The Elitist Deep Statists are Exposing Themselves Like Never Before in this Gaza War

July 11, 2024 | 5 Comments »

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  1. Whatever comes around, Bibi will sooner or later have to leave it to his opposition to show what they are made of. This reeks of the times before Likud got into power. Inflation was so bad that you spent your salary immediately to offset the loss in buying power. This will impact the population immensely and the demonstrations will be reported in history books. Today’s weekend parties will be remembered as the national pastime before Bibi left.
    Sure, Bibi has made lots of mistakes, the worst being his not taking on the generals. At the end of the day, Bibi is (still) the boss and the generals either obey or get court-martialed. In my understanding, the generals include the security/intelligence agencies.
    That he did not get the justice people in line is due, of course, to all the cases against him that he was told would all go away if he would simply go home.

  2. Way to go, Avi! The problem is, however, how can we get rid of these people when they control the police and the army? Somehow “alternative” military and police forces must be created to arrest these people and remove them from office? But how?

  3. ms45143…..

    “The Likud and Netanyahu speak right and they carry out a left agenda”

    Friend, for too many decades the People have chosen right and gotten left (Arik Sharon anyone?). Things will never change until we rid ourselves of this ridiculous system of choosing our leaders (such as they are).

  4. All good points, the only thing he missed is that Netanyahu is equally responsible for all these failures. He is in power almost 25 years and in all this time, he never did a thing to restrain the courts and always chose Likud leftists to lead the most important ministries (defense, finance, police, communication, education). He never got rid of the army of leftist professionals in gov’t positions like the Council of Higher Education, and kept the monopolistic leftist state media intact and did nothing to open the waves to rightwing stations, etc. The left parties speak left and carry out a left agenda. The Likud and Netanyahu speak right and they carry out a left agenda. Smotrich and Ben Gvir speak right and try to carry out a rightwing agenda, but because everyone is so brainwashed by Netanyahu’s smooth talk, and are afraid of the left coming to power (Israel’s corrupt political system) because whoever gets more seats becomes the prime minister, they keep voting for the Likud. The Likud is the Deep Left just the leftwing parties. Israelis have to do to the Likud and Netanyahu what the public just did to the deceitful Tories in England to finally get rid of the rot.

  5. I’m glad that Avi was clear that he was speaking about the deep state IN ISRAEL, not in the US.

    The conflict in Israel is distinct from the conflict in the US. The “Deep State” movement in Israel is largely home-grown and self-propagating; it does not depend on the US for its continuance., just as the US “Deep State” movement does not depend on Israel.

    In both countries, the “Deep State Movement” operates, effectively, as a fifth column movement against the people. The name is deceptive, of course; In the US, “Deep State” defines a class of people, entrenched bureaucrats with one overaarching aim: the aggrandizement of power for its own sake. The same is true for the burecracies in Russia, in China, in Iran and elsewhere. In every case, the END is the amassing of power; the MEANS appears to be the ideology of the moment: open borders, “equitability”, favored status for nonwhites, rampant sexual immorality, “dumbing down” of the populace, and insidious gene-“therapy” genocide, etc.

    Lots of luck, trying to figure it out; but if you do NOT figure it out, it will ultimately destroy you. It is God vs. Evil, in pretty wrapping..