‘Trump won’t be permitted to win’ – Assange

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  1. Sebastien Zorn Said:

    Do you see it, as well?:

    frankly I remember few actual details but I was reminded of the “dark ages” where after the empire the culture was lost.. but wasnt a lot of it preserved in Ireland and then reintroduced into europe? I cant rember if it was this or dune which featured the “remnant”

  2. @ bernard ross:
    2 of 7

    This is what I wrote. Do you see it, as well?:

    “…To my knowledge, nobody has written about “Foundation” by Isaac Asimov, as possibly the greatest Zionist novel. The lightbulb went on over my head, when I was reading a history of the Jewish people by the great 19th Century German Jewish Historian, Heinrich Graetz. He refers to R. Johanan Ben Zachai, whom I had never heard of. R. obviously stands for Rabbi. I never saw the R. prefix anywhere else except in Asimov’s character R. Daneel Olivaw, the robot detective who becomes the prime mover in human history 20 years later when Asimov merged the Robot and Foundation Series.

    Asimov wrote the story on which the Foundation series was based during WWII when he was stationed in NY harbor in the Merchant Marines. He said he based it on Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

    What Hitchcock called “the McGuffin*”: Both the fictional Hari Seldon, the founder of the science of Psycho-history and the real Johannen ben Zachai, the founder of modern rabbinical Judaism, negotiate with the decadent empire that is oppressing their people the creation of a scholastic community in a remote part of the empire that will devote itself to the creation of a compendium of knowledge so it won’t be lost, in the one case, The Encyclopedia Galactica, and in the other, The Talmud.

    What the founders know but neither community knows is that the objective forces that will brought to bear on the communities created to support this work in the centuries to come will bring about in the one case, the rebirth of the Galactic Empire as the Foundation in only 1,000 years instead of the 30,000 years of barbarism predicted when the old Empire collapses. And, in the other, in only 2,000 years, the rebirth of the Jewish Commonwealth, Israel.

    “A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
    A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
    A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
    Isaac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics”

    Vote for the candidates with R. after their name.




  3. Sebastien Zorn Said:

    about “Foundation” by Isaac Asimov being a great Zionist novel with nobody apparently realizing it.

    this was a favorite of mine, I could not put it down, I had to get each one and then I think another came out as a prequel. I did not notice the zionism but did have a feeling of the hebrew epic story throughout.

  4. The title doesn’t really convey the most salient revelations. The really explosive thing here is that Assange reveals a 2014 Podesta to Clinton email (from right after she left office of Secretary of State) which reveals that she knew that the governments of Saudi Arabia and Quatar — which made generous contributions to the Clinton fund and are major recipients of U.S. largesse — are financing and arming Isis.

    Assange says that every corner of the establishment supports Clinton, including media both owners and journalists supports Clinton — which we knew — and Trump will not be permitted to win, though he doesn’t say how.

    On a related note: Somebody is screwing around with the internet. We know how Obama and Clinton have crowed about wanting to abolish free speech for conservatives on the internet. Well, I think hackers are getting a start on that. (Much like hackers unable to directly confront Iran’s nuclear program have targeted their computers.)
    I pointed out that a video I sent was switched with that of somebody else — and that was corrected, thanks. I also pointed out that an entry in my own humor blog https://pinchinat.wordpress.com/ was deleted without my knowledge – about “Foundation” by Isaac Asimov being a great Zionist novel with nobody apparently realizing it.
    Now, I find another one missing: In this one, I related a poem I just woke up with and was able to share with both Conservatives and liberals for different reasons. With liberals when riding in a car or something, they usually won’t even talk to you unless you at least nod politely when they do their liberal fuming thing. And, I try not to bring politics to work ’cause I wanna work.

    The real reason with conservatives: I wasn’t actually making fun of Trump (though I did support Cruz in the Primary because he seemed to be more pro-Israel). I was making fun of the talking heads on TV – I got rid of my TV and just watch some Fox stuff on the internet – making us glue ourselves to the screen with baited breath thinking they are going to tell us something, but then they never do.

    Like the famous New Yorker cartoon — which I can’t find — showing a radio metereologist (weatherman) with a microphone in front, sophisticated equipment on the wall, and one foot out the window.

    A little background for the “oh that’s before my time” crowd:
    The great, great Litvak (but billed as Russian – he debuted at Carnegie Hall in 1917 and never went back at age 17) violinist, Jascha Heifetz was known as the greatest violinist of the twentieth century and, along with Paganini, of all time. His name became a house-hold word in the 30’s, 40’s and ’50s; he also was in movies and wrote popular songs under a nom de plume; He was on radio on tv.
    “The day after the 19-year-old Heifetz’s London debut, The Great Irish Playwright, George Bernard Shaw wrote him a now legendary letter.
    “If you provoke a jealous God by playing with such superhuman perfection,” Shaw warned, “you will die young. I earnestly advise you to play something badly every night before going to bed, instead of saying your prayers. No mortal should presume to play so faultlessly.” [I guess, like he was a Turkish rug or somethin’.]

    His name was a synonym for perfection. Today I’ve even met young violinists who have never heard of him.


    Here is how the poem went:

    Why Donald Trump is The Heifetz of Our time.

    Donald Trump employs rhyme. Rap employs rhyme. Therefore Trump is a rapper. This not being Russia where poets are cool but America where poets are nerds and geeks but musicians are cool* — Rap is classfied as music. Therefore Rap is classified as music. Therefore Trump is a classical musician. Heifetz was a classical musician. Therefore Trump is Heifetz. If you are listening to this, I am not only wasting my time, but yours as well. Therefore I am wasting our time. Therefore Donald Trump is the Heifetz of our time.

    But, you know, maybe I wasn’t that far off. Vote Trump on Tuesday. Let’s see for ourselves.

    Incidentally, I was just amused to see the internationalization of this phenomenon with Bob Dylon (the great, great Litvak-American Rock Composer) winning the Nobel Prize for Literature this year.** I wrote this a few months ago.


    Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize, Redefining Boundaries of Literature

    Bob Dylan Finally Acknowledged His Nobel Prize | SPIN
    Oct 20, 2016 – It’s been almost a week since Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature and we still don’t know if he’s going to bother accepting it.***

    Reminds me of the apocrypal joke told about the Great Italian Conductor, Arturo Toscanini — renowned for his perfectionism and temper: Dress Rehearsal for Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue to performed by the NBC Radio Orchestra he conducted in the ’30s. He goes up to the Jazz clarinetist who played the solo. Says, “I just wanted to say hello, and thank you for being punctual, having your part down – note-perfect — and playing so beautifully.”
    “‘Least I can do, man, seein’ as I can’t make the gig.”

    Jascha Heifetz plays Hora Staccato