Violence against settlers has a price tag


    In recent years some radical settlers have instituted a policy called ‘price tag’ under which every army action or Palestinian attack against them is met with a retaliatory attack against Palestinians.

Hillel Fendel

    Anti-Jewish government actions in the Shomron are often met with a violent response against Arabs in the area, in a deterrent policy known as “Price Tag” or “Mutual Dependency.” Every time an outpost, or even a part thereof, is demolished or evacuated, a response can be foreseen. One supporter of the policy was quoted as saying, “The time has come that there should be some crazies on our side as well, that the IDF and the Arabs should say, ‘Woa, we better not start up with those guys.’ That will make more order here, instead of the one-sidedness we have now. We have become the punching bag of both the army and the Arabs, and it’s time that they think twice before starting up with us.”

I like it.

July 26, 2010 | 5 Comments »

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  1. Americans for a Safe Israel Issues Urgent Action Alert: Save Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva, Protest Rabbi’s Arrest

    Americans for a Safe Israel
    1751 Second Ave
    New York, NY 10128


    Rabbi of Yitzhar Yeshiva arrested while Ehud Barak enroute to crucial meeting in DC. Vital to besiege Barak feedback upon arrival

    In the early hours of this morning, Israeli security swooped down on Yitzhar and arrested the rosh yeshiva on charges stemming from the halachik treatise which he wrote that relates to the dilemma of when it is permitted and not permitted to use force against non-Jews.

    Sources in the Israel defense establishment confirm that Barak has also given orders to demolish the rabbi’s yeshiva in Yitzhar during Barak’s seminal visit in the U.S.

    All this is being done while the Knesset is in recess.

    It is vital that Ehud Barak upon arrival in the U.S. be swamped with reasonable requests to release the rabbi from custody and to immediately order the cancellation of the directive to demolish the yeshiva – the pretext for the demolition is a building code violation from 1998. This could be a precedent for the IDF to destroy hundreds of public buildings in Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and in Jerusalem.

    What the Israeli government fears the most is feedback from abroad. Therefore, it is imperative that foreign citizens contact Barak’s spokesman upon arrival (Barak Seri is the spokesman’s name) – he is using his Israel cell phone 972-50-629-8949.

    At the same time, it is vital to express the same concern with the cabinet secretary of the government of Israel, Tzvi Hauser. Hauser reports directly to Bibi and has Bibi’s ear.

    Contact Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at:

    Telephone -011-972-2-670-5532

    (attention: Tzvi Hauser, Cabinet Secretary of the Israel government)

    011-972-2-6753333 (if told Prime Minister is not present, ask for any Likud aide or legislator)

    Fax (send to all three numbers) –
    011-972-2-563-2580 (attention: Tzvi Hauser, Cabinet Secretary of the
    Israel government)

  2. Humans can be so stupid! This is what happens when “law” is regarded as relative. Differential enforcing of laws leads to vigilante responses. American example – Arizona. Mr. Barak, member of Labor, and Mr. Obama, as a lawyer, seem to have forgotten the purpose of law. It is NOT control. It is equity and justice.

  3. The time has come that there should be some crazies on our side as well, that the IDF and the Arabs should say, ‘Woa, we better not start up with those guys.’

    Perfect strategy!!!