This is not free speech, it is intimidation

Alan Koven: But of course there is nothing you can do…right? That is unless it happens to one of your kids and grand kids. More and more colleges are giving in to BDS. These kids are feeling the pressure and Jewish groups like open Hillel, JStreet and B’tselem are backing them. They are Jewish kids disenfranchised from Israel and Judaism. It’s only a matter of time before Canada and America become overrun and we may have no place to run.

January 22, 2015 | 6 Comments »

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  1. @ Max:

    To further extend my remarks – If a wider Western audience is wanted this needs to be made about Jihad and Islam , rather than just just the specific case of antisemitism and anti-Israel-ism

  2. Where is the US congress. Jewish students cannot count on American Jewish organizations who are for the majority on the left/far left or just out of the loop.

  3. SAY IT LIKE IT IS Thomas L. Friedman

    odd coming from friedmann

  4. yamit82 Said:

    Ted Chit Chat has timed out!!!

    What a disaster! – quick! drink a bottle of wine.
    Make that two.

    Yes, Ted please get it fixed before the dregesporia spills back onto the main body. It has been so peaceful here lately.

  5. It’s not just intimidation , this is terrorism and Jihadism – they are acting as agents of Hamas and other terrorist organizations. Here is one of the main root causes of violent terrorist attacks in the West. These pro Terrorist, pro Hamas organizations need to be disbanded by the Governments and their members charged with sedition and terrorism. How can they possibly be allowed to exist an indulge in terrorist propaganda and terrorist activities. They are inciting hatred against the West and undermining Western Democracy. They are the instigators and cheerleaders for the terrorists who attack us in North America, They must be arrested, charged jailed or departed. They are Jihadist Islam’s fifth column They have our blood on their hands and they will have more. They need to be shut down.
    As the situation becomes more critical I think the Government will finally be forced to take action against them – either that or these vultures will be in on the kill – the final kill in killing us, in killing North American, non Muslims.
    They are making cries of Allahu Akbar! That is nothing to to with Israel – that is Global Islamic Jihad.