Obama actually believes the Israel facts support him.

[If only he could get his story out, Jews would applaud him or so his thinking goes. But Jews know his story only too well.]

Support for President Obama is sagging among a key Democratic voting bloc. Now his campaign has 11 months to win back Jewish voters.

By Allison Hoffman, Tablet Magazine

Earlier this month, the Republican presidential candidates convened in a Washington ballroom to lay out their case that President Barack Obama has been bad for Israel—and, by extension, bad for the Jews. That afternoon, in a rushed conference call, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, took a break between floor votes to tell reporters why the GOP candidates were wrong. “The facts of President Obama’s record are unambiguously clear,” Wasserman Schultz said, rattling off a laundry list: an increase in foreign aid to Israel, more joint military exercises between the two millitaries, and successful opposition to the Palestinian bid for statehood recognition at the United Nations. “As an American Jewish leader,” Wasserman Schultz said, “I am extremely proud of President Obama’s ongoing commitment to Israel.”

With Election Day less than a year away, the core of the Obama campaign’s play for Jewish votes is simple: Overwhelm what the Obama camp sees as Republicans’ bald emotionalism on Israel with a flood of facts and figures. Obama’s campaign website has a section devoted to Jewish issues that includes a seven-page PDF documenting the president’s support for Israel, with a six-page supplement titled “President Obama’s Stance on Israel: Myths vs. Facts.” (“Myth: President Obama believes that Israel is at the root of all problems in the Middle East today. Fact: President Obama declared Israel a source of inspiration for the American people as the sole true democracy in the Middle East.”)

Obama is heading into what promises to be a tough campaign, in which he will need all the enthusiastic support he can get—especially in crucial swing states like Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, all of which include substantial Jewish electorates. And while it’s hard to imagine a majority of Jewish votes going to Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich, a lukewarm showing among the people of the three Velts makes his task that much harder. A recent Gallup poll, conducted in September, showed Jewish support for Obama had plunged 29 points since his inauguration in January 2009. And this fall, in the most Jewish district in the country, disgraced Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner’s seat went to a neophyte Republican candidate, a result voters—albeit Orthodox and therefore not representative of the Jewish vote nationwide—there said they intended to be seen as a referendum on the Obama Administration’s stance toward Israel.

Ask anyone in Obamaland about what is now commonly referred to as the president’s Jewish problem, and the same answer will inevitably follow: “It’s not us, it’s you.” Or, more typically, “it’s them”—the vocal cadres of the Emergency Committee for Israel, the Republican Jewish Coalition, and similarly hawkish groups that, in the administration’s view, have turned Israel into an emotional wedge issue for Jewish voters, in much the same way right-wing groups used abortion to pull Catholics and evangelical Christians away from the Democratic Party in the 1980s. “To the extent we have a problem,” Wasserman Schultz told me last week, “it’s being created by individuals who know that Republicans can’t appeal to Jews on their domestic issues and are attempting to mischaracterize, distort, and lie about the president’s record to create enough distrust in the community to shave off a little bit of support here and there.”

But ask actual voters, and even ardent supporters of the president say the problem is acute. “You say he’s against Israel enough times, and eventually people believe it,” one Obama donor told me earlier this month in Los Angeles, where a recent cover of the local Jewish Journal featured the headline “Angry Jews” on an image of mad-as-hell Howard Beale. “In this town,” the donor went on, “he’s got a Jewish problem.”

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  1. When the “Messiah” received his Nobel Prize for doing absolutely nothing, that should have been your first clue that we all were in for a rocky ride. Stating the obvious about Obama being a Communist is meaningless as most of us share some sort of “leftist” leanings one way or another. It could be for relaxed immigration, more socialized medicine, or support for the phony “Green” companies that are being propped up by the administration.

    The end result borders on the same madness. As Americans we all collectively feel shame in the wealth that we all have created. Jews feel guilty because they are wealthy and smart, so they vote for a committed Socialist that no one has ever heard from.

    Jewish People en masse believe that if they help the “underdog” they feel they are helping themselves. This is truly a ghetto mentality, but unfortunately many Jews still have not left the ghettos of Eastern Europe. Consequently, Jews vote for Democrats almost exclusively.

