Trump has clearly and consistently condemned white supremacists

Trump Denounces White Supremacists


Biden and the Democrats repeat a lie almost daily that President Trump has never condemned white supremacists. Biden lied about it yesterday during the debate. Trump refuses to denounce racism is parroted by Trump haters again and again ad nausea.

The truth is of course the opposite, Trump has condemned all the extreme right groups, including White Supremacists again and again and again.  Here is one of several such condemnations by the President:

So, when somebody tells you Trump is a racists, you now know the TRUTH.

A few words about yesterday’s debate.

Who was the first one to interrupt his opponent?

Watch the first few minutes of the debate and see for yourself. Chris Wallace asks the first question about Trump’s  nomination to the Supreme Court Justice Any Coney Barrett and give it to Trump. Then comes Biden’s turn who uses his two minutes without being interrupted. Trump gets to respond to Biden. Biden interrupts him and does it three times. At that point, instead of Wallace allowing Trump to finish his response, Wallace lets Biden take over. See for yourselves. Clearly this moment launches the continuous interruptions for the rest of the debate. THE TRUTH my friends.

Watch from the beginning to see a poised President who answers reasonably, clearly and to the point. Biden’s response side tracks to Obamacare. Biden’s interruptions begin in minute 6:45.

Biden describes himself as empathetic person. Calling Trump, a sitting US President, stupid, racist and a clown during a national debate is the most shameful behavior ever in our history. Empathy indeed ha ha ha. On this point and many others in the debate, President Trump won big time despite the interruptions. Again THE TRUTH.

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