Poll: Only a third of Israelis support unilateral annexation of Jordan Valley because they fear giving citizenship to Arabs.

T. Belman. Israeli Jews have negative views  on annexatrion because they have been told that they will have to make a path to citizenship to avoid being an apartheid state. Except its not true. If the palestinians living there, have or  would have, Jordanian citizenship, Israel need not grant citizenship. It is for this reason, the Jordan Option in which Israel keeps all the land west of the Jordan R, provides for them to have Jordanian citizenship if they don’t already.  If Israeli Jews didn’t have to worry about having to give citizenship to Arabs, they would be very much in favour of annexation.

As Trump prepares to release long-awaited peace plan, survey finds only half of those identifying as right-wing would support Israel applying sovereignty over the Jordan Valley


A Palestinian man rides a donkey on a main road in the Jordan Valley, near Tubus, in the West Bank, September 11, 2019. (Ariel Schalit/AP)
A Palestinian man rides a donkey on a main road in the Jordan Valley, near Tubus, in the West Bank, September 11, 2019. (Ariel Schalit/AP)

A poll released hours after US President Donald Trump said that he’ll likely announce his long-awaited Middle East peace plan before his meeting early next week with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White party chief Benny Gantz, showed that just one-third of Israelis support the unilateral annexation of the Jordan Valley.

The poll commissioned by the Walla news site and carried out prior to Trump’s announcement, found that 35 percent of respondents supported unilateral annexation of the Jordan Valley, while 30% oppose it and 35% said they didn’t know.

According to the survey, only 48% of those who self-identify as being on the right of the political spectrum would support the move with 21% saying they don’t support it and 31% responding that they do not know.

The poll found that of those who identify themselves as among Blue and White’s centrist base, only 20% support Israel applying sovereignty, 44% do not support, and 36% do not know.

Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz (C) speaks to reporters during a visit to the Jordan Valley on January 21, 2020. (Elad Malka/Blue and White)

According to Walla, the high level of respondents saying they do not know how they feel about the Jordan Valley question, could show a lack of understanding of the issue and its implications.

Gantz vowed on Tuesday to annex the Jordan Valley “in coordination with the international community” if he wins the upcoming election.

Netanyahu responded by saying he would apply sovereignty over the Jordan Valley as well as every settlement in the West Bank “without exception.”

Ahead of the election last September, Netanyahu vowed he would immediately annex the Jordan Valley if he won. However, the results led to an extension of the deadlock that has now paralyzed Israeli politics for over a year and neither he nor Gantz were able to form a government that would have been able to carry out the controversial move.

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  1. Let the same number of sodomites own land and have citizenship on Israeli territory as Jews allowed to in eastern Israel.

  2. John Locke was the English philosopher who is widely credited with being the individual who provided the intellectual and ideological foundations for Democracy. The Declaration of Independence was heavily influenced by Locke’s ideas, as were all of the founding fathers. Locke wrote that people who were at war with the state or the nation were not only not entitles to vote in its elections. They were not even entitled to basic civil rights. They had no inherent right to live in the country. The could even be exploited as slaves or forced laborers. In order to decide whether someone was at war with the nation, one did not have to prove that they had committed violent acts against the state. Only that they had a “steady, settled design” to destroy the country or to overthrow its constitution was enough to classify them as enemies of the state and to deny them citizenship.

    According Locke’s theory of democracy, most Arabs living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza would be denied the vote in Israel even if these territories were annexed. Also,many also in pre-1967 Israel and Jerusalem.

    Locke also believed that only people who owned some property and paid some taxes should have the vote. He maintained that these were the only people who had a stake in keeping the country strong and well governed. If people who owned little or nothing and paid no taxes had the vote,, they would use it to would drain the state’s resources and exploit the taxpayers by voting to use the tax money to support themselves. I think that many American and European conservatives today have a similar understanding of the harm done to the national interest by non-tax-paying voters.

    On this basis, Locke would probably have found an additional reason to deny many Arabs the vote and perhaps many haredim as well. Many Arab Israeli citizens legally own no property and evade paying taxes.

  3. This is a very misleading article, for many reasons.

    It purports to give the percentage of respondents who oppose the unilateralannexation of the Jordan Valley–that is the annexation of it without any international support. The poll was taken immediately after Trump asked the Israeli government to hold back on annexation.

    The article does not give the exact wording of the questions that were asked the responders. That can be a major influence on what answers are received.

    The Walla newssite is very anti-Likud and pro-Blue-White. The bias of the poll-takers can affect the results of a poll. (According to a document attacking Bibi published by the prosecutors some ten months before they formally recommended his indictment, Walla “ceased to cooperate” with Bibi and its pro-Bibi owner as of 2017).

  4. Different Poll showed significantly different results about annexation.

    The survey reveals that a decisive majority (89%) of those who voted
    for the right wing bloc would support a government decision that would
    establish, even unilaterally, the application of sovereignty, in
    contrast to the position of Benny Gantz who declared that he would
    apply sovereignty only with international agreement.

    Approximately 41% support application of sovereignty to the Jordan
    Valley and the areas of the communities.

    An additional approximately 32% support application of sovereignty
    over all of Area C, which constitutes approximately 60% of the
    territory in Judea and Samaria and which are under total Israeli

    73% oppose any change in the status of Areas A and B and establishing
    there a Palestinian state.

    LINK TO POLL: http://womeningreen.org/majority-favor-sovereignty/

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