Questions Surround The King Of Jordan’s Health

JaFaJ INTELLIGENCE October 1, 2020

His confusing actions, lack of public interaction and silence raises serious questions

JaFaJ intelligence has been told by palace insiders that the health of Jordan’s king is in question by his inner circle, members of his own family and those close to him.

Sources have told JaFaJ that the most significant part of this is the king’s mental health and that he is reportedly spiraling into chronic depression, appears to be very agitated and has been on edge for at least three weeks.

According to a palace source, “The king has suffered from depression for years, nonetheless, lately he has been very nervous and hostile to people around him.”

The same source has confirmed that “One cannot come within three meters of the king without provoking him”. The source added that if you came close enough, he would hit you.

When asked, the source said that although the king has not actually hit anyone (lately), it is clear that he is angry and very mad about something and that the slightest thing could tick him off”.

An Israeli source who is in contact with the Jordanian Government, confirmed to JaFaJ that “the King has been acting weird for months”. The source added that “He yells over the phone, provokes others, makes threats and is very, very agitated – so much so that it has become very difficult just to communicate with him about everyday activities and needs”.

Other Jordanian sources have both reported and confirmed that the king has been making delusional statements to his inner circle, claiming things like he could get 70 billion dollars worth of investments from China, turn Jordan into the world’s hospital for treating COVID-19 patients, and turn Jordan into a regional hub to combat food scarcity. The last two ideas he has actually mentioned publicly on state TV.

All of the sources have added that the king is losing focus, is having problems running his country, cannot protect his people and is having problems focusing on current events and country problems. As such, he keeps switching between unrealistic ideas and uncalled for anger– often hourly.

“It is as if he is desperate to find a solution for the ongoing crisis, but can’t and is using outlandish thoughts to balance reality”. These thoughts include, “We can fight Israel and win if we have to” and that “Well-connected American statesmen have confirmed to me that Trump will lose the presidential elections and when he does, everything will return to normal”.

Despite the King’s delusional statements and reported aggressions, his physical health does not appear to be deteriorating. Sources inside his palace have confirmed that the king has quit drinking his favorite drink – Black Label Whiskey, but is suffering emotionally, and instead has been engaging in emotional eating and gaining weight, a major problem to him considering he has had heart issues. [Comment: It has long been rumored that the King consumes as many as two bottles of whiskey in a single evening. End Comment]

Conclusion: Socially, politically and economically challenged, the King of Jordan is despised by the Jordanian public, untrusted by his few remaining local loyalists and marginalized by most major Arab regimes. It appears that King Abdallah’s “depression” is spiraling out of control, threatening lives and regional stability. On top of this, the King’s physical health is more challenged today, with a worsening heart condition that appears to have resulted from substance abuse in his youth, not to mention Crohn’s disease symptoms. Because of his irrational thinking and actions, a country that is ruled by one man who holds unlimited power, Jordan’s stability is in question, and this threatens peace in the region. [Comment: it should be noted here that mental illness is not new to the Hashemite family. Abdallah’s grandfather (Talal) was dethroned because of mental illness (schizophrenia), and that Abdallah appears to be exhibiting many of the same symptoms [End Comment].

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