New details about why a Jordanian terrorist murdered 7 Israeli schoolgirls

A week after the Jordanian terrorist who murdered 7 Israeli schoolgirls was released from prison, JerusalemOnline received an Arabic language affidavit that proves that his actions were premeditated to the contrary of what was previously claimed and that he was motivated to commit the murders by anti-Jewish incitement.


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About a week after JOL reported that Jordan released terrorist Ahmed Daqamseh from prison, who killed 7 Israeli school girls in a terror attack in Naharayim in 1997, dreadful new details about the incident that have not been revealed until now have reached JerusalemOnline. These details indicate that the terror attack was more gruesome than both Jordanian judicial records and Israeli sources claim that it was.

During the course of his trial in 1997, Daqamseh claimed that the 7 Israeli girls were mocking him as he prayed. In the eyes of official state-controlled Jordanian media, this claim has been used to justify the terror attack to this day for “they insulted and mocked Islamic prayers.” Jordanian media even claims “any Muslim should have done the same.” However, an affidavit in the Arabic language that has reached JerusalemOnline tells a completely different story.

ne thanks to former Jordanian MP Ali Al Saneed, who was imprisoned for his political views around the same time that Daqamseh went to jail. According to Al Saneed, he was locked up in the very same prison Daqamseh was in and his cell was right across from his. Due to this reason, the two engaged in lengthy conversations about the day that the 7 Israeli school girls were murdered in a terror attack.

According to Al Saneed, the murder of the 7 Israeli school girls was not a spontaneous attack in response to their reaction to the way that Daqamseh prayed but rather was a premeditated terror attack that Daqamseh planned in advance due to the anti-Jewish incitement that he was exposed to. Al Saneed noted that on the day of the terror attack, Daqamseh hugged his children closely for he may never see them again and then prepared to murder: “It was never an improvised attack.”

Al Saneed claims that Daqamseh told him that on the day of the terror attack, he arrived at Peace Island, where he began examining where to implement the murders and he started to pray to Allah that he would not hesitate out of fear.  According to the report, Daqamseh loaded his M-16 rifle with live ammunition even though it was the procedure then to use non-lethal ammunition: “He kept observing the location waiting for his kill. The first Israeli bus that arrived according to Daqamseh was that of very little school children so he chose not to kill them as they reminded him of his own little children who were then of the same age. Little did he have to wait until another Israeli bus arrived which included the girls he killed, who were apparently of a proper age to murder in Daqamseh’s eyes.” According to Daqamseh, these girls were between age 15 and 20. In reality, they were between age 13 and 14.

According to that report, it was at that moment when he saw the girls that he wanted to murder that Daqamseh’s shift as a Jordanian soldier guarding the area was over.  However, he was still determined to implement the terror attack so he convinced his colleague to let him stay at the post and not to replace him, which was an offer that the Jordanian colleague accepted with joy so that he would have “some extra break time.” After his colleague departed, Daqamseh started to shoot: “He said the first hit was in one girl’s head as he saw her body falling down. He began shooting the other girls.”  According to Jordanian sources, Daqamseh was considered one of the best snipers in the Jordanian Army and had received several honors for that. Nevertheless, he made a mistake by leaving the M-16 on full automatic, which made the rifle jam. For that reason, he stopped after he killed 7 girls and wounded 6 others.

Despite what he had done, the report notes that Daqamseh stood there smoking a cigarette after he “took revenge on the Jews” and “colored the land with their blood as he was taught to hate them from his childhood in his northern Jordanian Bedouin town.” JerusalemOnline was able to confirm that Daqamseh is not of Palestinian origin. Afterwards, Daqamseh related that he got into a military vehicle and ran over the bus driver, thus breaking his legs.

According to JerusalemOnline sources, the Jordanian regime staged and promoted the hero’s welcome that Daqamseh got upon his release both in the streets of the country and in the state-controlled media. However, these sources note that there were no celebrations of his release in Amman, where Jordan’s Palestinian population is concentrated. JerusalemOnline spoke with Abed Al Maala, the Deputy Secretary General of the Jordanian Opposition, who stressed: “The king’s regime has raised this killer and systematically promotes terror. Let’s not forget that the king’s envoy visited Daqamseh upon his release and congratulated him publicly. It is time for the Israelis to see the king and his government for what they are.”

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  1. Trump’s latest release:

    The new Mideast Peace Plan:

    600 mega tonnes liberally distributed among the following cities:

  2. What kind of country given a man 20 yrs for murdering children?
    If he was adjudged insane at the time of the murder, has been adjudged sane now?

    Jordan’s criminal law is a farce.

  3. @ Dean Blake:
    A country of eliminationist anti-semites. Reposting from the just updated Wikipedia article:

    “Jordan’s justice minister’s call for Daqamseh’s release[edit]
    On February 14, 2011, Jordan’s new justice minister Hussein Mjalli joined dozens of protesters in demanding the early release of Daqamseh.[6] Mjalli, a long-time oppositionist, was appointed to the position as a result of the 2011 Jordanian protests, part of the larger Arab Spring against the region’s established regimes.[22]
    Mjalli previously served as the defense lawyer of Daqamseh in his 1997 trial. As an Arab nationalist opposed to the 1994 Israel–Jordan peace treaty, Mjalli views Daqamseh as a hero who should not be in prison.
    [23] The Israeli Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that Mjalli’s comments were received in Israel with “revulsion and shock.” Israeli Embassy spokeswoman Merav Horsandi said it “is difficult for us to comprehend how there are people who support the release of a cold-blooded murderer of young children.”[6]
    To allay Israeli concerns and anger regarding a possible early release, Jordan’s foreign ministry issued a statement reassuring that Daqamseh would serve out his life sentence and that Mjalli had just expressed his personal opinion.[23]
    Jordanian parliament calls for Daqamseh’s release[edit]

