THE TRUMP RUSSIA SMEAR: Podesta’s Cunning Plan from April 2016

Written by Brendan Power for Powerglobal.us20th February 2018.

“If that bastard wins, we all hang from nooses! Lauer’s finished… and if I lose its all on your heads for screwing this up. You better fix this shit!” Hillary Clinton screams at Donna Brazille October 17 2016.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

I think we all know what she was referring to, any good lawyer knows when a defendant has got too emotional and said too much, even she would know she lost it and gave the game away, yet to date nobody in law enforcement has thought it important to question any of the Clinton crime cartel.
In GET TRUMP a 5 Part Series, we attempt to look behind the curtain, to give you a peek at what really happened in the 2016 Presidential race.
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GET TRUMP Part 5: Coup d’état: 12 months of Treachery and Treason

April 10 2016 The Day Justice Died: (refer to Get TRUMP Part 1)

Remember the date April 10, 2016, it is key, because for Hillary Clinton and John Podesta it meant “Game On”.

Whatever deals and planning had gone on between the Hillary Clinton and Obama camps behind the scenes, it was on April 10, 2016 that Obama signalled the deal was done and he was good for it.


Obama had spoken, Hillary Clinton would be free to stand as the Democrat candidate for President.

Hillary would still have to go through a farcical rigged Democrat Primary process but for all intents and purposes Obama’s statement redeemed a potential felon, effectively endorsing her as a President in waiting. Oh, we must apologise to Bernie and those who donated funds for his campaign for not telling you earlier, but from April 10 on all else was only intended to be tolerated as necessary political theatre. branded April 10, 2016 “The day American Justice Died”, because from that day on, in respect of the Clinton investigation, proper Judicial process was thrown out the door, any honest DOJ staffer or FBI agent expecting to enforce proper procedure would be either kept in the dark, intimidated, sidelined or forced out the door, any request for information from a Congressional committee would be treated with contempt.


Loretta Lynch had been appointed Attorney General earlier in 2015 when it became obvious they the Clinton Machine needed a trusted insider at the DOJ to manage any fallout from the Hillary email server development, senior investigators resign or are moved aside to make way as trusted Senior Clinton operatives like “Andy” (Andrew McCabe) and Podesta’s mate Peter Kadzik Assistant Attorney General, are systematically embedded and promoted within the DOJ and FBI structure to tame and control any Clinton considerations.


While there are earlier emails like that on September 8th from Dan Pfeiffer that suggested bedwetting by some over Hillary’s handling of her Benghazi email issues the most interesting emails begin to appear around February 2016.

The notorious Clinton Machine had not been idle, as we can see from his own personal emails Podesta had been busy through 2015 with Googles top two executives Eric Schmidt and Sheryl Sandberg among many other top Silicon Valley Tech and Social Media Giants providing funding, research, advice, support and best wishes.

On August 7 2015 Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg thanks Podesta regarding introductions at the “Centre For American progress”, another notorious George Soros funded Leftist Propaganda cabal.

By April 2016 Hillary Clinton was free of any need for the tedious concerns about Justice or Proper Process, while we are yet to know the details of the dirty deal, we do know on April 10 Obama had spoken, Hillary had been Careless, but she had not intended any harm”, his comments were a signal, what the Democrats call a “DOG WHISTLE” to the faithful, Washington knew their horse was back in the race, felon, criminal or whatever, she was to be given a Free Pass by the Obama Administration.

Senate Democrats Hold Briefing On GOP Attack On Social Security

In time we would be enlightened to the farce that was the Democrat Primary, where Bernie and his donors wasted their time, money and effort only to find Team Hillary had already mounted a takeover of the DNC and were in no mood for anything as tedious as a fair contest. The outcome had been bought and paid for possibly a year earlier. You can refer to the relevant court transcripts for evidence.

When politics comes to the downright dirty and the treacherous, when a real position of power is on the line, few can match the will and intent of the Clinton Machine, now all that could potentially stand between “The Machine” and “The Presidency” was who ever could survive the knock em down, drag em out battle, that was the Republican Primary.
Podesta obviously had a read on who he thought that might be and was wasting no time planning his and Hillary Clinton’s response.

We know at this point the Clinton Machine has all Mainstream Media and Social Media along with the Obama Administration, Many Democrat State Administrations and Hundreds of fraudulent charitable groups Nationwide and Globally lined up to promote their message.

It is about this time that any serious political analyst would have realised that ignoring the obviously biased and hopelessly inaccurate media polling, Jeb Bush was struggling, Donald Trump was a serious contender and in all probability Trump’s superior national profile would overcome the only other serious Republican political outsider Ted Cruz.
It is amongst the Podesta emails we find a hint, the beginnings of where the Clinton Campaign Manager was headed next.


We see comments from Podesta admonishing those blindly advocating the “Pied Piper” theory, a strategy that encourages the Media to focus on the Republican outsiders assuming they can be easily goaded to lead the debate too far to the extreme Right, leaving themselves and the GOP open to accusations of extremism, ultimately making their eventual candidate an easy target in later Presidential debates.

Podesta warns members of the Clinton cabal against falling for their own propaganda, Trump is no chump when it comes to celebrity and marketing, he is up there with that progressive Icon Steve Jobs, Podesta suggested. So we can assume Podesta is at this point advising the Clinton campaign to be more constructive in preparing pre-emptive measures to thwart any future Trump Presidential campaign.


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