Palin blasts Obama and the CIA Torture Report

By Sarah Palin

Palin's BootsAmerica Asks: “Whose Side Are You On”; Necessarily Directing This At Our President

In debauched minds it is fine for our young, once potentially unifying President to boast, “I’m pretty good at killing” while speaking of his own secret kill list, but all hell breaks loose if America’s expert and experienced CIA keeps known terrorists up at night for questioning, plays annoying music to get the evil ones’ attention, and considers whatever else necessary to keep us safe. (Yuck it up much, Nobel Peacenik President?) From the cozy confines of the White House he blusters a willingness to assassinate whomever he chooses, no need for judicial balance or seasoned military brass strategy – in fact the Community Organizer canned nearly 200 of our top military officials. And leftist response to their leader’s suspiciously opaque drone game plan? Crickets.

Mr. President: newsflash ignored by your yapping lapdogs – many of our finest whom you unprecedentedly refer to as “YOUR” own troops confide that the only thing legitimizing your being Commander in Chief is that puffed up leather coat you sport with an embroidered title on your left breast. They want to respect you; they know to obey you; they deserve better.

Want to talk “torture”? Evidence #1: Innocent Americans tortured and murdered by guilty terrorists on 9/11. Note the accurate terms “innocent” and “guilty”. Innocent 9/11 families are still tortured. Torture is slicing off the heads of investigative journalists and American charity workers serving in the Middle East who are used as political pawns. Torture is what radical Islamists routinely do to women and minorities.

True Americans say “never again.” These perpetrators are evil monsters sharing dark demonic intentions with radical Muslims who are beheading Christian children today overseas. True Americans serving as watchmen on the wall say, “Not on our soil. Not on my watch.” And any American-loving leader should promise, “Whatever it takes to stop evil, to protect this nation, we shall do.”

You’re on one side or the other. What is it, liberals: sympathy for inconvenienced terrorists who would murder our children or saving America?
– Sarah Palin


December 14, 2014 | 1 Comment »

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  1. Exclusive–Palin on Obama/Boehner Cromnibus Bill: ‘It Stinks to High Heaven’

    In an exclusive interview for Breitbart , Stephen K. Bannon asked Sarah Palin the following:

    Only 162 Republicans voted for this bill–a bill that will take decision making away from a Republican controlled Congress in 4 weeks–does that strike you as outrageous?
    Her reply:
    “It’s baffling really. The Republican Leadership in the House just flipped American voters the bird by sidelining the new Congress we just elected. I want the names of all 162 yahoos who would squander the opportunity to respect the will of the people and get America on the right track. Please print their names so we can ask them, “What the heck are you thinking?!”

    Baffling? As if!
    Even Sarah Palin isn’t that stupid and that is saying something.
    Sidelining the new Congress? Oh get real Sarah. This is business as usual.
    There is the good cop/badcop, hot/cold, fast/slow party system that is designed to keep the public thinking they actually have a choice or a vote.

    As for asking those ‘yahoos’ what they are thinking, you already know. They are thinking $$$$$$$$.