The march of folly

11 Palestinian plagues

Elyakim Haetzni – Freeman Center

There is good chemistry between Condoleezza Rice and Tzipi Livni. Livni took the idea of “A Palestinian state now” to Rice in America, and Rice is now promoting it here as an American plan.

The two foreign ministers easily went through the previous tragedies forced upon us – Rice, who forced Israel to relinquish the monitoring of the Rafah Crossing and to permit Hamas to take part in the elections (and rise to power); and Livni, who now admits that the disengagement from Gaza was a “mistake.”

Prior to the onset of a calamity, let’s take a look at the catastrophic implications of a Palestinian state, whose very establishment already enjoys consensus:

    1. Siege: Sovereign Palestine would devour Jordan, whose population is primarily Palestinian. Vis-à-vis a dwindling Israel, a hostile state would rise up from the Iraqi border to the Mediterranean with a corridor dividing the Negev between Gaza and Hebron.

    2. Irredenta: The Arab populations from the Galilee and Triangle will demand “autonomy,” an intermediary stage before the “Anschluss” to Palestine that would call for the implementation of UN Resolution 181 – Israel’s withdrawal to the 1947 borders (namely evacuation from Nahariya, Acre, Nazareth, Jaffa, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Kiryat Gat and Be’er Sheva) – a demand that was raised even before the “occupation.”

    3. Terror: The moderates’ diplomatic pressure will be accompanied by terror organizations whose call for disarmament has already been relinquished by Livni. There will no longer be a safe haven to escape to.

    4. Armament: Sovereign Palestine would deliver on a commitment to disarm just as the Palestinians have delivered on every commitment they have signed since Oslo. Palestine will be armed with innovative assault weapons.

    5. Refugees: According to the Livni-Peretz agreement to accept the Saudi Initiative as a basis, Israel would absorb several hundred refugees; however, the demand that we accept all the millions of refugees would only be enhanced. Meanwhile they would flow to Palestine and from there they would march on the borders.

    6. Air space: The Israeli Air Force would not fly over the West Bank, just as it was expelled from the Lebanese skies.

    7. Treaties: Palestine would breach every agreement banning it from signing military agreements with nations hostile to Israel. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard is likely to show up on our borders.

    8. Water: Similar to the Palestinian Authority before it, Palestine would carry out pirate drilling that would destroy the mountain’s aquifer.

    9. Spiritual revolution: Jewish sovereignty would nullify Jewish right to the land. Even if we “occupy” Palestine a thousand times, it would remain “Palestinian Land.”

    10. Expulsion and despair: Within “temporary Palestinian borders” 100,000 Jews would be expelled. The new borders would require an additional 200,000 to be expelled. The expulsion would breed hatred among the people, mass emigration, an economic crisis, undermining of security and lead to crisis within the military.

    11. Loss of independence: The delineation was outlined in the Road Map. A protectorate under the “Quartet.” Those who understand that within Israel’s castrated borders Israel would find it hard to protect itself are already discussing the stationing of international forces – both in the south and in the center.

The “delegation” that met in Madrid didn’t actually have anything to discuss with the Arabs. After all the “price tag” is already known. They were just making sure that this terrible “price tag” does not become known to the public.

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  1. I read a report of the Israeli elite meeting with Arabs during the war with Hezbullah. I could not follow it up to confirm. It also took place in Madrid. I think a side issue to this is that this Government led by Zapatero with all his joining of Civilizations near religio crusade needs to be watched. That is a very good article and backs up Josephs 23 reasons.

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