pyramids because they were built by slave labor. (But, since a lot of those slaves were Jewish – and Islamic terrorists have told us we had better join them in hating the Jews – we should probably just let the pyramids stay where they are.)

It was not the Klan that elected Donald Trump. It was Americans of all colors who were fed up with the path Obama had taken us down, and who were appalled at the possibility of Hillary completing the job.

Obama’s presidency was saturated with anti-white, anti-American, anti-Christian rhetoric. It was a great distraction. While he was turning America against itself we were oblivious to the even bigger cancer he was nurturing in bankrupting our nation, opening our borders and funding nuclear Islam. Now Donald Trump, along with everything else being thrown at him, is labeled a racist and credited with all of our current upheaval.

And he did all that in seven months? I don’t see how anyone could.

As you read the history of America, in the process you will surely accrue a little knowledge of the characters of the people who brought our great nation to life. In that discovery it becomes painfully obvious that the founders assumed that two very necessary, prerequisite ingredients would always be present if our nation was to survive and prosper. The most important was a godly conscience. Only slightly behind that priority was that the people be informed.

Today both those components are precious scarce.

Dave Merrick, is an internationally known and published artist whose works reach into the greatest diversity of audiences. Known primarily for his astoundingly lifelike portraiture, Merrick’s drawings and paintings grace the walls of an impressive array of well-known corporate and private clientele. Many of his published wildlife pieces have become some of America’s most popular animal imagery.

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