Vindicating Larry Franklin

By Ted Belman

Bush has now fingered Iran after many years of avoiding doing so. ELI LAKE in the NY SUN reminds us that Larry Franklin was against such cover up and was sentanced to 13 years for putting the word out on what Iran was doing.

The reason why Bush was in denial is quite interesting,

One reason was that in 2002, the Bush administration, as part of its efforts to coordinate the Iraqi opposition, was resigned to working with Iran’s proxies, the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq and the Dawa party. This decision locked America into an impossible position. Mr. Bush was betting that Iran would have an interest in stabilizing Iraq because the groups closest to Iran would be brought into the government to replace Saddam Hussein. The kind of analysis Franklin was providing would scuttle a policy built around the presumption that Iran shared our interests in Iraq.

That presumption has cost the White House a good part of its strategic coherence.

So who is the patriot here? Franklin who wanted to identify the enemy or the State Department and CIA who wanted to ignore reality and pull the wool over our eyes.

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. Randy and B. Poster,

    Pardoning Larry Franklin is the right and just thing to do. It might however be toying with political suicide to do so.

    If Bush were to pardon Franklin, it would unmistakably illustrate to the American people just how foolish, and inept the Bush administration, the Bush administration’s advisors and the Pentagon were in ignoring that evidence in hand that disclosed Iran’s true intentions and Iran’s acts of war against America that Franklin saw which was wrongly being kept from the President. That folly has compromised America’s ability now to counter Iran with tough and even military measures and America is now forced to try to play catch up.

    To pardon Franklin could also set a bad precedent for it might encourage other malcontents in the American Bureauocracy to breach security to go public with information who are, in spite of their patriotism and belief they are doing the right thing, are not doing the right thing at all and American interests could be harmed in the result.

    Pardoning Franklin could open a pandora’s box of problems in assessing the past and going forward into the future.

    The next President however might be better able to do the right thing and pardon Franklin without incurring adverse consequences to their administration. Hopefully that turns out to be the case at the start and not at the end of the next President’s term of office.

  2. *Bush* has now fingered Iran after many years of avoiding doing so. ELI LAKE in the NY SUN reminds us that Larry *Franklin* was against such *cover up* and was sentenced to 13 years for putting the word out on what Iran was doing.

    The three bolds above remind me of a different cover up.

    The Franklin Coverup Scandal The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse

    Link to video

    Omaha Call Boys

    The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska – by John W. Decamp (Mar 1992) – at Amazon, buy or read online.

    This is a well known scandal and linked to another which gives you more names to Google or try this in Google: “Larry King” “BOYS TOWN”

    Various writers indicate it wasn’t just about homosexuality or pedophilia, but for the purpose of blackmailing congressmen into complying with the globalist agenda. A good reason to heed the Bible’s call to “keep thyself pure.” Then one cannot be blackmailed. Lied about and falsely accused, yes, as is done all the time to Israel, but not usually blackmailed.

  3. If this is true, our previous policy toward Iran was one of the stupidist foreign policy blunders of all time. It would not surprise me, if this is true. The policies of the Bush administration, the US government, and the governments of Western nations have often been quite stupid. Larry Franklin is a true patriot.

    Now that it seems the Bush administration may have recognized the error of their previous ways I would hope that Larry Franklin would be pardoned, however, like Randy I’m not holding my breath.

    In order to win the Global War on Terrorism we must first understand our enemies. Iran is a very dangerous enemy. Right now Iran poses a greater threat to the US than Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan ever did or ever could have.

    Please note I’m not suggesting that Iran poses a greater threat to Europe than Nazi Germany did, as Eurpoe was being directly attacked. The US was not being attacked directly by Nazi Germany. The chances of Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan launching a successful attack were far less than the chances of Iran or its proxies successfully attacking the American homeland.

    I respectfully disagree with the premise of the article that it may be “to late” to deal with Iran. we can deal with them. The question is do we have the will? I think we would have the will, if the President will go on the offensive in explaining the threat posed by Iran. Even though the media will be agianst the Bush Administration and those who support firm action against Iran the facts are on their side. We can marshal the strength of the American people, if the President and his advisors will be more aggressive in explaining the threat posed by Iran.

  4. It is coming to pass in Western societies that to be a true patriot you must also be a revolutionary.

    I respect Franklin more than most, or probably all the people serving in the US government today. I would hope that he would be pardoned when Bush leaves office although I would be very surprised if that happened.

    George Orwell rightly said, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

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