  2. When President Bush was president, you always knew where he stood on any issue. Long before any vote took place, the discussion was always centered around whether you were for or against the president and his policies.

    President Obama has exactly the opposite governing style. He thrives on controversy and keeps it going until the last second. Time and time again, whether the discussion was about his birth certificate or the Guantanamo Bay detention camp or his vote in the U.N., you never knew for sure how he was going to go. People were forced to guess and this turned political discussion into a farce. You could not intelligently discuss facts, when there were no facts to be had.

    Now that we have some history under our belts, we can better guess what the president is going to do. He has made enough speeches and given enough interviews. It is still guesswork, but at least we have more information.

    He has said, over and over again, that Israeli security is of paramount importance to him and his administration. Hillary Clinton has reinforced this position to various world leaders. His administration and the liberals have turned it into a mantra. Then went most everyone thinks they know where he stands, he tells the world, but not Israel, that Israel needs to go back to the 1949 Armistice lines. The liberals are thrilled, the conservatives are angry, the Israelis are livid, the Palestine Authority is ecstatic and once again, another controversy is born. Now, everyone has something they can get their teeth into, and the discussion is worldwide.

    We have watched him time and time again, embarrass Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has visited the U.S. multiple times has never been embarrassed even once. Nor has any Middle East leader. He has even given Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan reason to believe that if any serious problems develop between Turkey and Israel, he would back Turkey. Maybe he would and maybe he would not. Turkey would be foolish to take his word to the bank.

    Our allies, on the other hand have been in turn, shocked, horrified, stunned, angered and aghast at the way he has treated them. The examples are too numerous to list. United we stand has turned into divided we fall.

    Liberals decry the fact that Israel plays such a large part in our political discussions. Okay then, let us discuss Iran or Honduras or Egypt or Britain or Lebanon. From Canada to Mexico to Libya, our foreign policies have been a disaster. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was afraid of President Bush. He mocks President Obama and disses Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, two of the most powerful people in the world, and get away with it. President Obama only get angry with conservatives challenge him.

    President Obama’s domestic policies effect a few million Americans (312,828,000) but his foreign policies effect over seven billion. President Obama does not have a Jewish Problem, he has a World Problem. Nobody is happy with what he has done. Never has their been so much chaos and uncertainty.

    Now we are playing a waiting game. No one can predict the future, but it is not bright. In fact, anyone with any sense is filled with great unease. Will President Obama win the next election?

    For the first time in memory, my glass is half empty, my optimism has failed me. My President and my government have appalled me. And worse of all, I only have one vote. It does not feel like enough.

  3. Ah, so it was MILWAUKEE Jews who created Obama! I was born in Milwaukee (Golda Meir’s girlhood home); but the only Jews I knew before college were our family physicians. Maybe that’s because I grew up in the “treif” Polish neighborhoods, and the prominent Jews lived in what we used to call the “Gold Coast”. They might as well have lived on Planet Mars. South Siders like me didn’t even cross over to the north side of town unless we had to — to register for the draft, for instance.

    The North Side was the home of Milwaukee’s Black population too. So now, we have such a charming couple: a Black President married emotionally to Milwaukee Jews. And they still live on an ivory tower, far away from me, that might as well be Planet Mars. It all makes sense.

    As my sister used to say, on the treif South Side, “Oy veh!”

  4. “’As an American Jewish leader,’ Wasserman Schultz said, ‘I am extremely proud of President Obama’s ongoing commitment to Israel’.”

    She may be an American Jew.

    And she may be a leader.

    But she is NOT “an American Jewish leader.”

    She’s chairman of the DNC, which has a bunch of Jews in it.

    That’s it; c’est tout.

    “American Jewish leader”? — No.

    [BHO]: “I am proud to say that no U.S. administration has done more in support of Israel’s security than ours, none — don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise, it is a fact…”

    Don’t let anybody tell you that’s a ‘fact.’

    Because it’s a crock.

    And the speaker of those words is an arrogant, shameless LIAR.

    So if he’s “proud” to speak those words, then that’s a measure of just how MUCH of a punk-assed liar he is.