The heroic story of Tina Peters a 67 years old clerk at Mesa county in Colorado

Persecuted and prosecuted by the FBI for exposing massive voter fraud in the November 2020 Presidential elections

By URI WEISS   17.6.23

The story that Tina Peters tells is something we all knew since the fateful night of November 3rd, 2020, when the Presidential elections have been stolen from the American people in the most brazen way by the DemocRATS aided by the FBI and what has become to be known as the UNIPARTY in full cooperation with the lame, fake media, which this time included also Fox News.

On November 3rd, 2020 Tina Peters saw a coup d’etat in Mesa County Colorado. Voting machines hooked to the Internet, hacked, altering votes from Trump to Biden. She also witnessed changing and destroying votes manually. Tina Peters brought forensics experts to look at the voting machines and for that, the FBI arrested her and accused her on tampering with the voting machines. They unleashed the entire force of the Federal government and want to lock her for life and for what? For doing exactly her job, what was expected of her. Tina Peters says categorically that creepy Biden and others were not elected, but selected.

We all saw in real time what happened on elections night on November 3rd, 2020. In five swing states the counting stopped in an unprecedented way at 22:00 because had they continued to count, President Trump would have been declared winner within a couple of hours. In Pennsylvania President Trump was ahead by over 900,000 votes when the count stopped. When the count resumed, creepy Biden was ahead. Similar process occurred in all five swing states.
Truckloads of fake Biden ballots were added to the count overnight, they knew exactly how many were needed to overcome Trump’s huge lead. Similar methodology was employed throughout the five states.

We also watched the Dinesh D’Souza movie 2000 MULES in which “mules” paid by George Soros and the Deep State are seen on video depositing illegal ballots in the Absentee ballots Drop Boxes throughout the five swing states on the night between the third and fourth of November 2020.

I strongly believe that President Trump despite being misguided regarding the so called vaccines and being wrong about not firing Fauci, he would not have mandated the Clot Shots, thus preventing the current holocaust on the American people and the world. I am also certain that had President Trump prevailed in the elections, there would not have been a war in Ukraine and the world would not have gone in an economic meltdown. THEY also know it, otherwise THEY would not have taken the unprecedented course of action to persecute and prosecute a former President who intends to run again in 2024.

In 2024 they plan to improve their methodology of cheating. Aware that they can’t hope to repeat stopping count of ballots at 22:00 for the purpose of replenishment overnight, now they probably can tamper with the voting machines in real time, switch votes from one candidate to another, so they won’t have to rely on replenishment votes overnight. Tina Peters was made a scapegoat and a clear warning to anyone who will dare to question the validity of the 2024 Presidential, or Congressional elections.

The plan to incarcerate Donald Trump was put in motion by the FBI and the DEEP STATE on the day he came down the escalator at Trump Tower in NYC announcing he was running for President. What triggered this plan, was probably the same reason THEY assassinated President Kennedy in 1963. Like Jack Kennedy in 1963, President Trump threatened the very existence of the Military Industrial Complex, which proved to be the real ruler in America, regardless of the party in power. It was the Ministry of Defense through DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) who engineered, and brought to implementation through the Pharma Cartel the PLAN-DEMIC and the Clot Shots for the sole purpose of introducing economic collapse, the great reset and transition to TRANSHUMANISM. If we unite and expose their evil plans they will fail.

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