Syria will launch four Scud missiles after every Israeli raid

Al-Diyar (Lebanese) 25 March 2017 at 08:54 hours
[Google translation]

The Syrian leadership has officially informed Israel indirectly through Russia that for every Israeli raid on Syria and against every Israeli aircraft that will strike Syria, a Scud missile carrying half a ton of explosives will be launched at Israel’s military bases.

If Israel attacks civilian centers in Syria, It will bomb Haifa Port and petrochemical plants.

As Israel does not announce its raids, Syria will not announce its missile strikes, but will leave Israel with a conclusion.

This new situation was conveyed by the Russian leadership to Israel from the leadership of President al-Assad that Syria is not weak despite a six-year war and Syria has the dignity and dignity of its people and knows to defend itself.

The Syrian Arab army took out four Scud missiles and prepared them for firing on Israel if Israel carried out air raids.

Israel fears that Scud missiles would strike at its bases because Syria has 800 Scud missiles and missiles of the Lebanese resistance front in south Lebanon on the border Occupied Palestine may strike Ben-Gurion Airport, Haifa Port and Israeli cities.

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. be a good time for ISRAEL to finally win the war and not just battles. have the arab states humiliated as they finally sign surrender letters put together by not some ISRAELI idiot as the Egypt, hashmits are. no arab Russian armistice just total and final defeat.

  2. NOT A BAD IDEA – FOR ONCE WE CAN REALLY TEST OUR MISSILE DEFENCE SYSTEM. Pot luck maybe but its worth calling their bluff


    Syria has a Damocles sword against its neck. It is a prophecy about the total destruction of Damascus. It is in Isaiah 17: 1 and 2.

    This Prophecy is so clear and devastating that shouldn’t be ignored. Here it is: Isaiah 17: 1 and 2.
    Isa 17:1 THE WORD AGAINST DAMASCUS. Behold, Damascus shall be taken away from among cities, and shall become a ruin;
    Isa 17:2 abandoned for ever, to be a fold and resting-place for flocks, and there shall be none to go after them.
    Damascus has never been totally destroyed; nevertheless, this Prophecy says that it could not be counted among cities anymore and will become a ruin.
    So far, many prophecies in The Torah have had their fulfillment. Looks like this one is about to be fulfilled.

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