Natasha Hausdorff responds to the content of the House of Commons Gaza Debate.

T..Belman. Natasha is absolutely brilliant. She convincingly points out how misinformed the House of Commons was when it passed a resolution in support of a ceasefire. The House debate embraced propaganda and blood libels against Israel as though they were the truth. What a farce.

February 25, 2024 | 1 Comment »

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  1. It is interesting that the House of Commons felt the need to comment on the Israel -Hamas conflict by taking the side of Hamas, while it has had absolutely nothing to say about the Ethiopian-Eritraian conflict,the Islamist terror campaign in Mozambique that caused more than a million refugees, the huge number of refugees, well over a million, from the Syrian war, the equally huge number of refugees from the ongoing Iraqi war, the huge number of refugees and displaced persons in Myanmar (Burma), the vast number of Afghan nationals expelled from Pakistan and dumped back in their native country without food or water, etc. etc.water, etc. The Brits self-proclaimed “humanitarian” concerns for the Gazans, when they seem completely unconcerned with suffering humanity in a dozen other hideous wars around the world, reveals the depth of British hypocricy and hypocricy of the Islamist mainly illegal immigrants within Britain who have pressured parliament to pass this idiotic resolution.