Tucker: Our leaders dither as our cities burn

T. Belman. Toward the end of this very important monologue, Carlson is highly critical of Kushner because he indluences Trump to soften his policies and to support more liberal policies such as freeing criminals, and easing restrictions on immigration, to name a couple. Although he doesn’t mention it, the Trump Plan, Peace to Prosperity, allows for the creation of a Palestinian State in Israel’s biblical heartland.

Shoshannah Somerville. To have only commented on the influence of Jared Kushner over President Trump is to have done this outstanding commentary of Tucker Carlson an injustice. Carlson is furious at the lack of leadership – the cowardliness, the lack of effectiveness, the psycho/political abetting of the rioters, the tremendous lack of vision and action, etc. To miss Carlson’s message is to miss understanding the attack on America. This is Tucker Carlson at his best, and this video should be sent out broadly.

T. Belman. You are absolutely right.

June 3, 2020 | Comments » | 726 views

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