The State Department is the problem

Ari Louis interviewed me on the content of my talk on The Trouble with the Peace Process and on his program Messiah Hour the next day. This is Part 1.

January 22, 2015 | 2 Comments »

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  1. There are many similarities btw SD, Foreign Office and Quai d’ Orsay. One common factor is the Orientalists/Antisemitism at the core. Than the EU positions itself close to the three leading countries of the Western world. Most democracies have professional politicians at the top too, contrary to the US. But as de Gaul said:
    France has interests but no friends”.

  2. Interesting history,
    But you do not go deep enough – figureheads like Reagen and Obama do not make decisions. It is their backers who make those decisions albeit they probably don’t micro manage them but who knows about the occasional “course corrective ” phone call or face to face meeting with a “mentor”.
    When a newspaper prints an anti-Israel editorial such as the Globe and Mail does , the editorial writer has not decide the paper will be anti-Israel – the faceless owners of the paper are the ones who have decided the policy – they simply hire editors and managers who will carry out their policies.
    It is the same way with the presidents – they not only do not act alone – they are vetted and groomed long before they are even presidential candidates. They are pre-owned and pre-managed.
    So always follow the money and power but especially the money. When they make an action, assume it has deliberate intent and trace back to whom in AMERICA does their action benefit economically?
    The idea that personalities such as Thatcher, Obama and Regan run or ran Western Governments is a dangerous myth and illusion. These people for example were all basically illiterate as far as understanding social and economic theory. They were simply acting out the policies of interest groups – those same interests groups that have now shifted the world’s wealth in their favour.
    The idea that these leaders were some kind of super geniuses or acted on idiosyncrasies about these things is beyond absurd.