Twisted, Sadistic, Antisemitic and Orwellian

By Naomi Kahn, REGAVM– October 15, 2023

In an interview with Mark Austin of Sky News, Dr. Bassem Naim, Director of Political and International Relations for Hamas, insisted today (Wednesday) that no Israeli civilians have been killed in this week’s attack on southern Israel, and claimed that world media had fallen prey to Israeli propaganda. When challenged by Austin, Naim clarified: “We have to redefine what ‘civilian’ means.” Every Jewish Israeli – even the infants that were butchered in their beds – is a combatant, a soldier, and a legitimate target. Every means of eliminating Jewish Israelis is legitimate (including beheading, burning, raping, mutilating) – because every man, woman and child among them is a “settler” (no matter where they live) who “set fire to the Arab village of Huwara,” “a cyber-spy, a soldier not wearing a uniform.”

The Hamas official went on to boast that all hostages would be treated humanely – more humanely than the Hamas terrorists languishing in Israeli prisons (where they enjoy Israeli medical care, conjugal visits, canteen rights and more, and where they complete university degrees during their incarceration!). Austin accepted this patently outrageous committment, and made no mention of the footage that has flooded social media of Israeli hostages dragged through the streets of Gaza, caged Jewish children paraded through the streets to be spat at, and countless photos of naked, bound  Israeli captives lying in dank Hamas dungeons. Anti-Israel (“pro-Palestinian”) media are being forced to work overtime to explain away these atrocities, to reframe, “contextualize” and quietly justify the pogrom – but Hamas isn’t making it easy for them.There are questions that every journalist should be asking him- or herself, and media outlet should be forced to answer, in light of this and other outrageous media appearances by high-ranking Hamas officials in recent days (such as Husam Zumlot’s interview with Christiane Amanpour of CNN):

    • How and why do you continue to provide a platform for Hamas to spread evil and falsehood?
    • How can you continue to give credence to a single word they say?
    • If your entire understanding of the Arab-Israel conflict is based on sources such as these, isn’t it time to re-examine your basic assumptions and conclusions about this conflict?
    • Isn’t it time you admit that you have been used – badly – by a bloodthirsty gang that has been feeding you bald-faced lies for decades, and admit that you eagerly accepted these lies in order to join the  anti-Israel condemnation chorus?
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  1. Naomi Kahn describes the perverse way in which Muslims turn the truth upside down and use lies and terror to achieve their goals of world domination.

    Here are two articles that illuminate the extent to which the US and EU are working to help Islam conquer the world:

    Islam’s power, like that of all tyrannies, is based upon force and fraud. It is based upon terrorizing people into thinking they have no choice but to submit to their will. It is based upon lying no matter how ridiculous the lie. No matter what, they are determined to destroy truth.

    Robert Spencer wrote:

    “Khamenei is right: “Palestine” and Gaza are manifestations of Islam’s power because Islam’s power is entirely based upon terror. Acts such as what we saw in Israel on Oct. 7 strike terror into the perceived enemies of Islam. The killings and death threats over cartoons and desecrations of the Qur’an strike terror in those who would exercise the freedom of expression. The death penalty for apostasy strikes terror into Muslims who might be getting skeptical about their religion. The allowance for the beating of disobedient women strikes terror in females who might long to live as freely as their sisters in the West live. “Palestine and Gaza are manifestations of Islam’s power,” and that power is terror. The key to defeating this is to refuse to be afraid, and to continue to stand for what is good and true and right, come what may.”

    Israel is on the forefront of standing for what is good, true, and right.