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By Ted Belman

Israpundit is my blog. I have been publishing it now for 15 years. It is not a part time effort but a full-time job and then some.

Throughout this entire time, I have advocated for:

– the annexation of most if not all the land to the Jordan River

– Israel’s democracy i.e strengthening the Knesset over the High Court

– Israel’s historical truth and the rejection of the Palestinian narrative

– Israel’s legal rights to the land

– the legality of the settlements

This advocacy necessitated my push back against the policies of Obama, the EU, the UN, and the BDS movement.

Finally, I was a staunch supporter of Donald Trump in his bid to become the President of the USA. Against all odds, he succeeded. I believe he will bring jobs to America and peace to Israel. Not to mention, killing political correctness and criminalizing the Muslim Brotherhood.

Due in part to that support, Israpundit is constantltly under attack resulting in the shut down of the site for a few minutes to an hour per day. I have to find an antidote to this.

Going forward, I intend to redesign my site to make it quicker and more user friendly and more resistent to attack. After all its been 15 years since it was first designed. It’s time to modernize.

Beyond these one-time expenses there are monthly expenses that must be paid to maintain the site.

I could use all the financial help I can get. Please partner with me in the work that I do.

US tax deductible receipts are available only for donations of $100 or more. Such a donation should be to IISS and you should be sure to mention Israpundit under Purpose.

Otherwise you can donate through Paypal as set out above or by sending a check made payable to Ted Belman, to Hagdud Haivri #1, Jerusalem 92344, Israel.

Thank you.

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. I’ll send you some money through Paypal. Not a hell of a lot, because I’ll be 83 years old seven days from now on April 2, and my wife and I need all the spare cash to help care for our two young granddaughters.

    By the way. You need to get an SSL certificate for your blogsite, which will help enable you to change your website lookup designator from HTTP:/ to HTTPS:/.

    Why all of this for a blogsite? Because the latest version of Foxpro, and soon a coming version of Google Chrome, and probably all the rest of the well-known internet browsers, are becoming spooked by hackers breaking into websites to steal credit/debit card and other crummy tricks. This gets the browsers into disrepute and other troubles. I know all of this because it is interfering with my own self-hosted small business website. I’ll send you more information about this as comes to my attention.

    Whatever else transpires, we all want to keep Israpundit alive and well.

    Arnold Harris, Outspeaker

  2. Email received:

    Thank you for the commitment and the information you have made available through your blog. I read it regularly and appreciate the choice of articles, the depth of the views presented and the contributions of the commentors.

    I;m not rich but would like to contribute. I`m mailing a series of postdated cheques which, I hope, will help add up to cover the expenses. Thank you for your work on this.

  3. Ted, the need for a more secure website connection at your end is now being forced by the Safari browser found on all Apple laptop computers such as the one my wife and I are using this morning in a Starbucks coffeehouse in Monona, Wisconsin. What happens next, more or less with every known browser, is that people who log onto Israpundit are being warned that you are operating an insecure website hosting connection. Get this fixed pronto, before Israpundit gets wiped out by lack of such a fix.

    If you know of anything that contradicts the technicalities of what I have reported here, please let me know.

    Arnold Harris, Outspeaker

  4. Email received.

    Thank YOU, very much.
    If there is a Jewish future, you and people like you are vital to making that a reality.
    I live in a town in California filled with loony university liberals. Yours is a refreshing voice of fact and sane anaylsis.
    Best yo you!

  5. ArnoldHarris Said:
    <blockquote people who log onto Israpundit are being warned that you are operating an insecure website hosting connection.

    To Ted.

    I wrote to you of this some months ago already, that I'd been getting a notice saying the site was not secure. You likely don't recall. You then told me that the site had been under attack for a while.

    Although my posts lack biting detail, unlike many others, who investigate on the internet, I am already aware of about 75% of their info, as I did that same research very many years ago, and very close to the times of the events, via books on the subjects. I quote from a once eidetic memory mostly, and T.G. i only make a few "typos" now and then (hope). Sebastien points them out. I depend on him to correct for me.

    I feel it is very important that you stay solvent, so….

  6. xx

    Consider that some may have used normal mail to post a contribution. If that’s the case, then it might take a week or more to reach you. I hope that this is so. You may think 1% is O.K. for a beginning, but I think you are just being polite because you are soliciting funds, In my opinion, 1% is abysmally low, so it’s bound to increase.

  7. Ted, I just sent you the money I promised you, via Paypal. They are sending it to you in Israeli shekels, and it will take 3-5 business days.

    It surprised the hell out of me, but Israel is not listed on Paypal as a country to which we can forward money to friends or relatives. Instead, the charming young girl on the Paypal helpline, resident in the Philippines, directed me to send it to your email address, as a payment for services. So what the hell is going on with Paypal? No wonder you get few donations.

    Arnold Harris, Outspeaker

  8. Hi Ted,

    thank you for your work. I’ve contributed.
    Best of health and success to you from Boston, MA.


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