    In April 2013, 110 of 120 Jordanian Members of Parliament signed a petition calling for the release of Daqamseh.[3] The petition called for a special pardon to release him. The cause of the petition is that Daqamseh allegedly finished his sentence.[24]
    The families of the seven murdered schoolgirls expressed outrage over the petition and vowed to do everything in their power to thwart Daqamseh’s release. Nurit Fatihi, mother of Sivan Fatihi, said: “I expected [Daqamseh] to rot in jail, but I see I can’t count on the Jordanian court and authorities to promote justice. We’ve addressed government officials in the past, but it didn’t really help… Just like I will never see my daughter again, so too he does not deserve to see his family. Every one of the girls would have a family and children by now.”[25] On April 15, 2013, during Yom Hazikaron, the families of the victims held a memorial service in front of the Jordanian embassy in Ramat Gan. At the end of the ceremony, the Jordanian ambassador, Walid Khalid Obeidat, invited the parents into the embassy, and assured them that Daqamesh would not be released at the time.[26]
    Daqamseh’s release[edit]
    On 12 March 2017, Daqamseh was released,[27] after completing his prison term of 20 years.[28]
    “We respect the Jordanian judiciary, and now we can only remember the image of King Hussein condoling the families of the victims.” Commented Alice Wells, the then American ambassador to Jordan, when asked about the embassy’s opinion on Daqamseh’s release.[29]”

    What does that mean, “the then American ambassador.” This was just this past week! Is this Trump’s ambassador?

    Building houses for Jews is “unhelpful to peace” but releasing a mass-murderer of Jewish children gets “respect.”

    The anti-Isis coalition does not need appeasing. Either they are fighting on their own anyway, and can use all the help they can get, or they are aren’t. Most of our so-called allies, as with the last few wars, are only token allies.

    OK, I see she is an Obama appointee, didn’t Trump fire all of Obama’s ambassadors, as Obama did Bush’s? Why is she still there?

    Also, we see from the above that Daqamseh was appointed as a result of popular pressure from below. All the more reason why, as I said before, and Glick just said in this article, we have every reason to be worried about a genuinely popular regime. Because the “people”, in the words of Mel Brooks as Louis XVI in “History of the World Part 2,” “stink on ice.”

    7 min 30 sec in

  4. @ Dean Blake:
    Killing Jews is glorious!
    After nearly 45 years of Int. Islamic terrorism the West still in the learning curve as London massacre reveals.
    It is really about Judeophobia!

  5. Sebastien Zorn Said:

    What does that mean, “the then American ambassador.” This was just this past week! Is this Trump’s ambassador?

    It obviously-to me anyway- it means that she was the Ambassador at the time of the atrocity.

    Of course with the peculiar path that “literacy” has taken over the past 50 years, it could mean something entirely different. The Beetles and all their contemporary dancing dervishes, should burn in hell for they way they changed the world, especially in the matter of morals.

    Woodstock, for goodness sake….There should have been crop dusters flying over, dousing them with strong disinfectant twice a day. But it was an early harbinger of the lunacy which now comprises the large majority of Western youth, and indirectly led to Political Correctness, Multiculturism, and whether you called someone Miss, Mrs., or the bastard in-between MiZZZZZ…

  6. @ Edgar G.:
    The massacre was in 1997, she was appointed in 2014. It’s in the links I enclosed.

    “U.S. Ambassador to Jordan
    Term of Appointment: 07/28/2014 to present”

    The folowing link lists all of the U.S. Ambassadors to Jordan. Wesley William Egan Jr., was the Ambassador from 1994 to 1998. Wells, an Obama appointee, is still the incumbent!

    She was Executive Assistant to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 2011-12! *

    * humor

  7. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    Thanks for the correction, it was because you seemed puzzled that I answered the way I did, discounting that she might have been the present Ambassador. It was an odd way to put it, as if she was a previous Ambassador but not now.

    Still, I must take into consideration that it’s been translated from Hebrew.

  8. @ Sebastien Zorn:

    From what you write you must be a follower of Goldberg and Solomon, the famous comic opera composers. They used to go to my shool, and it was a treat to hear they layening…with their own music and words…. The chazan would be on the floor in fits of laughter….or crying like a baby, I could never satisfactorily confirm which. Perhaps a temporary insanity…

  9. I don’t understand why terrorist acts – all terrorist acts – are regarded as criminal acts and are tried in a civilian court, the end point being that the convicted criminal must “pay his debt to society” then be released.
    These are acts of war, and as such, should be tried in a military court, the end point being that the perpetrator face a military firing squad.

  10. @ Edgar G.:

    Not especially. It’s a staple of my cultural upbringing. The reference was pointed ridicule. Wells was Clinton’s Executive Secretary 2 years before being appointed Ambassador to Jordan. Look at the lyrics. First corrected link.

  11. Sebastien Zorn Said:

    Pinafore is by Gilbert and Sullivan. Is there a Goldberg and Solomon, too?

    G & S were using alias [goy names]. Here I thought yawl were an educated man.

  12. Edgar G. Said:

    The Beetles and all their contemporary dancing dervishes, should burn in hell for they way they changed the world, especially in the matter of morals.
    Woodstock, for goodness sake….There should have been crop dusters flying over, dousing them with strong disinfectant twice a day

    IS this a cry for HELP? or a suggestion of Genocide?

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