Police reveal system behind massive corruption scandal

Ted Belman. This is a scam taking place in many countries. When I was in Canada and the Liberal Party under Trudeau remained supreme, when ever the Party needed money they would create a fund of money that had to be distributed. Then key party officials would go to their bagmen to apply for grants. It was understood that the applications wouldn’t be scrutinized closely and the bagmen , would kickback to the party a significant part of the grant.

Key public figures, many belonging to Yisrael Beytenu, allegedly allocated state budgets to nonprofit groups and corporations in exchange for kickbacks, millions in cash


Following the arrest of 30 key public figures on Wednesday, including high-ranking Yisrael Beytenu members, shocking details of a massive corruption scandal began to emerge.

Following a year-long undercover investigation, major crimes investigators revealed a well-oiled corruption machine that worked in a systematic and well organized fashion: Every nonprofit organization, local authority and corporation knew that if they wanted to receive public funds they would have to return the favor by way of kickbacks or bribes.

The method was simple: Politicians and high-ranking public officials fielded requests from various institutions, including nonprofit organizations and unions, for state funding. These politicians, in some cases, allocated budgets to institutions that were not eligible for the funding, and in return the institutions paid the politicians money or gave jobs to their friends and associates. In some of the more offensive cases, a part of the allocated budget was allegedly secretly paid back to the politician who did the allocating.

At the very start of the investigation, the police identified 15 separate but interlinked cases, and have reportedly managed to obtain evidence on every one. The investigation also identified several degrees of corruption, with some of the suspects only involved in covering up the crimes of others.

The details of the investigation suggest that the illegal budgeting mechanism allegedly worked parallel to the official government ministry budgeting mechanism that funds various unions and nonprofit organizations. The illegal mechanism allegedly operated clandestinely under the radar.

According to investigators, it wasn’t just political appointments that were used as bribes but also millions of shekels in cash that were returned to the politicians under the table after being laundered.

“Political persecution allegations are baseless”

Several hours after the scandal broke on Wednesday, Yisrael Beytenu members were quick to accuse the police of political persecution, but Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino rejected the allegations as “baseless.”

In Yisrael Beytenu’s response, the party asserted that the fact that the corruption allegations were announced so close to the elections proved that the motive behind the investigation was solely to sully the party’s public image among voters.

“The Israel Police has proven that it has done, and will continue to do, its utmost to combat public corruption using every method and mean at its disposal,” Danino said in response to the accusations. “It is the police’s duty to defend the state’s democratic nature, without bias and with the utmost equality. The investigation has been ongoing for more than a year, and the shift [from undercover] to an open investigation resulted only from the assessment of the evidence and professional considerations.”

“It was done in complete coordination with the attorney-general and the state prosecutor, and after all the different aspects were considered, including the sensitivity of the timing in relation to the elections,” he added.

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  1. Moments ago a young girl was badly burnt by a molotov bomb, thrown by islamic bestial entities.
    I believe that the time has come to present the TV face creep passing as PM to actually destroy the vermin he and his associates negotiate with. OR ELSE.
    The people must, once and for all take self defense into their, our, own hands. The politzei is too busy protecting islamic vermin, “investigating” known criminals. blocking Jews from Har Habait and other items they are experts at.
    Forget about the “military” Central command. Da general Alon is so far out of being willing to protect Jews and National interest it is not worth talking about.