Paul Weston fearlessly skewers Islam

Paul Weston is the Chairman of the newly formed Liberty GB Party of England. He used to be head of the British Freedom Party which was disbanded in 2013.   In this video which last 12 minutes he nails Islam and PM Cameron who calls it a religion of peace.

Here’s what he had to say about Jews when interviewed by my friend and colleague Jerry Gordon in 2012.  Weston is constantly maligned for his views of Islam and his desire to stop Islam in its tracks in the UK.  I like him.


Gordon: To what do you attribute the rise of antisemitism in the UK and how would the British Freedom Party combat it?

Weston: We have 250,000 Jews in Britain. I mean it’s a very small proportion of the population. When you read the newspapers every week, you never see stories about violent Jewish gangs dealing in drugs, or Jewish gangs stabbing Pakistani gangs. You know, the Jews in Britain have integrated utterly. They were very poor, and they’ve risen mostly to the middle class now. They get on with their lives. They get on with their jobs. They pay their taxes and they’re wonderful people. There have always been antisemites in any country. How do we combat it? I don’t believe that the native British are antisemitic in the slightest. If they are, then there are not very many of them. The rise of antisemitism in the UK comes from Islam. We now have Shariah enforced no-go zones in various parts of the country, and they actually say “no Jews allowed.” No homosexuals, no alcohol, no Jews. “Judenrein” I believe is the expression, meaning free of Jews. What do we do about it? We prosecute imams in the mosques who are calling for the murder of Jews. We close down the mosques that are doing this. We should go all out to make sure that if these Muslims want to live in our country, they accept the Jews in exactly the same way that the native British have accepted Jews.

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