Police Arrest Suspect in Murder of Shelly Dadon

Arab taxi driver confesses to murder of Afula teenager ‘for nationalistic reasons’; reconstructs the act.

By Gil Ronen and Ari Soffer, INN

Shelly Dadon

Shelly Dadon
Courtesy of the Dadon Family

In a dramatic development Sunday, police have announced that the murder of Afula teenager Shelly Dadon has been solved.

Police and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) arrested a taxi driver from the Arab village of Iblin in the Galilee, on suspicion that he carried out the murder for “nationalistic” reasons.

The suspect, named as 38-year-old Hassin Yousef Hassin Khalifah, subsequently confessed under police interrogation to committing the murder, and even reconstructed the crime for police.

Shelly Danon left her home to Migdal Ha’emek on May 1 for what she thought was a job interview. A few hours later, her body was found in a parking lot in Migdal Ha’emek.

According to the Shin Bet, Khalifah picked his victim up when she hailed his taxi to take her to a job interview in the industrial zone of Migdal Ha’emek. He then stabbed Dadon to death, and fled in his taxi to dispose of the body.

Murderer: Hassin Khalifah Shin Bet

Three weeks ago it was reported that there have been “certain developments” in the investigation, adding that the revelations may possibly lead police to solving the case soon.

Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich announced “dramatic developments” in the investigation on Memorial Day, just days after the murder, when he met with Dadon’s family.

Aharonovich reversed his statement that the murder was soon to be explained mere days later, when he said her murder might not be nationalistically motivated.

News of the dramatic breakthrough comes on the same day as police announced arrests of several Jewish extremists in the murder of Arab teen Mohammed Abu-Khder.


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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. How convenient!!! The police and Shabak probably under directives from above sat on this for months saying it was not a nationalist motivated murder. The family knew otherwise and cried out in every forum…. Thousands on social media agreed and voiced their opinions.

    BB kept a lid on this murder till now. The Shabak had it pegged almost from the start but our politicians and stupid political police wanted a different outcome to be made or nt made public.

    The Israeli Police would make any mafia Don proud.

    BB is scum and a murderer.

    Yesterdays cabinet meeting:

    Netanyahu jabbed at Lieberman and Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, who have been calling for a large-scale operation in Gaza and criticizing the government’s policies. “In these moments we must be level-headed and responsible,” Netanyahu said, not use “inflammatory and brash” rhetoric.

    When the photographers left the room, Netanyahu reportedly turned to his ministers and pressed on with his criticism of Lieberman and Bennett. He called on ministers not to fan the flames, saying that “those who criticize me and the government over our conduct is irresponsible and doing so for political ends.”

    Lieberman immediately shot back at Netanyahu, according to a transcript leaked to Israeli media. “You were the one who held a press conference after the kidnapped [teens’] funeral and before the cabinet and only spouted slogans without backing them up,” the Foreign Minister lambasted. “What I said about Gaza and Israeli Arabs, are things I have been telling my constituents for years. You promised to deal a harsh blow to Hamas, but nothing came of it and they continue to shoot at citizens.”

    Netanyahu furiously responded, “You should first come to cabinet meetings, and only then talk in the media about policies.”

    “Don’t put me on a scorecard,” Leiberman said. “I was in Germany on a political visit and I immediately returned when I heard that the bodies of the kidnapped teens had been found, so I missed one cabinet meeting.”