The Right SWEEPS Elections around the WORLD!!!

Dr Steve Turley

October 18, 2023 | 1 Comment »

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  1. That surely will be a wake up call to the Left everywhere.

    Here in the US, the FBI has named Donald Trump supporters as essentially enemies of the State who can be investigated.

    The NSA has dragnet surveillance of all Americans as well as the capability to spy on all the telephone calls of the people in entire countries. In addition, all of social media and all online activity, as well as Americans’ credit card purchases, bank accounts, and so forth is under surveillance.

    So if the FBI decides that political opposition is criminal in and of itself, and can know everything about us, what makes the US any different from China? What makes the US any different from East Germany under the Stasi?

    Whomever they decide to arrest for the crime of support of Donald Trump, is likely to be subjected to a kangaroo court and sentenced to a gulag just like the January 6th protestors who were set up by the Left in the equivalent of a “Reichstag fire” false flag attack on Americans.

    It appears that in New Zealand and Australia they still have free and fair elections.

    We did not have a free and fair election in 2020. We do not know if we will ever have a free and fair election again.

    The answer to these problems is regime change in Washington DC. Total and complete regime change from our current government which is a criminal cartel back to the basics of a Constitutional republic.

    It will require repeal of a massive amount of legislation passed by Congress that the American people either were told nothing about or were lied to about by President George Bush and President Obama. Legislation such as the FISA legislation and other laws since 9/11 that has set up this security state will need to be repealed. It will require the repeal of the legislation that indemnified vaccine manufacturers from all liability.

    It will also mean putting in place legislation requiring Congress to write the laws, not corporate lobbyists who currently write all the laws. It will require rule making by Congress, and the ability of federal agencies to make rules must be surrendered back to Congress. It will mean moving many federal agencies back to the states or eliminating them and liberating the federal employees to find employment elsewhere. Every federal employee who leaves will mean more money in the private economy for productive jobs.

    We know now that the federal bureaucracy is responsible for creating problems, not solving them. Therefore, we will need to bring the federal government back into line with the Constitution and to what our founders meant the federal government to do.

    The military industrial complex, the CIA and mafia, which import and sell illegal drugs and use the money to buy weapons will have to be destroyed. The weapons are used to start wars that don’t need starting.

    The US may or may not project “power” in the world. That is not important. What is important is that the country’s government work for the people and only for the citizens of this country.

    If all this seems like it can never happen, my response is you can’t make something happen you don’t first envision it.

    Tyrannies have power only by force and lies. If we refuse to speak lies and only speak the truth, the current tyrannical and criminal US government will collapse under the weight of all their lies.